ADAM AUDIO SP-5 Studio Headphone User Manual

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ADAM AUDIO SP-5 Studio Headphone User Manual

ADAM AUDIO SP-5 Studio Headphone User Manual
ADAM AUDIO SP-5 Studio Headphone User Manual


… thank you for buying the ADAM Audio STUDIO PRO SP-5 headphones. You have purchased a high-class product that has been developed according to the most recent technical achievements such as the patented S-LOGIC® Plus imaging technology.


  • → Always treat your headphones with care to guarantee their life cycle and performance.
  • → Keep your headphones away from humidity and do not use them in humid environments. Humidity can cause electrical short circuits, which can be hazardous and damage the headphones.
  • → Do not open the headphone casings under any circumstances. This will void your product warranty.
  • → ADAM AUDIO headphones emit low-level magnetic radiation. Exposure to such emissions can potentially pose a minimal health risk but only in cases of prolonged, continuous usage.
  • → The headbands of all ADAM AUDIO headphones can be cleaned with a damp cloth, but never use either abrasive or chemical solvents.
  • → This product is not designed for usage by children under three years of age due to the presence of various components that could be ingested.
  • → ADAM AUDIO headphones can be used with any device equipped with a regular headphone output (3.5 mm jack). Such devices include, HiFi systems, computers or personal audio players (MP3 players, i-Pod, etc.)
  • → For your own safety, when first connecting the headphones set the output volume of the audio device to its lowest level.
  • → Adjust the volume level and audio tone setting to achieve the ultimate sound experience.
  • → Although ADAM AUDIO headphones have been specifically designed for safer hearing, as explained above, please note that prolonged exposure to high volume levels can cause long term problems to your hearing, and is not advised.
  • → Make sure to wear the headphones correctly for best listening results. The casings are marked left/right.


  • → Please note that warranty claims against ADAM AUDIO will not be considered if there is clear evidence of product misuse such as operator error, electrical and mechanical damage or if the product has been improperly repaired by an unauthorized party.
  • → Excluded from warranty claims are parts that are subject to normal wear and tear during usage such as earpads, etc.

Product Sheet – SP 5 Headphones

The ADAM Audio STUDIO PRO SP-5 is a premium quality circumaural closed-back headphone designed for professional use with a balanced and dynamic response for monitoring and mixing in the studio or with a mobile setup.

The ADAM Audio SP-5’s transducers contain a 40 mm gold plated diaphragm allowing a wide frequency response from 8 Hz to 38 kHz, excellent transient response, and low distortion. Reproducing sound with pristine resolution across the entire bandwidth, the sensitivity of 95 dB @ 1 mW per ear enables the listener
to exploit its generous dynamic capabilities when listening.

The ADAM Audio SP-5 utilizes Ultrasone’s patented S-LOGIC ® Plus technology, allowing excellent analysis of the sound staging and long hours of fatigue-free listening. Isolating padding and a total weight of just 290 grams give maximum wearing comfort with these professional studio headphones.

With an impedance of 70 Ohms and interchangeable cables (3 m spiral cable with gold-plated 6.3 mm jack and 1.2 m straight cable with gold-plated 3.5 mm jack included), the ADAM Audio SP-5 is suitable both for usage in any studio environment as well as mobile setups. A rugged case protects the headphones from being damaged when not in use and during travel.

Designed and manufactured in collaboration with Ultrasone, the ADAM Audio SP-5 headphones were engineered with a specific goal in mind — to allow professional musicians, producers and engineers access to a portable form of monitoring with the excellent transient response and tonal balance of ADAM Audio’s professional monitor speakers.

Basic technical data

→ Closed back, cirumaural headphone with detachable cable
→ Gold plated 40 mm transducer
→ Impedance: 70 Ohm
→ 8 Hz – 38 kHz
→ Sensitivity @ 1 mW per ear: 95 dB
→ S-LOGIC ® Plus technology
→ 5 Year Warranty

Reviews & Testimonials

The first thing you’ll notice about the SP-5’s sound is the stereo image, which is wide and extremely detailed, more than you’d be used to on conventional phones. [Recording Magazine] I applaud ADAM‘s decision to make these Headphones for audio engineers, as opposed to a perhaps more lucrative market, which would require a different sonic character and profile. This decision marks the SP-5‘s as an effective, professional tool. [Arthur Stone / Gearslutz]
What they do deliver is a rich mix experience and, in a sea of gimmicky releases this year, stand out as offering a straight-up and sensible experience – your
mix laid bare for you to fix – which is all you need from great headphones.
[Andy Jones / MusicTech].


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