Asus ROG Centurion Gaming Headset Quick Start Guide

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Asus ROG Centurion Gaming Headset Quick Start Guide

Asus ROG Centurion Gaming Headset Quick Start Guide
Asus ROG Centurion Gaming Headset Quick Start Guide

Tech Specifications

Support PlatformPC
Driver MaterialNeodymium magnet
Driver SizeFront : 40 mm, Subwoofer : 40 mm, Center : 30 mm, Side : 20 mm, Rear : 20 mm
Microphone Pick-up PatternUnidirectional
Microphone Sensitivity-26 dB
Microphone Frequency Response50 ~ 12000 Hz
AI Noise Cancelling MicrophoneNo
Hi-Fi DACESS 9601
Hi-Fi AmpESS 9601
Active Noise CancellationNo
Aura SyncNo
Weight450 g
Carry bag/boxNo
Extra ear-cushionYes
CableBraided fibre cable (headset cable 1.5m + USB cable 1.5m = 3m (Max.)
AccessoriesDetachable microphone Headset stand USB cable Quick start guide USB audio station HDMI-to-3.5mm speaker splitter cable


Audio station ENC performance: >90% environmental noise cancellation Power: USB powered Features: ESS9601 HI-FI Headphone amplifier, stereo mode, environmental noise cancellation, game audio spectrum profiles Speaker output: speaker jack with HDMI-to-3.5mm speaker splitter cable included Headset stand: Free gift, no warranty provided

Package contents

  • ASUS ROG Centurion True 7.1 Gaming Headset
  • USB Y-cable
  • ROG Centurion control box
  • HDMI Speaker cable
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Headset stand
  • Ear cushions

Safety Guidelines

  • If your device does not work properly and troubleshooting does not work, unplug the device and contact the ASUS Service Center for assistance. DO NOT attempt to service or fix the device yourself.
  • DO NOT disassemble the device as doing so will void its warranty.
  • Protect the cables from being stepped on or compressed, particularly at the point where it exits from the device.
  • Keep the device away from liquid, humidity or moisture. Operate the device only within the specific temperature range of 0oC (32oF) to 40oC (104oF).


ASUS ROG Centurion Gaming Headset requires minimum maintenance to keep it in optimum condition. We recommend that you unplug the device from the USB port and clean it once a month using a slightly-wet soft cloth or cotton swab. DO NOT use soap or harsh cleaning agents.

Product Highlights

  • True 7.1 surround with five pairs of neodymium magnet speakers for precise

positioning and immersive game audio

  • Adjustable individual audio channels
  • ENC (Environmental Noise Cancellation) switch filters out 90% environmental noise for clear in-game communications
  • Ultra comfortable ergonomic design for all head shapes / sizes
  • Travel-friendly foldable design for on-the-go games
  • Four Gaming Spectrum modes
  • Hi-Fi ESS headphone amplifier for better audio performance
  • Full audio control with Sonic Studio which provides more flexibility and more advanced features

Device Layout

  1. True 7.1 Gaming Headset
  2. Retractable digital microphone boom
  3. Five pairs of neodymium magnet speakers
  4. HDMI headset port
  5. USB port
  6. HDMI speaker port
  7. ENC (Environmental Noise Cancellation) microphone
  8. Mode on/off switch and Mode parameter control*
  9. 7.1-channel / stereo switching button
  10. Headphone amplifier on/off
  11. Mode selector*
  12. Quick microphone mute/unmute
  13. Headset/speaker switching button
  14. ENC (Environmental Noise Cancellation) on/off switch
  15. HDMI speaker cable
  16. USB Y-cable
  17. Kensington lock (hole at the back)
Asus ROG Centurion Gaming Headset Device Layout
Asus ROG Centurion Gaming Headset Device Layout

NOTE: * Refer to the table in section Using the ROG Centurion Control Box for the functions of the Mode Selector and Mode On/Off Switch & Mode Parameter Control.

Using the ROG Centurion Control Box

Asus ROG Centurion Gaming Headset Using the ROG Centurion Control Box
Asus ROG Centurion Gaming Headset Using the ROG Centurion Control Box

Below is the list of functions of the Mode Selector and Mode On/Off Switch & Mode Parameter Control:

Mode Selector (Turn)Mode On/Off Switch (Press)Mode Parameter Control (Turn)
MainMute/Unmute the headsetAdjust the main listening volume
CenterMute/Unmute the center channelAdjust the center channel volume
SubMute/Unmute the sub channelAdjust the sub channel volume
FrontMute/Unmute the front channelsAdjust the front channel volume
RearMute/Unmute the rear channelsAdjust the rear channel volume
Side*Mute/Unmute the side channelsAdjust the side channel volume
MicMute/Unmute the headset microphoneAdjust the microphone volume
SpectrumTurn on/off the spectrum presetsSelect one of the spectrum presets: FPS immersionFPS FootstepAction/RPGRacing
LightingTune on/off the headset lightingSelect between the lighting modes: Constant lightBreathing light

NOTE:  Some contents may only have up to 5.1 (6 channels) and have no sound on the side channels.

Four quick-access buttons are also available for:

  • Switching between 7.1-channel and stereo mode
  • Turning on/off the headphone amplifier
  • Muting/unmuting the microphone
  • Switching between headset and speakers

Connecting your devices

  1. Connect the headset to the HDMI headset port of the ROG Centurion control box.
  2. Connect the single-USB end of the bundled USB Y-cable to the USB port on the ROG Centurion control box and the other end to your computer.
  3. Connect the microphone boom to the headset for two-way communication.
  4. Connecting your speakers:

A. Connect the HDMI connector of the bundled HDMI speaker cable to the ROG Centurion control box.

B. Connect the four colored jacks of the bundled HDMI speaker cable to the appropriate audio ports on your speakers. Refer to the color indications of the four colored jacks below.

OrangeCenter / Sub

5. Press the headset/speaker switching button to switch between headset and speakers.

Environmental Noise Cancellation (ENC)

ENC reduces the unwanted environmental noise that your headset’s microphone picks up, ensuring clear and audible communication with other people. For the headset’s optimal performance, ensure that you are more than 70 cm away from the console box.

Asus ROG Centurion Gaming Headset Environmental Noise Cancellation (ENC)
Asus ROG Centurion Gaming Headset Environmental Noise Cancellation (ENC)

IMPORTANT! The ROG Centurion 7.1 Control Box is a plug-and-play audio device. Depending on how your computer is configured, the 7.1 Control Box may or may not automatically be selected as the default audio device. Hence, ensure that you select the 7.1 Control Box as your default audio playback/recording device if there is no sound.



ROG Centurion is a premium true 7.1 surround-sound gaming headset with 10 discrete drivers for sensational audio and precise positioning, and a noise-cancelling digital microphone for crystal-clear in-game voice communication. The headset features a Hi-Fi-grade ESS headphone amplifier to deliver realistic and impactful audio that makes games come alive. The included plug-and-play USB audio station gives you instant, full control of your audio experience for superior sound and an undeniable edge in the battlefield.


ROG Centurion sets itself apart from other 7.1 gaming headsets with its five discrete neodymium magnets in each ear cup that deliver true 7.1-channel surround sound with incredible fidelity. In order to achieve optimal sound quality, ROG designers spent an excess of time and effort fine-tuning the position of each driver and the precision of the headphone’s chamber mechanics to achieve optimal sound quality and accurate positioning unmatched by any other true 7.1 gaming headset. Every gunshot and footstep comes through with pinpoint accuracy and stunning clarity, bringing the battlefield to life. With its exceptional engineering, ROG Centurion delivers punchy and immersive audio for an unparalleled gaming experience.


ROG Centurion comes with a unidirectional digital microphone, which uses an optimized sound-processing algorithm to deliver a level of pure voice quality that traditional analog microphones cannot achieve. Boasting an impressive signal-to-noise ratio, extended wideband frequency response and high sensitivity rating, the digital microphone delivers crystal-clear voice reproduction, balanced and natural-sounding vocal tones, and minimal background noise pickup.

The microphone’s flexible design lets you adjust it to the perfect position, and also allows it to be folded backward and attached to the ear cup for easy transportation and storage.


ROG engineers applied their extensive experience of designing world-class sound cards to ROG Centurion with the goal of providing extraordinarily clear and stunning audio performance to gamers. ROG Centurion comes with an external control box that works exactly like a sound card and features a hi-fi-grade ESS amplifier — the world’s highest performance headphone amplifier – to improve audio performance even further for brilliant, balanced sound when gaming and listening to music.



Comfort is a key component of a great gaming headset, but what is considered comfortable varies from person to person. To fit each gamer’s unique preference, ROG Centurion comes with both ultra-soft, full-size memory foam and highly-breathable protein leather ear cushions. Both sets of cushions provide great comfort for prolonged gaming sessions with no ear fatigue.

Additionally, the headband employs an optimized clamping force based on lab testing using a wide range of head types to further improve wearing comfort.


Hold total control in your hand with the ROG Centurion USB plug-and-play audio station, a USB sound card that also provides effective environmental noise cancellation (ENC) technology, brilliant game-audio spectrum profiles, and a headphone amplifier. Its dedicated, switch-operated speaker output jack even lets you easily switch audio output from headset to speakers without unplugging your headset.


Different games may use various recording methods, so the balance of each channel might be affected and need to be adjusted. ROG Centurion provides dedicated volume controls for each surround channel, so gamers can fine-tune the balance without hassle.


With four custom game-audio profile settings, you can enjoy the best audio performance for a variety of game genres, including first-person shooter (FPS), racing, action, and role-playing games (RPGs). Choose the suitable game-audio profile to boost critical audio details instantly. Aggressive wheel-drift effects put you right in the middle of the race track, and enhanced footsteps and gunfire sounds mean you’ll pinpoint enemies more quickly and with exceptional precision.

Hear for yourself!

Put on your headset and choose one of the modes below to experience ROG Centurion’s game-audio spectrum profiles for yourself.


ROG Centurion USB audio station features a built-in microphone that actively detects and counters more than 90%* of environmental noise, such as mechanical keyboard tapping and speech, so your friends aren’t distracted in chat by noises occurring around you.


Express your gaming style with ROG Centurion’s glowing logo and additional lighting effects. Choose between static or breathing lighting with a simple click of a button on the audio station.

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Multimedia Products Warranty Policy

A Limited Warranty is offered on ASUS products. This Limited Warranty does not cover any software applications or programs; non-Asus products or non-Asus branded peripherals.

Asus guarantees that the Asus Products that you have purchased are free from defects in materials or workmanship under normal use during the Limited Warranty Period. The Limited Warranty Period starts from the date of purchase. Your sales receipt, showing the date of purchase, is the proof of your purchase date. You may be required by your Purchase Site or Asus Authorized service Providers to present the proof of purchase as a condition of receiving warranty service. You are entitled to a hardware warranty service if a repair is required within the Limited Warranty Period.

During the Limited Warranty Period, Asus will, at its sole discretion, repair or replace any defective component. All spare-parts or module removed under this Limited Warranty become the property of Asus.

Exclusions from this Limited Warranty Service

Asus does not guarantee uninterrupted or error-free operation of this product. Any technical or other support provided for the product under warranty, such as assistance via telephone with “how-to” questions and those regarding product setup and information, being provided without warranties of any kind. The warranty only covers failures or malfunctions occurred in normal use conditions during the warranty period, as well as for any material or workmanship defect. The warranty will not apply if:

  1. Damage caused to this Product(s) by you or any non-authorized third party.
  2. the serial number has been altered, cancelled or removed;
  3. the damage is caused by accident, natural disaster, intentional or accidental misuse, abuse, neglect or improper maintenance, or the abnormal use conditions;
  4. the damage is caused by an external electrical fault or any accident;
  5. the damage from use outside of the operation or storage parameters or environment detailed in the User’s Manual;
  6. the damage is caused from the using of parts not manufactured or sold by ASUSTeK.
  7. damage is caused from third party software or from virus(es);
  8. the software loss or data loss that may occur during repair or replacement.

Returning a Product to your Purchase Site or an Asus Authorized Service Provider during the warranty period does not automatically mean that it will be repaired free of charge. Upon receiving your product, the Service Centre reserves the right to check the validity of your warranty and your request for warranty service.

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Asus or Asus Authorized Service Provider is not responsible for damage or loss of any personal data, programs, or removable storage media. Asus is not responsible for the restoration or reinstallation of any data or programs other than software installed by Asus when the the product was manufactured.


  1. Warranty period may differ regionally, please check with your purchase Site.
  2. Australia statement notice
    From 1 January 2012updated warranties apply to all ASUS products, consistent with the Australian Consumer Law. For the latest product warranty details please visit Our goods come with guarantees that cannot be excluded under the Australian Consumer Law. You are entitled to a replacement or refund for a major failure and compensation for any other reasonably foreseeable loss or damage. You are also entitled to have the goods repaired or replaced if the goods fail to be of acceptable quality and the failure does not amount to a major failure.


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