Dan Clark Audio Ether 2 Quick Start Guide

Dan Clark Audio Ether 2 Quick Start Guide : In this user manual guide, we will unbox the manual of Dan Clark Audio Ether 2.

Dan Clark Audio Ether 2 Quick Start Guide

Dan Clark Audio Ether 2 Quick Start Guide
Dan Clark Audio Ether 2 Quick Start Guide


  • Driver: 71mm * 45mm Dan Clark Audio designed single-ended planar magnetic.
  • Titanium “Memory Metal” headband.
  • Leather comfort strap.
  • Matched drivers: +/-0.5 dB between 100-9kHz.
  • Swappable synthetic ear pads.
  • This headphone is equipped with out “peelable” ear pad technology so the pads may be easily removed and swapped for other ear pads to achieve different fitmet or sound signatures. The Ether 2 System includes 3 differend ear pads which allow you to easily cusomize your sound and comfort.

Safety Instructions

  • Read instruction manual carefully and completely before using this headphone.
  • Keep the headphone, accessories, and packaging parts out of reach of pets and children. This product contains small parts which may present a choking hazard.
  • Use only attachments, accessories, and spare parts supplied or recommended by Dan Clark Audio.
  • Protect your hearing from high volume levels. Permanent hearing damage can occur when headphones are used at high volume levels for extended periods of time.
  • Do not expose headphone or accessories to extreme temperatures, such as a parked car in summer.
  • Always keep headphone dry.

Headphone Fit Adjustments

You can adjust the fit of your headphone by re-positioning the headband slider. To adjust the headband move the sliders up or down until you achieve your desired fit. It may be necessary to remove thick glasses or hats to achieve a proper seal between your head and ear pad. An improper fit can cause a bad seal resulting in poor bass response.

Tip: Try inserting the arms of your glasses into the top of the ear pad instead of resting them directly on your ears.

Attaching A Cable

All Dan Clark Audio Planar-magnetic products use Hirose-style connectors. To attach your cable hold the male connector by the boot and rotate it into the female receptacle on the headphone until you feel it click into place. To release the cable pull down on the top of the connector’s metal jacket.

Dan Clark Audio Ether 2 Headphone Fit Adjustments
Dan Clark Audio Ether 2 Headphone Fit Adjustments

Product Care

  • The lamb leather ear pads may be cleaned gently with a moistened cloth. Do not use cleaner or protectants, this may damage the pad.
  • Clean any other surfaces with a clean, dry, and lint-free microfiber cloth.
  • For the first 50-100 hours of use the headphone will ‘burn-in; during this time the sounds will stabalize.

Replacing Ear Pads

The ear pads are designed to be user replaceable, however removing the pad will damage or destroy the old pad. Do not remove ear pads until you are ready to replace them.

Before replacing an earpad, go to DanClarkAudio.com/support and watch the instructional video.

Carry Case

You Dan Clark Audio headphones comes with a custom EVA case for protection. There is a pouch inside the case to store your cable and a small amp, DAC, or DAP.


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