Fixed Screen vs Pull Down Screen for A Projector: Weight, Ease of Use, Screen Issues, Affordability

Did you just buy a projector? It is always better to have a screen but if one is confused about which functional screen will be better, it depends on budget, room space, and mood of course. We talked about Fixed Screen vs Pull Down Screen for A Projector in this guide so that you can make a better decision for yourself.

Many people have doubts about buying either screen. People often think, should they have a Fixed screen or Pull down screen? Although their needs and demands are different. Do they even need a screen or they can manage with a white plain wall as well? This sometimes is also a question. If it is so, you shall check our article about Projector vs wall usage.

Fixed Screen vs Pull Down Screen for A Projector
Fixed Screen vs Pull-Down Screen for A Projector

What is a Fixed Screen for a Projector?

A Fixed Projector screen is like a whiteboard. It will be on the wall as long as you will be using your projector in the same room. The ALR screens are so good that they provide a more immersive cinematic experience. The saturation, brightness, and contrast are so much more balanced than in a monitor (Can not be compared to TV as it has better color accuracy)

Fixed Screen Projector
Fixed Screen Projector

Pros and Cons of Fixed Screen

  • Better screen fabric
  • Durable Aluminium frame
  • 3D/4k support
  • Needs space

What is a Pull Down Screen for a Projector?

Pull Down Screen Projector
Pull Down Screen Projector

While on the other hand, The Pull Down screen is more convenient. These are also called Retractable screens. All you need is just set up it and tap the button on the remote. The screen will fall down with motorized lanes and will provide you with an immersive experience. ALR technology is recommended here also.

Pros and Cons of Pull-Down Screen

  • More convenient
  • Remote controlled
  • Gives you modern feel
  • 3D/4K support
  • None

Fixed Screen vs Pull Down Screen for A Projector: Difference


The weight comparison of both screens is not a problem at all once you install it on the wall. However, if you want to carry them, Retractable screens are better and portable as they attain an elongated body and are more portable. The weight varies but is similar in most cases.

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Ease of Use

Both screens have their own ease of use. If you have a Fixed screen, all you need to just turn on the projector. While on the other hand, You need to find the remote to access the retractable screen. But retractable screens do not consume much space and remain stuck to the upper wall and roof corner. So you get your proper space too.

Screen Issues

It has been observed that, Fixed screens with grey, silver, and white colors. Are usually made of lite quality. and are suitable for 4-5 years. ALR Fixed screens can run even more. But when it comes to Retractable screens, the material used is more strong durable as it has to roll on every time we use it.

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The Projector screens start usually from $30 and may reach up to $1000. These depend on size, the material used, type, quality, and features. While the common thing is their aspect ratio of 16:9. Of course, the brand name is most important. Apart from that, Normal screens are cheaper, and ALR with Fixed type is a little more towards the expansive side. In comparison, Retractable is the most expensive one. But they do not lack in value either.

Wrapping Up

The final answer could be based on your needs. If you wish to save more. We recommend an ALR panel worth not less than $50. If you are ready to spend more for a retractable screen, Get one with the trust of a brand like Elite screens.

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Let us know in the comment section if this guide has helped you to understand Fixed Screen vs Pull Down Screen for A Projector.


What is a motorized projector screen?

Retractable projector screens are equipped with motors in their plain to retract the fibrous screen and hence are called motorized projector screens.

What is an electric projector screen?

It is another name for retractable or motorized projector screens.

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