Focal Listen Professional Headphones User Manual

Focal Listen Professional Headphones User Manual : Here we have focal listen professional headphones. So we are here to review the manual.

Focal Listen Professional Headphones User Manual

Focal Listen Professional Headphones User Manual
Focal Listen Professional Headphones User Manual


TypeClosed-back, circum-aural headphones
Sensitivity122dB SPL @ 1kHz – / 1Vrms
THDTHD 0.3% @ 1kHz / 100dB SPL
Frequency response5Hz – 22kHz
Weight10oz (280g)
Cables providedCoiled 16ft (5m) Straight 4.5ft (1.4m)
Connector3.5mm jack plug with 4 conductors
Dimensions97/16″ x 80/8″ x 43/8″ (239 x 212 x 111mm)

We recommend thoroughly reading all the instructions in this manual, and that you keep it somewhere safe for future reference.

Important safety precautions

  1. READ these instructions.
  2. KEEP these instructions.
  3. RESPECT all the warnings.
  4. FOLLOW all the instructions.
  5. In order to avoid damaging your hearing, do not listen to headphones at high volumes for extended periods of time. Listening to a portable stereo at high volumes can cause damage to the user’s ears and may lead to hearing problems (temporary or permanent deafness, buzzing in the ears, tinnitus, hyperacusis). It is strongly advised not to listen to a portable stereo at full volume or for more than one hour per day at an average volume. Don’t use the headphones continuously, take frequent breaks. Pay particular attention to children and teenagers who use these devices at a younger age and often at excessive volume.
  6. If you begin to hear buzzing or ringing in the ears (tinnitus), experience a loss of hearing or ‘muffled’ hearing, stop using the headphones immediately. If the symptoms continue after a few hours, consult an ENT doctor immediately. In some cases, immediate treatment may avoid permanent hearing problems. Exposure to excessive volumes (over 85dB) for more than one hour can cause irreparable damage to your hearing.
  7. Set the volume to minimum before connecting your Focal headphones, then turn up the volume. Once the headphones are in place, gradually increase the volume to a comfortable and reasonable level. Always use the headphones with the protective ear cushions or tips.
  8. NEVER drive a vehicle (car, motorbike, boat…) or ride a bike while wearing then headphones. Not only is this behaviour dangerous, it is also illegal. In some countries, a breach of the highway code for driving without due care and attention (if the driver’s concentration is reduced in any way) may result in a penalty. We advise against wearing the headphones while riding a bike, running, walking or carrying out any other activities in busy places. If you do wear the headphones in such places,set to a low volume so you can hear surrounding noises, including horns, alarms and warning signals. Generally speaking, reducing your chances of hearing surrounding noises poses a threat to yourself and to others.
  9. NEVER use the headphones as ear defenders.
  10. If you feel the headphones heat up or if there is a loss of the audio signal, remove the headphones and disconnect immediately.
  11. Never place the headphones in contact with or near to naked flames such as candles, lighters, etc.
  12. Never leave your headphones exposed to humidity and never submerge them in water.
  13. The headphones do not require any particular cleaning. If necessary, clean with a dry, soft duster. Do not use cleaning products containing solvents.
  14. Entrust any repairs or maintenance to a qualified professional. Repair or maintenance may be required in case of any kind of damage (spillages, damaged cable, exposure to rain, if the device is dropped etc.). Do not make any modifications to the system or to the accessories. Any unauthorised modifications may put you in danger, be illegal or reduce the performance of the device.


Focal Listen Professional Headphones TRS
Focal Listen Professional Headphones TRS

Remote control

Focal Listen Professional Headphones Remote control
Focal Listen Professional Headphones Remote control

Listen Professional headphones benefit from the reputed expertise of Focal, a speaker driver and loudspeaker designer and manufacturer since 1979. These headphones have been specifically designed for sound engineers and musicians. The neutrality of their sound and the great dynamics of the transducers will enable you to work with extreme precision. The memory foam ear cushions provide excellent noise insulation and remarkable comfort.

Two types of cable are supplied with the headphones.

  • A spiralled cable, ensuring maximum respect of the audio signal and optimum performance. We highly recommend using this cable.
  • A straight cable with built-in remote control. This cable will allow you to use your headphones “on the go” with your telephone or other portable device equipped with remote control functions compatible with this remote control.


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