Focal Stellia Headphone User Manual

Focal Stellia Headphone User Manual : Focal is famous brand. It makes us feel so good when we use it. Here we will review the user guide of focal stellia headphone.

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Focal Stellia Headphone User Manual

Focal Stellia Headphone User Manual
Focal Stellia Headphone User Manual


Precautions of use

FOCAL JMLab, a stock company incorporated under the laws of France and registered with the trade and companies registered of Saint-Etienne under number 344 394 309 000 35, having its registered office at 108 rue de l’avenir, 42350 La Talaudière, France.

The speakers concerned by this manual use a pure Beryllium inverted dome tweeter system, capable to extend the bandwidth up to 40Khz.

Regarding the potential hazardousness of Beryllium, a raw material constituting the tweeter, some instructions (defined hereunder) must be respected by the user of these speakers in order to prevent any risk of absorption of said material.

Nevertheless, in solid form and based on the current state of knowledge at the date of printing of this precautionary manual, the risks are limited, being specified that the hazardousness of the Beryllium mainly results from its inhalation, ingestion or contact in vapour form or microparticles.

  1. Characteristics of Beryllium
Carcinogenicity – Category 1BH350 i : May cause cancer when inhaled
Acute toxicity – Category 2H330 : Fatal if inhaled
Acute toxicity – Category 3H301 : Toxic if swallowed
Specific target organ toxicity, repeated exposure – Category 1H372 : Causes damage to organs through prolonged or repeated exposure
Serious eye damage / Eye irritation – Category 2H319 : Causes serious eye irritation
Specific target organ toxicity (single exposure) – Category 3H335 : May cause respiratory irritation
Skin corrosion / irritation – Category 2H315 : Causes skin irritation
Skin sensitivity – Category 1H317 : May cause an allergic skin reaction

2. Precautions of use

It is essential to scrupulously respect the following precautionary measures.

2.1. Tweeters including a Beryllium dome should be handled with caution.

As a consequence, the users of the speakers have in particular to strictly ensure that the protective grille and all protective means on the tweeter is well maintained and in no circumstance take the Beryllium from its original location. Generally, the speakers should be kept out of the reach of children, especially the access of the tweeters and the dome of Beryllium.

2.2. The Beryllium dome should never be in contact with abrasive material.

Beryllium is a stable product at room temperature. Nevertheless, it reacts with the following acids:
sulphuric, hydrochloric, and hydrofluoric (with hydrogen release).

Conditions to avoid : heat, sparks, open flame, or any other sources of ignition. Beryllium is incompatible with oxidizing agents, and also notably bromine pentafluoride and performic acids. It explodes when heated with magnesium.

In finely divided form, Beryllium is a moderately flammable product. In a contained space, dust cloud of the metal may explode in the presence of a source of ignition. In case of fire, Beryllium releases highly toxic smoke and vapour.

In case of fire, the recommended fire extinguishing agents are engineered powders for combustible
metals or, failing that, other inert powders. It is also recommended to wear adequate personal protective equipment to prevent contact with the substance or its products of combustion as well as full selfcontained breathing apparatus.

2.3. Generally, prevent skin or eye contact, ingestion or inhalation of all or part of the Beryllium dome. The manufacturer underlines the fact that its absorption by inhalation, dermal route or ingestion can cause severe physical afflictions.

3. In the event of damage to the dome

In the case that the Beryllium dome is damaged in whatever form, its whole surface should be covered over. In such case, it is recommended to contact your retailer in order to dismantle and replace the tweeter by the relevant department of the distributor.

If the dome is broken, particles of Beryllium must be carefully recovered and placed in a sealed plastic bag. It should be returned to the retailer at the same time as the speakers.

4. First aid

If inhaled : in case of inhalation of smoke or dust of Beryllium, bring the person outside or to a ventilated area and put the body into a half-sitting position so that the person can breathe comfortably. If not breathing, give artificial respiration. Take the person to the nearest medical emergency treatment centre or call a poison control centre.

In case of contact with eyes : flush immediately and bathe the eyes with water for 15 minutes or until removal of the product. Remove contact lenses if present and if it is easy to remove them. It is recommended to see a doctor.

In case of contact with skin : immediatly remove contaminated clothing and shoes. Throw away clothing and shoes. Wash the skin with soap and water for at least 15 minutes. Immediately and carefully clean the cuts and wounds. Any particles of Beryllium which stick under the skin must be removed. See a doctor.

If swallowed : if victim is conscious and alert, rinse mouth with water and give some water to dilute. Seek immediate medical assistance. Never give any liquid if the victim is unconscious or convulsing. Vomiting should only be provoked by a doctor or poison control centre’s order. See a doctor immediatly.

5. End of life of the speakers

Your product Focal-JMlab was designed and made with materials and components of high quality susceptible to be recycled and reused.

This symbol means that any electric or electronic devices should be disposed of separately to household waste.

This device shall not be throw in the nature nor eliminated with household waste. This product
should not be disposed of an where other than the municipal waste reception centre or to a centre of recycling.

For further information about Beryllium, please contact
us directly at : [email protected]

TypeCircum-aural closed-back headphones
Impedance35 Ohms
Sensitivity106dB SPL / 1mW @ 1kHz
THD0.1% @ 1kHz / 100 dB SPL
Frequency response5Hz–40kHz
Loudspeaker1.6″ pure Beryllium “M” shape dome
Cable provided• 1 x 4ft OFC 24 AWG cable with 1/8″ TRS Jackconnector
• 1 x 10ft OFC 24 AWG cable with 4-pin XLR connector
• 1 x Jack adapter, 1/8″ female – 1/4″ male
Carrying case provided913/16″ x 97/16″ x 43/4″
Focal Stellia Headphone BERYLLIUM
Focal Stellia Headphone BERYLLIUM


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