Is A Projector Screen Better Than A Wall?

In our previous post, we talked about a few points about the best alternative to a projector screen. A clear white wall with a plain surface works peacefully. We thought that much information was not enough to convince you. So we are presenting Is A Projector Screen Better Than A Wall. Guess what affects the picture quality? It’s different conditions of light present in the room other than projector’s.

A few days ago, one of our teammates bought a projector without a screen, he was assuming the wall can manage the image along with separating two rooms apart. Unfortunately, it worked only till he turned on the lights. And he considered buying an ALR screen instead. As he was a big fan of games & movies.

Is A Projector Screen Better Than A Wall
Is A Projector Screen Better Than A Wall

How much better is the projector screen vs the wall?

The only better thing about a projector screen is that it can absorb the extra light. While on the other hand, a wall is equally good if you are watching in a dark room. If you want to present something outside of your house, it will be better to have an ALR screen. Even in dark, the screens manage to minimize some saturation and brightness up to optimum level, the condition is from a good brand.

Does a projector screen make the picture better?

Yes! apparently a wall’s function is to separate the rooms into two, but the screen is dedicated to showing you a better image than a wall by absorbing the brightness, colors, saturation, etc. These are also designed as per the nature of light, while the walls are fully reflecting surfaces.

Can I use a wall as a projector screen (Using a Projector Without a Screen)

You can use a wall but the wall has to be plain. Also, a wall has its own limitations and qualities in how it will treat the coming image from the projector and how it will show it to you. Here is a sample!

As you can see in the pictures, the quality of the image gets affected on the wall in presence of light. But the projector screen manages to maintain the image by absorbing the extra light.

So unless you do some casual work related to office, and documents, a wall is great enough, but for movies, games, and colorful work, A dedicated ALR screen is recommended.

Do you really need a projector screen?

In the above sections, we showed you how the light affects the picture quality. However, there are still some cases where a dedicated projector screen is not needed. We will list all those cases.

  1. The first case is when you watch only in a dark room.
  2. Secondly, if you do some coding and office-related work.
  3. If you want to decorate walls for seasonal festivals.
  4. If you want to tell some stories to kids at night.

And still counting on more.

How to use a wall as a projector screen?

Of course, there are no such conditions on how to use a wall as a projector screen. All you need is a wall, with a smooth wall, with white/grey/silver paint on it. But what if your home is fully customized with beauty? Then you need to create your own projector screen. The steps in the process are:

  • Buying paint for the wall and the screen: It is better to choose the right paint for your wall. Some paints are made for projector screens only. Recommended one is Projector Screen Paint – 3D4K
  • Painting your wall entirely: Now before your paint the screen area only, You shall paint the entire wall. However, it is not a needed one. The dark color out of the screen area gives better contrast.
  • Painting the screen: Paint the screen area with Projector Screen paint.
  • Adding a frame: The easiest way to add a frame to your painted screen is to use black velvet tape. The frame will help make your screen look complete and will improve your experience.

Is it worth getting a projector screen?

Although a smooth-painted wall is pretty enough in some cases, it is always better to have an ALR Projector screen instead. Not all the screens are ALR! Ambient Light Rejecting screens are with the latest technology and so they manage to absorb and reflect the required Electromagnetic waves out of the projected emission spectrum.

Although Not ALR, Normal Grey, and white screens are very little but better than the Whitewall. The normal ones are not worth buying. If you want a screen buy ALR, a wall is sufficient if you look for normal screens.

What’s the Best Projector Screen to Buy for 2023?

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Wrapping Up

An ALR Projector screen is always a better option for all screens. However, if you are not planning for an ALR screen, the normal screens will be better if your wall is painted other than white, grey, or silver. If you do not want a projector screen, Then you can also decorate your wall as a screen.

There are different types of screens, depending on their function, some are fixed and motorized too. ALR being the latest in technology gives you the most immersive visual experience and is perfect for your eyesight. These absorb the brightness and optimize the contrast levels to give you perfect picture quality without any worry of eyes in long projection hours.

If you still planning to buy a projector and you are confused about which is better TV or Projector then you can read the guide on TV vs Projector.



Is a projector screen better than a white wall?

Projector screens are better than walls but not necessary if you want a normal screen. An ALR screen would be more significant.

Why should you not use a projector without a screen?

Projectors can be used with a wall in some cases where the work is not so colorful. However, if your use is of professional presentation, You shall use a dedicated screen to attract the attention of employees and students.

Does A projector screen need to be against a wall?

There is no comparison between a wall with a screen. Both have their own advantages and disadvantages. However, the ALR screen always wins over the wall.

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