JVC HA S23W Wireless Headphones User Manual

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JVC HA S23W Wireless Headphones User Manual

JVC HA S23W Wireless Headphones User Manual
JVC HA S23W Wireless Headphones User Manual


Transmission AreaApprox. 33ft
Driver Unit30mm
Magnet typeNeodymium
Frequency Response20-20,000Hz
Nominal Impedance32ohms
Power SupplyRechargeable battery
Battery Life/Charging time (approx.)17h/3h
Weight (with cord)3.4oz
3 button operationremote (via Bluetooth), volume +/-, power
Bluetooth version5.0 (class2)
Supporting codecSBC
AccessoryCharging cable (Micro USB)


  • When using a commercially available USB conversion AC adapter, make sure to choose one with an output voltage of DC 5 V and output current of 1 A and above. Otherwise, it may result in malfunction or abnormal heating.
  • Use only the supplied charging cable to charge the System.
  • Do not use this System while charging is in progress as the rechargeable battery may become hot.
  • Using the supplied charging cable, connect the System and a commercially available USB conversion adapter.

1. Connect the charging cable provided to start charging.

  • Insert the USB AC adapter into the AC outlet to start charging.
  • The indicator lights up in red, and charging starts.
  • The charging time is approx. 3 hours. When charging is complete, the indicator goes out.
JVC HA S23W Wireless Headphones Charging
JVC HA S23W Wireless Headphones Charging


  • Operation is not possible while charging.
  • The System cannot be charged when the temperature protection function is in operation. In that case, perform charging within the usage temperature range (5 °C (41 °F) to 40 °C (104 °F)).


  1. Check that the indicator is turned off.
  2. Press and hold until the indicator repeatedly flashes red and blue quickly and alternately.


  • Release your finger once you confirmed that the indicator is repeatedly flashing red and blue quickly and alternately.
  • If the indicator does not flash red and blue quickly and alternately (flashing in red for example), refer to Power Off to turn off the power, then press and hold again.

3. Turn on the Bluetooth function of the BLUETOOTH device.

4. Select “JVC HA-S23W” from the device list.


  • The indicator flashes slowly in blue when a connection is completed.
  • During the pairing process, the BLUETOOTH device may require input of a PIN code. In such a case, enter “0000” as the PIN code for the System.
  • If connection (pairing) is not completed within 5 minutes after the indicator starts flashing, the System automatically turns itself off.

Reconnect (Power On)

  1. Check that the indicator is turned off.
  2. Turn on the BLUETOOTH setting of the BLUETOOTH device, press and hold on the System until the indicator lights up in blue for 1 second.
  • Release your finger after the indicator of the System lights up in blue.
  • The System then automatically attempts to reconnect the BLUETOOTH device used previously. If connection is established, the indicator continues to flash slowly in blue.


  • When the indicator keeps flashing slowly in red, connection between the System and the BLUETOOTH device is not established. In this case, select the System on the BLUETOOTH device to connect.
  • When is pressed for about 5 seconds or more while the power is turned off, the indicator flashes red and blue alternately and the System enters into connection mode. In this case, select this System at the BLUETOOTH device to establish connection.

Audio operation

Listening to music

Launch the music player app on the BLUETOOTH device connected, to start playback.

Operating the remote control

Play/PausePress the button once quickly.
Skip to the next trackPress the button twice quickly during playback.
Skip to the previous track or beginning of the current trackPress the button three times quickly during playback.
Volume adjustmentPress the -/+ button once quickly.
Hold down the button to change the volume continuously.


  • When the remaining battery power becomes low, an alarm will sound.
  • The System cannot guarantee operation of all of the remote control functions.

Phone operation

Operating the remote control

Answering the callPress once quickly when receiving the call.
Ending the callPress once quickly during the call.
Rejecting a callPress for about 1 second when receiving the call.
Switch the call between the System and smartphonePress for about 1 second during the call.
Using voice assistant function (Siri etc)Press for about 1 second when not using the phone function.

Note: The System cannot guarantee operation of all of the remote control functions.

Power Off

Hold down for about 3 seconds.

  • The indicator lights up in red for 1 second before going out and the power turns off.
  • If the indicator light went out completely, the power is turned off.

Note: If no BLUETOOTH device is connected for about 5 minutes, the System automatically turns itself off.


Unable to pair– Do not release the button until the indicator flashes alternately in red and blue.
– When pairing, make sure the BLUETOOTH device is within 1 m of the System.
– Turn on the BLUETOOTH device and enable pairing.
– Delete the pairing information on the BLUETOOTH device list and perform pairing again.
– Perform operations after setting the BLUETOOTH function of the connected device to OFF and then to ON again.
– Perform operations after turning off the connected device and on again.
– Refer to the page on connection. Connecting (Power On)
– Check whether the System is connected to another device. Turn off the BLUETOOTH settings of other devices and enable pairing with the desired device.
The indicator flashes in red and connection cannot be completedTurn on the BLUETOOTH device, enable its Bluetooth function and select the System from the BLUETOOTH device list.
After connecting to the System, the BLUETOOTH device connected does not function immediatelyDepending on the BLUETOOTH device connected, even when the indicator turns blue after connecting to this unit, the BLUETOOTH device may not function immediately due to the time lag in the connection operation. Wait for a few seconds and try operating again.
The volume is low or the sound is unpleasantIncrease the volume on the System or the BLUETOOTH device connected.
The sound is distorted– Adjust the volume on the BLUETOOTH device connected so that there is no distortion, and then adjust the volume on the System.
– Re-charge unit. Charging
The sound is choppy and there is noise– Use the connected device in a position or orientation that allows for the most stable communication. The sound tends to be interrupted when the headphones are covered with the hands.
– Try reducing the number of apps running on the BLUETOOTH device connected.
– Charge the System. Charging
The System does not work correctlyRe-charge the system and switch power on.
Unable to turn on the powerCharge the System. Charging
Unable to charge– Make sure that the USB cable is plugged in all the way.
– Please charge within the charging temperature range.


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  • Siri is a trademark of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries.
  • Other company names and product names in this manual are trademarks of the respective companies and registered trademarks in other countries.


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