Mackie MC 40BT Wireless Headphones User Manual

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Mackie MC 40BT Wireless Headphones User Manual

Mackie MC 40BT Wireless Headphones User Manual
Mackie MC 40BT Wireless Headphones User Manual


Frequency Response20 Hz – 20 kHz
Sensitivity102 ±3 dB/mW
Maximum Input Power200mW
Impedance32 W
Driver size40 mm
Drive TypeDynamic
Input Type1/8″ TRS and Bluetooth
Microphone TypeMEMS
Mic DirectivityOmnidirectional
Charging Input Voltage5V
Charge Time3 Hours
Use Time30 Hours
Bluetooth Range30 feet / 10 meters
Compatible BT ProfilesA2DP, AVRCP, HFP, HSP
Supported CodecSBC, AAC
System RequirementsAll PC and Mac, Android and iOS devices that have Bluetooth are supported
Physical PropertiesAudio cable length: 47.2 in / 1199 mm
USB cable length: 11.8 in / 300 mm
Weight: 0.7 lb ±10% / 0.3 kg ±10%


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Experience the incredible detail and clarity of the MC Series, now with the freedom of wireless with MC-40BT Wireless Headphones.

Enjoy maximum sound-quality with legendary Mackie acoustic tuning plus custom high-performance 40mm drivers.

The ergonomic headband and ear pads offer a comfortable listening experience for long sessions and remote meetings.

Need all day performance? Get over 30 hours of listening and get back into action quickly via USB-C fast charging.

The built-in high-quality microphone is perfect for phone calls, video chat, gaming, and more.

Easy controls for volume, play/pause/skip, and phone call control help keep you focused on your music, call, or exciting quarterly meeting.

Hookup Diagrams

This setup is literally what I use the Mackie MC-40BT headphones for on a daily basis. Every morning, there’s a conference call with my best friends in the world!

Put the headphones on, pair and connect it with a computer and off you go! From here, the only thing that’s left to do is raise / lower the volume to your preferred taste.

Conference Call

In this example, a gentleman is traveling somewhere. This person could download whatever they want to their computer. Then when the plane, train or automobile takes off, the headphones get put on and the person starts – well, in this case, plays music while working. Another option is to forgo work while traveling and simply binge watch a series or catch a flick. After all, “Those aren’t pillows!” From here, the only thing that’s left to do is raise / lower the volume to your preferred taste.

This type of setup is also perfect sans traveling – and another way I use it on a daily basis. Our morning meeting wraps up, the music starts playing and I begin writing. Other suggestions are playing music wirelessly while doing household chores or streaming a football game when paying bills, going through personal email, surfing the web, etc. So many use cases!


Here is another favorite use case for the MC-40BT wireless headphones: exercising. This could be any number of things from walking and/or running, pumping iron at a gym, cycling and more. The world is your oyster! If using them outside, please be aware of your surroundings and be safe! It might be a good idea to lower the volume so as not to fully “tune out” the world.

Also, be sure that the device is on (or near) you since line of sight is approximately 30 feet / 10 meters.


Last, but certainly not least… we’re looking at you, gamers! The MC-40BT wireless headphones are the perfect addition. Do you like to stay up late and play online with friends? The built-in mic helps you and your teammate(s) discuss strategies and/or (more likely) talk trash.


First Things First

The MC-40BT wireless headphones were designed with sound and comfort in mind. That said, for the best results, the controls shown above should be placed on the right side of your head.

1.    1/8″ Input Jack

You bought wireless headphones to… well, you know, go wireless. Cut the cord! Some people just aren’t ready for that quite yet and we’ve got you covered here, as well, as this jack allows for a wired connection.

Simply connect the included 1/8″ cable from this jack to a headphone jack of a mixer, phone or anything else that has a phones out jack.

Note: The Bluetooth signal is killed when the headphones are “hardwired” and will remain as such until that connection has been removed.

2. USB-C Power Connection

This connector is used for charging the MC-40BT wireless headphones.

It is a standard USB-C power connector. Connect the USB-C side of the detachable power cord (included in the packaging) to the MC-40BT wireless headphones and plug the other end of the power cord into a standard USB-A connector.

A fully charged set of MC-40BT headphones can last for up to 30+ hours of continuous usage… and it takes only three hours for a completely dead set of MC-40BTs to become fully charged once again.

Note: Please note that the MC-40BT wireless headphones should not be used while it’s charging.

3. Status LED

This LED indicates the status of the headphones, including power, device pairing and more.

  • Charging: Status LED illuminates solid red.
  • Charged: Status LED illuminates solid blue.
  • BT Pairing Mode: Status LED flashes blue and red.
  • BT Connected: Status LED slow flashes blue.
  • Powered Off: Status LED is off.

4. Volume / Transport Buttons

These momentary buttons adjust the overall output level. A simple press and release will do the trick; multiple times if you need it any quieter or louder.

But that’s not all! With each pair of MC-40BT wireless headphones ordered in the next ten years, we’ll also unlock a second feature on these buttons.

That’s right, Bob, when pressed and held, these act as ‘skip track’ buttons: “+” goes to the next track and “-” returns to the beginning of the track that is currently playing.

Don’t delay, operators are standing by!

5. Power / Play / Pause / Bluetooth Button

Now if you thought the dual-feature volume buttons were out of this world, wait until you hear what this

one single button is capable of… it’s the Offiziersmesser of wireless headphone buttons!

For starters, press and hold this button down

to power the headphones on and off. Voice prompts will indicate the power on /off status, as well as

the connecting / paired status.

Upon powering up the MC-40BT headphones, the Bluetooth function is either:

  1. In sleep mode. See ‘Pairing and connecting for the first time’ (below) or…
  2. Paired and connected. See ‘Previously paired and connected devices’ (to the right).

Pairing and connecting for the first time:

On the first power-up, a voice prompt will state, “power on” followed by, “Bluetooth pairing mode”.

While the MC-40BT headphones are in pairing mode, simultaneously scan for Bluetooth devices on the computer or device. You should see ‘MC-40BT’ appear in the list of “available devices”. Select it by tapping it. From there, your Bluetooth device should indicate that it is successfully connected.

Two additional things will also occur. First, the status LED will stop flashing blue and red and will begin to slow flash blue instead. Second, a voice prompt will say, “connected”.

If this does not work, start the pairing process again, and make sure that the MC-40BTs and computer / device are both in pairing mode at the same time.

Previously paired and connected devices:

The Bluetooth connection will disconnect if it’s out of range. Previously paired and connected devices will automatically reconnect upon subsequent power-ups; no need to re-pair devices each time! In this case, a voice prompt will state, “power on” followed by, “connected”.

The Bluetooth connection may disconnect when affected by electrostatic discharge (ESD) or electrical fast transients (EFT). If this occurs, manually reconnect the Bluetooth connection.

Once the MC-40BT wireless headphones have been paired with a device, this single button controls a few more things.

Press this button to quickly play or pause the Bluetooth stream. Pressing this button also answers and ends phone calls. As mentioned above, pressing and holding this button down would power the headphones off, so don’t do that until you’re ready. A “power off” voice prompt will confirm.

Mackie MC 40BT Wireless Headphones Features
Mackie MC 40BT Wireless Headphones Features

Care and Maintenance

Your MC-40BT wireless headphones will provide many years of reliable service if you follow these guidelines:

  • Avoid exposing them to moisture. If they will be used outdoors, be sure they are under cover if rain is expected.
  • Use a dry cloth to clean the headphones. Only do this when the power is turned off. Avoid getting moisture into any of the openings of the headphones, particularly where the drivers are located.


No power

  • Is it charged? There is an amazing 30+ hours of usage time, but they do need to be recharged occasionally!
  • Are they powered on? If not, try turning them on.
  • Is it the year 2112? If so, their better days are behind them now.

No sound

  • Is the level for the input source turned all the way down or muted? How about the levels on the headphones? Verify that all the volume controls in the system are properly adjusted.
  • Is the signal source working? Try with speakers first. If it’s good there, try with hardwired headphones next; this could be the MC-40BTs. If it’s good there, it might be that the Bluetooth hasn’t been connected or something else.

Poor sound / Noise

  • Is it loud and distorted? Make sure that you’re not overdriving a stage in the signal chain. Verify that all level controls are set properly.
  • If using the wired input, is the input connector plugged completely into the jack? Be sure all connections are secure.

Bluetooth or Other Issues

  • Please email or call Technical Support if you are having any other issue not listed here: o o 1-800-898-3211


Non-warranty service is available at a factory- authorized service center. To locate the nearest service center, visit Service for MC-40BT wireless headphones living outside the United States may be obtained through local dealers or distributors.

If you do not have access to our website, please call our Tech Support department at 1-800-898-3211 (normal business hours, Pacific Time), to explain the problem. They will tell you where the nearest factory- authorized service center is located in your area.

Important Safety Instructions

  1. Read, follow, and keep these instructions. Heed all warnings.
  2. Do not use in or near dangerous environments. This includes driving, cycling, walking, jogging and other areas where traffic is present and accidents could occur.
  3. Keep this product and its accessories out of reach of children. Handling or use by children may pose a risk of death or serious injury. Contains small parts and cords that may pose a risk of choking or strangulation.
  4. Set the volume level of the audio device to a minimum, and then, after connecting the earphones, adjust the volume gradually. Sudden exposure to loud noises could cause hearing damage.
  5. Keep headphones clean. To clean the headphones, wash outside with a mild detergent solution.
  6. Do not attempt to modify this product. Doing so could result in personal injury and/or product failure.
  7. Do not immerse in water, such as while taking a shower, bath, or washing your face. Otherwise, sound deterioration or failures may result.
  8. Do not use while sleeping as accidents may result.
  9. Use a slow twisting motion to remove the earphones. Never pull on the earphone cord.
  10. Stop using the earphones immediately if they are causing great discomfort, irritation, rash, discharge, or any other uncomfortable reaction.
  11. If you are currently receiving ear treatment, consult your physician before using this device.
  12. The use of apparatus is in moderate climates. [115 ˚F / 46 ˚C maximum].
  13. This device complies with Part 15 of the FCC Rules [and contains license-exempt transmitter(s)/receiver(s) that comply with Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada’s license-exempt RSS(s)]. Operation is subject to the following two conditions:
    1. this device may not cause harmful interference, and
    2. this device must accept any interference received, including interference that may cause undesired operation.
Duration, per day in hoursSound Level dBA, Slow ResponseTypical Example
890Duo in small club
495Subway Train
2100Very loud classical music
1105The dogs barking at the mailman
0.25 or less115Loudest parts at a rock concert


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