Poly Blackwire 3200 Series Corded Headset User Manual

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Poly Blackwire 3200 Series Corded Headset User Manual

Poly Blackwire 3200 Series Corded Headset User Manual
Poly Blackwire 3200 Series Corded Headset User Manual


CONNECTS TOPC via USB/USB-C, connects to mobile devices and tablets via 3.5 mm and devices that support USB-C
IDEAL FORUsers transitioning to PC telephony for webinars, conference calls, music, and other multimedia applications
PC AUDIO PERFORMANCEDynamic EQ, microphone frequency response 100 Hz–10 kHz optimal for PC wideband voice telephony (up to 6,800 Hz), hi-fi stereo (C3220/C3225). Receive output from 20 Hz–20 kHz, enhanced
digital signal processing (DSP), noisecanceling microphone, adjustable audio alerts with Plantronics Hub software (mute/volume)*
HEARING PROTECTIONSoundGuard: Acoustic limiting for protection against sounds above 118 dBA
REMOTE CALL CONTROLCall answer/ignore/end/hold, redial, mute, volume +/-
WEIGHT (WITH CABLE)Blackwire 3210: 87 g/0.19 lbs
Blackwire 3215: 96 g/0.21 lbs
Blackwire 3220: 118 g/0.26 lbs
Blackwire 3225: 121 g/0.27 lbs
WEIGHT (WITHOUT CABLE)Blackwire 3210: 64 g/0.14 lbs
Blackwire 3215: 64 g/0.14 lbs
Blackwire 3220: 92 g/0.20 lbs
Blackwire 3225: 92 g/0.20 lbs
CABLE LENGTH (QD TO HEADSET)Blackwire 3210: 790 mm/2.59 ft
Blackwire 3215: 1295 mm/4.25 ft
Blackwire 3220: 790 mm/2.59 ft
Blackwire 3225: 1295 mm/4.25 ft
CABLE LENGTH (USB TO INLINE MODULE)Blackwire 3210: 900 mm/2.95 ft
Blackwire 3215: 900 mm/2.95 ft
Blackwire 3220: 900 mm/2.95 ft
Blackwire 3225: 900 mm/2.95 ft
CABLE LENGTH (TOTAL USB TO HEADSET)Blackwire 3210: 1610 mm/5.28 ft
Blackwire 3215: 2270 mm/7.45 ft
Blackwire 3220: 1610 mm/5.28 ft
Blackwire 3225: 2270 mm/7.45 ft
HEADBAND ADJUSTMENTBlackwire 3210: 35 mm/0.11 ft
Blackwire 3215: 35 mm/0.11 ft
Blackwire 3220: 70 mm/0.23 ft
Blackwire 3225: 70 mm/0.23 ft
BOOM ROTATIONBlackwire 3210: 270°
Blackwire 3215: 270°
Blackwire 3220: 270°
Blackwire 3225: 270°
SPEAKER SIZEBlackwire 3210: 28 mm/0.09ft
Blackwire 3215: 28 mm/0.09ft
Blackwire 3220: 28 mm/0.09ft
Blackwire 3225: 28 mm/0.09ft
INPUT IMPEDANCEBlackwire 3210: 32 Ohms
Blackwire 3215: 32 Ohms
Blackwire 3220: 32 Ohms
Blackwire 3225: 32 Ohms
SPEAKER SENSITIVITY DB (*)Blackwire 3210: 90**
Blackwire 3215: 90**
Blackwire 3220: 90**
Blackwire 3225: 90**
SPEAKER BANDWIDTH (SPEECH MODE)Blackwire 3210: 200-6800Hz
Blackwire 3215: 200-6800Hz
Blackwire 3220: 200-6800Hz
Blackwire 3225: 200-6800Hz
SPEAKER BANDWIDTH (MEDIA MODE)Blackwire 3210: 20-20000Hz
Blackwire 3215: 20-20000Hz
Blackwire 3220: 20-20000Hz
Blackwire 3225: 20-20000Hz
Blackwire 3215: 118dBSPL
Blackwire 3220: 118dBSPL
Blackwire 3225: 118dBSPL
Blackwire 3215: -38dBV/Pa
Blackwire 3220: -38dBV/Pa
Blackwire 3225: -38dBV/Pa
MICROPHONE BOOM LENGTHBlackwire 3210: 130 mm/0.43 ft
Blackwire 3215: 130 mm/0.43 ft
Blackwire 3220: 130 mm/0.43 ft
Blackwire 3225: 130 mm/0.43 ft
MICROPHONE BANDWIDTHBlackwire 3210: 100-10000Hz
Blackwire 3215: 100-10000Hz
Blackwire 3220: 100-10000Hz
Blackwire 3225: 100-10000Hz


Inline controlLEDsFunction
Call buttonFlashes green
Solid green
Incoming call
On a call
Volume up buttonIncreases the listening volume
Volume down buttonDecreases the listening volume
Mute buttonSolid redHeadset is muted


Power on your headset by connecting to your computer or mobile device. You can connect your headset in 2 ways:

  1. Via USB-A/USB-C connector
  2. Via 3.5 mm connector*

* 3.5 mm connector available on Blackwire 3215/3225 only.

Load software

Customize your device behavior through advanced settings and options with Poly Lens Desktop App. Some softphones require the installation of Poly software to enable device call control (answer/end and mute) functionality. Download: poly.com/lens.

NOTE Device settings are also available in Plantronics Hub Desktop App.

Update your Poly device

Keep your firmware and software up-to-date to improve performance and add new features to your Poly device.

Update your device using your computer with Poly Lens Desktop App. Download at poly.com/lens.

While updating:

  • Do not use your Poly device until the update is complete.
  • Do not start a second update from a second device.
  • Do not stream media.
  • Do not answer or place a call.


Adjust the headband

Lengthen or shorten the band until it fits comfortably. The cushions should sit comfortably over the center of your ears.

Position the boom

This headset can be worn on the left or right side. Rotate the boom to align with your mouth.

CAUTION To avoid breaking the boom, only rotate it up and over 180°.

Adjust the boom

Gently bend the boom in or out so it is approximately two finger widths from the corner of your mouth.

Use the inline controller

Make/take/end calls

Headset call control is a software feature and dependent on a compatible softphone. If you have not installed Poly Lens Desktop App (poly.com/lens) or do not have a compatible softphone, press the headset call button first and then make/take/end the call using the softphone application.

Answer or end a callTap the Call button or use your softphone.
Make a callDial using your softphone application.
RedialIf not on an active call, double key press the call button to redial the last call.
HoldPress and hold the call button for 2 seconds to put a call on hold.


Listening volumePress the Volume up (+) or Volume down (-) button.
Adjust headset microphone volume (softphone)Place a test softphone call and adjust softphone volume and PC sound volume accordingly.


During a call, briefly press the mute button to mute the microphone on the inline controller. To unmute press the button again.


  • Leatherette ear cushions fold flat for easy storage (C3215/C3225).
  • Call answer/end, mute, volume +/-.
  • Variants include universal USB or USB-C type connectivity.
  • 3.5 mm connectivity lets you work on a variety of mobile devices (C3215/C3225.



I hear a high-pitched noise when wearing the headset.• Ensure that your 3.5 mm connector is fully connected to the headset controller.
I cannot hear caller.• Listening volume is too low. Press the volume up button on
the headset. and/or ensure that the volume setting on your computer is set accurately.
• Your headset is not set as the default audio device. Use the audio settings in your sound control panel/preferences to select your headset as the default audio device.
• Ensure that your 3.5 mm connector is fully connected to the headset controller.
Callers cannot hear me.• Headset is muted. Tap the mute button to unmute the
• Headset microphone boom aligned incorrectly. Align the headset boom with your mouth.
• Your headset is not set as the default Voice device. Use the audio settings in your sound control panel/preferences to change the input device.
• Ensure that your 3.5 mm connector is fully connected to the headset controller.
The sound in the headset is distorted.
I can hear an echo in the headset.
• Lower the listen volume on your softphone until the distortion disappears.
• Adjust volume on headset.
• Ensure that your 3.5 mm connector is fully connected to the headset controller.
When I use my headset with a softphone, the headset call control and mute buttons don’t work.• Make sure the softphone you are using is supported by viewing www.plantronics.com/softphonecompatibility.
• If required to enable headset control (answer/end and mute) functionality, ensure you have Poly Lens Desktop App installed. See Load software.
• Your mobile device may not support call control functionality. Check with device manufacturer.
The other headset I was using to listen to music does not work any more.• Your headset will set itself as the default audio device in Windows. Use the audio settings in your sound control panel/ preferences to change the audio device.
My phone is not finding my headset during a call or while listening to music.• When on a call or listening to music, make sure that audio is routing to the desired headset by going to your settings and ensuring it is defaulted.


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