V Moda Crossfade Wireless Headphones User Manual

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V Moda Crossfade Wireless Headphones User Manual

V Moda Crossfade Wireless Headphones User Manual
V Moda Crossfade Wireless Headphones User Manual

Package Contents

  1. 1-Button SpeakEasy Mic Cable
  2. Carrying Case
  3. Over-Ear Headphones
  4. USB Charging Cable
  5. 1/4” Pro Adapter


  1. Very important: place earcups on corresponding ear.
    “L” on left ear, “R” on right ear
  2. Push hair back, extend the earcups from headband until they fit comfortably on ear, creating a snug fit to ensure highest quality and comfort
  3. When wearing headphones wired (with cable connected), hang cable in front of your head to ensure headphones stay put during strenuous activity


V Moda Crossfade Wireless Headphones WIRELESS MODE
V Moda Crossfade Wireless Headphones WIRELESS MODE


  1. During music playback
    • Click Multi Function button once to pause and again to resume playback
    • Click Multi Function button twice quickly for next track
    • Click Multi Function button three times quickly for previous track
  2. During calls
    • Click Multi Function button once to answer incoming call, click once to end call
    • Press and hold Multi Function button down for about two seconds to decline an incoming call

Protecting Your Headphones

  • Minimize exposure to moisture. Not intended for use while swimming, bathing or showering
  • Use provided carrying case while idle
  • Keep headphones clean and free of debris
  • Do not pull on cable to disconnect plug from device
  • Do not wrap cable around device while still plugged in as it puts unnecessary pressure on plug-cord connection


  1. ON/OFF: To turn headphones on, slide the 3-way switch to the middle position. LED will start to blink once per second.
  2. NEW PAIRING: Once powered on, slide switch to the right, hold 3 seconds, when the LED starts to blink twice per second, release the switch. The switch will return to the middle position and begin to search. Once “V-MODA Crossfade” appears in the “new Bluetooth devices” section on your phone, select it to begin pairing.
  3. SEARCHING MODE (paired devices): • on/middle connects to last paired device in a few seconds. • be sure Bluetooth on your device is on.
  4. CHARGING: • blinking orange LED = battery low. • fading orange LED = charging. • white LED = charging complete.
  5. ANSWER A CALL: Press Multi Fucntion once to answer (music pauses automatically).
  6. REFUSE / HANG UP: To refuse an incoming call or to hang up an existing call, press and hold Multi Function for 1-2 seconds, then release.
  7. TRACKS CONTROL: Press Multi Function once to play and pause, Press Multi Function twice for next track, Press Multi Function three times for previous track.
  8. CLEAR THE PAIRED DEVICES HISTORY: To clear the paired devices history press and hold (-, +) for 3 seconds. LED lighting will change to blinking orange and white.


If you are experiencing trouble with your headphones, please refer to the troubleshooting guidelines below. If the problem persists, please contact the V-MODA Six Star Service at V-MODA.com/SUPPORT or 1.888.VMODA.LA.

No audio (in wired mode)Make certain the audio device’s headphone jack is free of debris and that the headphone plug is securely connected.
Lack of or excessive bass
or treble (in wired mode)
Turn off any audio enhancement features on audio device.
Make sure cable is firmly connected to the headphone (use straight plug)and device (use 45° plug). If the problem persists, try another cable.
Uneven Sound
(in wired mode)
Make sure cable is firmly connected to the headphone by ensuring male 3.5mm is inserted into female 3.5mm all the way.
Distorted soundCheck to make sure the problem is not with the audio device or the file to which you are listening. Ensure the EQ settings on the device are set properly. Make certain you have a snug fit and that the driver is pointed directly towards the ear.
Headphones will not charge – Make sure both USB plugs are firmly connected into their sockets
– Disconnect and reconnect the USB charging cable
– If charging with your computer, be sure the USB port is powered and remember to plug in your computer
Trouble during
the pairing process
– Be sure the headphones are not connected to the charger and the power switch is on
– Turn your headphones off, then on again
– Remember to turn on the Bluetooth feature on your device
– Turn off the Bluetooth feature on any other device which has been previously paired (can only pair with one device at a time)
– Clear the history of paired devices by pressing and holding Volume + and Volume – for 3 seconds
– Try to pair with another device to be sure that both the headphone and your Bluetooth device are working properly
Audio and video do
not match
There may be a delay from some sources or applications.
Try streaming from another device or select another track.
Receiving no audio or
low quality audio from a
streaming audio source
– Check the battery
– Check the pairing
– Be sure the audio source is playing
– Try streaming from another device or select another track
– Be sure the volume on the device is not muted or turned down
– Move the device and headphones closer (max 33 feet or 10 m)
– Keep away from any possible interference (wireless routers, other Bluetooth devices, microwaves etc)
– Close any applications on your device that are not in use and disable the Wi-Fi

Cleaning Your Headphones

To keep your headphones clean, periodically wipe with a dry cloth.

Note on Static Electricity

In particularly dry air conditions, mild tingling may be felt on your ears. This is a result of static electricity accumulated in the body, and not a malfunction of the headphones. Wearing clothes made from natural materials can minimize the effect.

Power and frequency

  • Power Transmission: Bluetooth EDR Mode (8DPSK): -0.89dBm
  • Frequency Band(s): 2.402GHz~2.480GHz

Limited Warranty

For a period of one (1) year from the date of retail purchase by the original end-use purchaser, V-MODA warrants that this product is free from any defects in manufacturing, materials and workmanship, under the following conditions:

  • V-MODA will repair or replace the product within a reasonable period of time and free of charge for one (1) year from the date of retail purchase by the original end-use purchaser
  • Product must be purchased from a V-MODA authorized reseller and delivered to you in new condition, in original packaging. This warranty does not cover products purchased open box, sold as-is, sold by private party resale or any other third party purchases from unauthorized resellers
  • This Limited Warranty does not cover defects resulting from cosmetic damage, acts of God, misuse, accidents, commercial use, unauthorized alteration or modification of the product, improper connection, improper use or attempted repair by unauthorized distributors or resellers
  • This warranty is void if the label bearing the serial number has been removed or defaced
  • To obtain service under this limited warranty, visit www.v-moda.com/warranty to fill out the online warranty form and obtain further information
  • To acquire a printable version of this warranty, please visit www.v-moda.com/warranty
  • For other customer service inquiries, please e-mail [email protected]. You may also call 1.888.VMODA.LA Monday through Friday, 9:00 am to 5:00 pm (Pacific Standard Time)
  • • This limited warranty gives you specific legal rights, and you also may have other rights that vary from state to state or country to country. Some places do not allow limitations on implied warranties or the exclusion or limitation of incidental or consequential damages, so the above limitations or exclusions may not apply to you


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