boAt Airdopes 381 vs 171 Comparison which is better?

Are you looking for budget wireless earbuds for your earphone needs? If you are, We got something to show you. These two earbuds deliver the features very sufficiently and people are trying to find out which one is better to buy. Hence it seems fair to compare these two. We present boAt Airdopes 381 vs 171 Comparison.

We believe this will help you to make the right choice. By reading this article you are very likely to come to the final conclusion of buying one of these two most popular earbuds as you will be able to differentiate between the two and decide what features are worth it for you. There are plenty of features both earbuds offer. We will discuss all the features one by one.

boAt Airdopes 381 vs 171 Comparison which is better?

boAt Airdopes 381 vs 171 Comparison
ProductboAt Airdopes 381boAt Airdopes 171
Model NameAirdopes 381Airdopes 171
Type of Earphonesin-Earin-Ear
Highlight FactorSleek & Simple designLightweight
Connects withBluetoothBluetooth
Warranty1 Year1 Year
Launch Date23 June 20219 July 2020
Global ratings3.8⭐ out of 54⭐ out of 5

The main point of comparison includes Build Quality, Connectivity, Battery & Charging, Sound Quality, and Price range. Along with these, we will also inform you about the good ones and the better ones according to different activities.

Build Quality Comparison

ProductboAt Airdopes 381boAt Airdopes 171
Built withStrong PlasticStrong Plastic
IPX ratingIPX5IPX4
Battery life IndicatorNoNo
ControlsTouch ControlsButton Controls
Weight10g for buds, 50g for case4g for buds, 42g for case

Firstly, let’s have a look at the build quality of both earbuds. We would like to mention that there is a huge difference in the weight and the build. Although both earbuds are made with strong plastic, boAt Airdopes 171 has a lighter body that adds to the comfort level.

Unboxing the boAt Airdopes 171 TWS
boAt Airdopes 171 TWS First Hand Experience Unboxing

in Airdopes 171, 4 grams are just exceptionally lightweight and do not bother your ears. The buds are protected by IPX4 water and a sweat-resistant shield. It has MFB button controls which might bother you.

While on the other hand, boAt Airdopes 381 works fine in every aspect of build quality, design, weight, and comfort.

Connectivity Comparison

ProductboAt Airdopes 381boAt Airdopes 171
Bluetooth versionv5.0v5.0
Bluetooth range10m10m
I/O PortsType-C port for chargingType-C port for charging
LatencyAs usualAs usual
Dual PairingNoNo
IWP tech.NoYes

In terms of connectivity, we have the exactly same figures and features. There is only a single difference in the benchmarks as IWP technology in Airdopes 171. Rest whatever you get in the boat Airdopes 381 is also available in boAt Airdopes 171.

The low latency feature is a need nowadays and we wish it was available in both to enjoy some games. However, the latency in both earbuds is usual and not suitable for gaming. Thanks to the IWP technology that connects with the paired device automatically when you open the lid of the case.

Battery & Charging Comparison

ProductboAt Airdopes 381boAt Airdopes 171
Battery Capacity50mAh for buds; 500mAh for case43mAh for buds; 380mAh for case
Playback time4 hrs for buds; 20 hrs for case3 hrs for buds; 10 hrs for case
Charging time1 hr for buds; 1 hr for case1.5 hr for buds; 2 hrs for case
Fast chargingYes; (60 min charge in 5 min)No
Charging PortType-CType-C

In terms of battery and charging, we have a little higher favor towards boAt Airdopes 381. The earbuds provide 4 hours of non-stop music and the case is packed with 20 hours more. The battery capacity is 500 mAh which charges within 1 hour.

While on the other hand, we get a 380 mAh battery in the boat Airdopes 171 case, that last around 10 hours. the earbuds last for 3 hours which is not so impressive considering modern earbuds from boAt. Please note the charging is also a little slower.

Sound Comparison

ProductboAt Airdopes 381boAt Airdopes 171
Drivers size7mm (moving coil)6mm
ImpedanceNot mentionedNot mentioned
SensitivityNot mentionedNot mentioned
Bass QualityBetterGood

Taking the most important feature to the center, the sound quality in boAt Airdopes 381 will give you a better bliss of music. It has better clarity, loudness, bass, and balance that ultimately gives you a better-balanced modern sound. The 7mm drivers are good enough to fire the loudness with a little punchy bass.

Although this time boAt has not mentioned the internal details about Impedance, and Sensitivity, it is clear from the resultant sound that boAt Airdopes 381 is better in the aspect of sound.

Activities Comparison

ProductboAt Airdopes 381boAt Airdopes 171

Price & Price range Comparison

boAt Airdopes 381 Price range: The maximum price ever seen is Rs 2499/-while the minimum price ever seen is Rs 999/-. boAt Airdopes 381 is good to buy for under RS 2000/-.

boAt Airdopes 171 Price range: The maximum price ever seen is Rs 2999/-, while the minimum price ever seen is Rs 1499/-. boAt Airdopes 171 is good to buy for under Rs 2300/-.

ProductboAt Airdopes 381boAt Airdopes 171
Max. PriceRs 2499/-Rs 1699/-
Min. PriceRs 999/-Rs 1399/-
Good to buy underRs 2000/-Rs 2000/-
Current Price

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Final verdict

In conclusion, we would like to recommend boAt Airdopes 381 as it is equipped with better sound and bass balance. You might find the Airdopes 381 sharper and clearer than the Airdopes 171.

boAt Airdopes 381 vs 171 Comparison which is better

Of course, the design is a bit nice, but it doesn’t matter whether it’s inside the case or inside the ears. The boAt Airdopes 171 will give you superior comfort, secure fit, great boAt signature sound, medium bass, and balance. The Airdopes 441, on the other hand, is also a bit heavy.

The main differences are battery life and weight. So if you want to know which one is better? The simple answer is boAt Airdopes 441. And that’s because battery life matters a lot, it can’t be like 3 hours.

boAt Airdopes 381boAt Airdopes 171

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Readers also ask

Is monopod mode available in any of the earbuds?

Monopod mode is a rare feature and not available in any of the above earbuds.

Is Dual pairing a necessary feature nowadays?

It totally depends on the user, and how much they prioritize the features.

What is IWP technology?

The IWP technology connects the earbuds instantly to the paired device when you open the lid.

Can fast charging be achieved with a fast charger?

No, Fast charging is an inbuilt feature of the device.

Which earbuds are perfect for gym and sports?

boAt Airdopes 171 is lightweight and provides a secure fit into the ears, hence it is better for gym and sports.

Which earbuds are perfect for gaming?

These earbuds are not made for gaming hence both are unsuitable for gaming.

What are the main differences between boAt Airdopes 381 and boAt Airdopes 171?

The main differences are –
1. boAt Airdopes 381 has an IPX5 rating for water/sweat resistance, No IWP tech feature, a 500mAh charging case, 7mm audio driver size, ASAP (60 min charge in 5 min).
2. boAt Airdopes 171 has an IPX4 rating for water/sweat resistance, IWP tech feature, 380mAh charging case, 6mm audio driver size, No ASAP.

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