Anker Soundcore Life P2i vs Life P2 Mini which is better?

Do you want to buy some cool-looking earbuds from recent days? Earbuds are the needs of ears when you feel bored. And acknowledging the needs, brands keep launching their earbuds every month. One such brand is Soundcore. And if you are a fan, it is very much probable that you want to know the better one if we look at the Anker Soundcore Life P2i vs Life P2 mini.

Soundcore puts all modern-day features and competes with other brands with quality. They are catching up with the market as equally as brands like JBL, SONY, etc. If you are looking for entry-level earbuds from Soundcore, these two are excellent but let’s find out which one is even better for the value.

Anker Soundcore Life P2i vs Life P2 Mini which is better
Anker Soundcore Life P2i vs Life P2 Mini which is better

Build & Design Comparison

ProductAnker Soundcore Life P2iAnker Soundcore Life P2 Mini
Type of Earphonesin-Earin-Ear
DesignStem shapedStem shaped
Built withPremium PlasticPremium Plastic
IPX ratingIPX5IPX5
Battery life IndicatorNoYes
ControlsButton controlsTouch controls
Weighs1.78 ounces2.08 ounces

While wireless earbuds with actual buttons are becoming rarer and rarer. Soundcore Life P2i attaches a medium-length stem to oval earpieces, which are comfortable and it snugly. The earbuds and the case are rated IPX5 for water and dust resistance. Here we judge durability as the perfect and sturdy for the case and earbuds. These have a single LED light which can not be considered the battery life indicator.

Soundcore knows how to present its products. With fantastic build quality – they look and feel more expensive than they are and Soundcore Life P2 Mini is no exception – it’s designed and built very nicely for a pair of earbuds. The matte black oval charging case has a nice heft to it, has a shiny black line to give it some class, and the lid closes with a dampened click. Three LED lights on the front indicate the remaining battery of the case. While IPX5 assures protection from water and dust.

Connectivity Comparison

ProductAnker Soundcore Life P2iAnker Soundcore Life P2 mini
Bluetooth versionv5.2v5.2
Bluetooth range30 Feet30 Feet
I/O PortsUSB Type-CUSB Type-C
Monopod modeYesYes
Multi-device connectionNoNo
Instant PairingYesYes

In connectivity terms, there is literally no difference in both earbud sets. Both have the latest Bluetooth version 5.2 which works seamlessly. The most interesting feature of these is the monopod mode which allows you to use both earbuds separately. They lack some modern features like low latency gaming mode, Dual pairing, and have some features common features like Instant pairing.

Battery & Charging Comparison

ProductAnker Soundcore Life P2iAnker Soundcore Life P2 Mini
Battery CapacityNot mentionedNot mentioned
Playback time8 hrs for buds; 20 hrs for case8 hrs for buds; 24 hrs for case
Fast charging10 min charge; 1 hours playback10 min charge; 1 hours playback
Charging time2 hrs2 hrs
Charging PortType-CType-C

Here even though they do not say anything about battery capacity, We have something bigger in Soundcore Life P2 mini. Just 4 hours more stored in the case. The earbuds practically run 7-8 hours depending on the use (Volume and sound settings). They have fast charging which is more like common charging. And nothing too much different in terms of battery and charging if we consider the battery life indicator in terms of build quality.

Sound & Call Quality Comparison

ProductAnker Soundcore Life P2iAnker Soundcore Life P2 Mini
Drivers size10mm10mm
Bass QualityGoodBetter
Noise CancellationENCENC
Mic QualityGoodGood

Both of these have two EQ presets which are great but you would prefer editing the sound EQs through the Soundcore app.

The sound quality changes the game here for both earbuds. Soundcore Life P2 mini here has a better sound profile being a little pricier. It doesn’t have the same amount of bass as some of its other siblings, but it still provides a pleasant, warm, and bassy sound that becomes even better as the volume is increased. They do not have ANC but have a clear sufficient amount of noise. If we talk of clarity and accuracy, these are even more accurate and do not pretend like entry-level earbuds.

While on the other hand, Soundcore Life P2i has a relatively raw accuracy than its counterpart. This could be a companion for those who prefer classic and rock, jazz music more. Even though these can be adjusted in the Soundcore app. Overall there is nothing much difference, but the bass is high in its counterpart. and treble shines more in it. The ENC is even better because it is so well, while the dual mics are of the same quality.

Price Comparison

ProductAnker Soundcore Life P2iAnker Soundcore Life P2 Mini
Max. Price$39.99$39.99
Min. Price$16.99$19.99
Good to buy under$30$35
Current Price

Wrapping Up: Which is better Soundcore Life P2i vs P2 mini?

With slightly better sound and controls than the comparably priced Soundcore Life P2 mini, the Life P2i is the most versatile and best cheap Soundcore wireless earbuds you can buy. But if you can expand your budget a little bit more, you will get sufficient value in both earbud sets.

In terms of build quality, we see button controls in Soundcore Life P2i that will bother you for sure. Soundcore Life P2 mini is more attractive looking and has battery life indicators with relatively similar features. The connectivity and battery comparison may skip but the sound quality is relatively better in the Soundcore Life P2 mini.

Anker Soundcore Life P2iAnker Soundcore Life P2 Mini

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FAQs Related to Soundcore Life P2i vs P2 mini Comparison

What is dual pairing?

The dual pairing allows you to connect your earphones with two devices at the same time.

Is Dual pairing a necessary feature nowadays?

It totally depends on the user, and how much they prioritize the features.

What is ENC? Does it suck battery?

ENC stands for Environmental Noise Cancellation. It does not have any inbuilt mechanism but the design itself cancels out the outer noises. So it does not affect the battery.

What is monopod mode?

Monopod mode allows you to use both earbuds separately with different devices at the same time.

How Dual mic is better for calling?

Dual mics are used for noise reduction and hence give a clear calling experience.

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