boAt Airdopes 621 vs 441 pro Comparison which is better?

Are you looking for budget wireless earbuds for your earphone needs? If you are, You might be familiar with these two popular earbuds, and you’re probably not sure which one to choose between these two earbuds. To ease your research efforts, we present boAt Airdopes 621 vs 441 Comparison. We believe this will help you make the right choice.

By reading this article you will be able to differentiate between the two and decide which features are worth it to you. There are a lot of features both earbuds offer. We will discuss all the features one by one.

boAt Airdopes 621 vs 441 pro Comparison which is better?

boAt Airdopes 621 vs 441 pro Comparison
ProductboAt Airdopes 441 proboAt Airdopes 621
Model NameAirdopes 441proAirdopes 621
Type of Earphonesin-Earin-Ear
Highlight FactorLong battery lifeLong battery life
Connects withBluetoothBluetooth
Warranty1 Year1 Year
Launch Date14 August 202026 March 2021
Global ratings4⭐ out of 54⭐ out of 5

The main points of comparison include Build Quality, Connectivity, Battery & Charging, Sound Quality, and Price range. Along with these, we will also inform you about the good one and the better one according to different activities.

Build Quality Comparison

ProductboAt Airdopes 441 proboAt Airdopes 621
Built withStrong PlasticStrong Plastic
IPX ratingIPX7IPX7
Battery life IndicatorYesYes
ControlsTouch ControlsTouch Controls
Weight10g for buds, 83g for case6g for buds, 95g for case

First, let us compare the build quality of both earbuds. In boAt Airdopes 621, we get a digital screen for battery life indication. The case is heavy, containing a massive battery and the buds look advanced. The case is a little heavier and the buds are lightweight and have fins for a secure fit into the ears. The build quality is as premium as the product.

On the other side, Airdopes 441 pro has beads-shaped earbuds with an aggressive look. The water-resistant rating is IPX7, and does not feels heavy but are little heavier than Airdopes 621. Though they provide you a secure fit as well. The buds have LED lights around the CTC area which glow when the buds are on. There is not any significant difference in usage but you can use the case as a power bank as well for a short time battery life as it has a USB port as well.

Connectivity Comparison

ProductboAt Airdopes 441 proboAt Airdopes 621
Bluetooth versionv5.0v5.0
Bluetooth range10m10m
I/O PortsType-C port for chargingType-C port for charging
LatencyAs usualAs usual
Dual PairingNoNo
IWP tech.YesYes

In terms of connectivity, we get the exact figures and features. We can say both have a similar approach to connectivity as both were launched too early considering the modern era of earbuds. However, we wish these had some ultra-low latency mode to enjoy some games and dual pairing.

Thankfully, we get IWP technology which connects the earbuds instantly to the paired device when you open the lid.

Battery & Charging Comparison

ProductboAt Airdopes 441 proboAt Airdopes 621
Battery Capacity35mAh for buds; 2500mAh for case35mAh for buds; 2600mAh for case
Playback time5 hrs for buds; 140 hrs for case5.5 hrs for buds; 140 hrs for case
Charging time1 hr for buds; 1.5 hrs for case35 min for buds; 4 hrs for case
Fast chargingNoYes; (60 min charge in 5 min)
Charging PortType-CType-C

From the table above, we can see the difference between the battery life of both earbuds. Airdopes 441 Pro has a massive 35mAh in buds and 2500mAh for cases providing a playback time of 5 hrs and 140 hrs respectively. We will miss the fast charging in this. However, we can use it as a power bank once it is charged fully and it has 4 LEDs showing the remaining battery life.

While on the other hand, we get 35mAh buds and 2600mAh case battery capacity. which provides nearly the same battery life as Airdopes 441 Pro. Yes, we are talking about Airdopes 621, Thankfully we get fast charging in this, and has a digital screen for battery life. We can say that boAt Airdopes 621 is totally dominant in battery and charging.

Sound Comparison

ProductboAt Airdopes 441 proboAt Airdopes 621
Drivers size6mm6mm (Moving Coil)
ImpedanceNot mentioned16Ω+15%
SensitivityNot mentionedNot mentioned
Bass QualityBetterGood

Talking about core sound quality, bass quality, gaming, and calling experience, we expected a change but not that much. We would like to mention, that the sound is exactly the same as in the Airdopes 441 Pro which you can say has improved very little over the boat Airdopes 441. Bass and loudness are similar, calling experiences are similar and gaming is not as suitable as these buds are not for gaming.

Overall we can say, there is no significant difference in terms of sound quality and they have made a decent-looking package with more packed battery life and aggressive and premium looks. Although this case sometimes reminds me of Star Wars.

However, you can get gaming mode in earbuds that are launched in recent

Activities Comparison

ProductboAt Airdopes 441 proboAt Airdopes 621

Price & Price range Comparison

boAt Airdopes 441 pro Price rangeThe maximum price ever seen is Rs 3499/-, while the minimum price ever seen is Rs 2299/-. boAt Airdopes 441 pro is good to buy for under Rs 3000/-.

boAt Airdopes 621 Price range: The maximum price ever seen is Rs 3999/-, while the minimum price ever seen is Rs 1999/-. boAt Airdopes 621 is good to buy for under Rs 3200/-.

ProductboAt Airdopes 441 ProboAt Airdopes 621
Max. Price3499 /-3999 /-
Min. Price2299 /-1999 /-
Good to buy PriceUnder 3000 RsUnder 3200 Rs
Current Price

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In Conclusion, we do not have anything much to say, You can surely go with both according to your budget. However talking about the value for money, boAt Airdopes 621 provides you more value according to its price. It has a stunning design, a premium build, and most importantly massive battery life.

boAt Airdopes 621 vs 441 pro Comparison which is better

Any of these buds are not made for gaming, so it is worthless to buy these for gaming. If you can forgive a little latency, You should pick Airdopes 621. However, if you want a little better battery life, you should pick boAt Airdopes 621 for sure.

boAt Airdopes 441 Pro will give you comfort, secure fit, awesome boAt signature sound, medium bass, and balance. While on the other hand the same is packed in Airdopes 621 too with little more quality.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can fast charging be achieved with a fast charger?

No, Fast charging is an inbuilt feature of the device.

Can we use these earphones with a PC/Laptop?

Yes, the earphones can be connected to any Bluetooth-compatible device.

Which Earbuds are perfect for gym and sports?

boAt Airdopes 621 is lightweight and provides a secure fit into the ears, hence it is better for gym and sports.

How to claim the warranty for boAt Airdopes?

First, register your device on the brand’s website. Dial the phone number provided on the warranty card/ website, and follow the instructions given by the customer support team.

What are the main differences between boat Airdopes 441 and boat Airdopes 281?

The main differences that matters lie in the build quality, design, battery, and sound quality where boAt Airdopes 621 stands dominant.

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