boAt Rockerz 255 max vs Boult Audio Zcharge Comparison which is better?

Are you looking for wireless neckband under the budget range category? boAt has recently introduced their neckband called Rockerz 255 max and one neckband from Boult Audio called Zcharge is already in the market with its stunning looks and features. Both the neckbands are giving stiff competition to each other and in this scenario, we are presenting boAt Rockerz 255 max vs Boult Audio Zcharge comparison so if you have any doubts, you can buy the best one at the easiest.

Earphones are a necessity, Some people prefer earbuds and headphones instead of neckbands, but the good thing about a neckband is that they are available in the market with a number of options and are more affordable than any audio device. These are the first adaptation from earphones when wireless earphones were made.

boAt Rockerz 255 max vs Boult Audio Zcharge comparison which is better?

boAt Rockerz 255 max vs Boult Audio Zcharge
boAt Rockerz 255 max vs Boult Audio Zcharge which is better
ProductboAt Rockerz 255 maxBoult Audio ZCharge
BrandboAtBoult Audio
Model NameRockerz 255 maxZCharge
Type of Earphonesin-Earin-Ear
Highlight FactorLong battery lifeLong battery life
Connects withBluetoothBluetooth
Warranty1 Year1 Year
Launch Date25 February 202330 December 2021
Global ratings4⭐ out of 54⭐ out of 5

Build Quality Comparison

ProductboAt Rockerz 255 maxBoult Audio ZCharge
Built withPlasticSilicone
IPX ratingIPX5IPX5
Magnetic earbudsYesYes
Controls3 buttons & magnetic earpieces3 buttons controls

Looking at the build quality of the new boAt Rockerz 255 max, We receive a lovely neckband that has a body printed with a diamond pattern. The neckband’s design is attractive and pleasing to the sight. With an IPX5 grade for water and sweat resistance, it is comprised of plastic. In addition to acting as a control option, earpieces include magnets that cling together to lock around the neck. If you desire a long battery life, it just weighs about 38g, which is not a lot of weight.

While observing the build quality, we see the silicone chassis in Boult Audio ZCharge Because the neckband has a powerful battery, its weight may disturb you if you use it for an extended period of time. It has an IPX5 rating and is water-resistant. The magnetic earphones on the neckband lock together around your neck, preventing you from falling out of bed. The earpieces’ fins retain them in the ears for a comfortable, adhesive fit.

Connectivity Comparison

ProductboAt Rockerz 255 maxBoult Audio ZCharge
Bluetooth versionBT5.3BT5.2
Bluetooth range10m10m
I/O PortsType-C portType-C port
Dual PairingNoYes

For connectivity, here we can get one-one advanced features in each. boAt Rockerz 255 max has advanced Bluetooth 5.3 over 5.2 in Boult audio Zcharge although it is just because of the launch time, it does not make any practical difference. boAt Rockerz 255 max provides low latency gaming mode or Beast mode in their words, while in Boult audio Zcharge, they offer Dual Pairing. Both of the features are equally useful so here is a tie and you shall decide what is more important for you.

For a quick decision, we can say if you play games on mobile, Rockerz 255 max is better. On the other hand, if you want to listen to songs from your laptop and all of sudden someone calls you on phone, you will not need to disconnect the neckband from your laptop and connect with your phone in order to answer the call from your neckband. The neckband can stay connected to two devices at a given instant time.

Battery & Charging Comparison

ProductboAt Rockerz 255 maxBoult Audio ZCharge
Battery Capacity260mAhNot mentioned
Playback time60 hours40 hours
Charging time1 hour30 min
Fast chargingYes (10 min charge; 10 hours playback)Yes (10 min charge; 15 hours playback)
Charging PortType-CType-C

Here we have a lot of power storage and features in both neckbands but the winner could be one only. boAt Rockerz 255 max stores 260mAh of battery which runs more than 60 hours while Boult Audio Zcharge lasts 40 hours. Both the playtime is enough but for a better side, boAt is better here. Also, Boult is faster in terms of fast charging. Here you again can consider it a tie.

Sound Quality Comparison

ProductboAt Rockerz 255 maxBoult Audio ZCharge
Custom EQsYesNo
Noise CancellationPassive-ENCPassive-ENC
Ambient modeNoNo
Drivers size10mm14.2mm
Bass QualityGoodBetter

The main difference lies in the sound quality and this one is enough to make the right decision. boAt Rockerz 255 max has 10mm dynamic drivers that produce exhilarating bass and melodious vocals. These recent boAt neckbands lack Spatial Bionic sound, which is not a deal-breaker but is usually present in some recent boAt neckbands.

boAt has now released their companion app, dubbed boAt hearables, to let users adjust the sound EQ to their preferences. Even if you’re an audiophile, the sound quality and clarity are exceptional. They lack a mechanism for noise cancellation; instead, ENC performs some functions. Again, though, it is not a deal-breaker because this neckband is quite inexpensive.

While if we see Boult Audio Zcharge they are one step behind in terms of advancements. They do not have any app for EQ customization. For bass, there is more in Boult Audio ZCharge if we talk about the sound quality. The massive 14.2mm drivers exhale vigorous sound booms inside the ears. Like with all Boult Audio neckbands, the bass is very punchy. Even though you’ll like all kinds of music, there are a lot more options if you check out the pop, heavy metal, and electro genres.

When it comes to calling and noise cancellation, the design takes care of everything, and the microphones have a special AI feature to do the same. which, despite its subpar performance, is adequate for the receiver.

Performance comparison

ProductboAt Rockerz 255 maxBoult Audio ZCharge

Price & Price Range comparison

ProductboAt Rockerz 255 maxBoult Audio ZCharge
Max PriceRs 1399/-Rs 1999/-
Min PriceRs 1199/-Rs 1299/-
Good to buy for/underRs 1500/-Rs 1500/-
Current Price

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Final verdict

The final decision is so tough here to make. What boAt Rockerz 255 max lacks, Boult Audio Zcharge completes it and vice versa. What they miss are not needed but site features. The decision thus becomes so tough.

boAt Rockerz 255 max is the winner
boAt Rockerz 255 max – has the shining vibes!

The verdict depends on the customer’s needs. One should be much more clear about the features. However, both neckbands are masterpieces in terms of features and quality. There has never been this much tough competition before.

Starting from build quality, boAt Rockerz 255 max has Magnetic earbuds and controls while Boult audio Zcharge got a silicon body. Both weights and fits comfortably.

In terms of connectivity, One has gaming mode while the other has dual pairing, In terms of battery life, one has longer battery life while the other has faster charging. While in terms of sound, boAt Rockerz 255 max has EQ customization and balance, while Boult Audio Zcharge has better Bass output and loudness.

boAt Rockerz 255 maxBoult Audio ZCharge

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People Also Ask

What is the Beast mode?

Beast mode is a term used for gaming mode in boAt earphones and headphones.

What is dual pairing?

The dual pairing allows you to connect your earphones with two devices at the same time.

Is Dual pairing a necessary feature nowadays?

It totally depends on the user, and how much they prioritize the features.

How to claim the warranty for wireless neckbands?

First, register your device on the brand’s website. Dial the phone number provided on the warranty card/ website, and follow the instructions given by the customer support team.

Which neckband has better sound quality?

The Sound quality of both the neckbands holds a tie. It totally depends on the user’s preference however boAt plays smartly here by providing a companion app for Equalizer customization.

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