DIZO wireless power vs OnePlus Bullets wireless Z2 comparison which is better?

Have your old earphones given up running beside the time? Wired earphones are very hectic to use and people nowadays prefer wireless earphones that have great value and quality. Two such neckbands are DIZO wireless Power and OnePlus Bullets wireless Z2. If you have already seen these two then you might be confused about which one would be better for you. In this article, we are presenting DIZO wireless power vs OnePlus Bullets wireless Z2 comparison so you can easily pick the right one.

By reading this article, you will be able to decide which neckband is better for you to buy. We will compare all the points, goods and bads of the neckband. Like all the audience, we assume your priorities are sound quality, call quality, connectivity, battery life, charging, and, most importantly, durability.

DIZO wireless power vs OnePlus Bullets wireless Z2 comparison which is better?

DIZO wireless power vs OnePlus Bullets wireless Z2 comparison
DIZO wireless power vs OnePlus Bullets wireless Z2 comparison
ProductDIZO Wireless PowerOnePlus Bullets wireless Z2
Model Namewireless PowerBullets wireless Z2
Type of Earphonesin-Earin-Ear
Highlight FactorOverall fantasticOverall fantastic
Connects withBluetoothBluetooth
Warranty1 Year1 Year
Launch Date25 January 20225 April 2022
Global ratings4.2⭐ out of 54⭐ out of 5

The form factor of both neckbands has a huge gap due to the price range. They share the design up to an extent but there is a gap in quality. In this article, we are going to have a look at the Build Quality, Connectivity, Battery, Charging, and Sound quality features. These are the basic features that every buyer cares about.

Build Quality Comparison

ProductDIZO Wireless PowerOnePlus Bullets wireless Z2
Built withStrong PlasticSilicone
IPX ratingIPX4IP55
Magnetic earbudsYesYes
Controls3 buttons & magnetic earpieces3 buttons & magnetic earpieces

The biggest difference between the build quality of both the neckbands in the Material used. OnePlus Bullets wireless Z2 is built with Silicone having an IP55 rating for water resistance and Magnetic smooth controls. The neckband is lightweight and strong enough to be called durable. No doubt about the durability and quality of the OnePlus. The earbuds fit snugly and make you free from the tension of free fall. Yet they feel very premium as with all OnePlus products.

While on the other side, we have DIZO wireless Power which in turn has a classic and simple design. The earbuds have magnetic controls which is excellent at this price range. The neckband is lightweight but both of these neckbands are good for gym and sports. The neckband is made of plastic so there does not seem so much difference. OnePlus here has a better build quality than DIZO but that is not any complaint. They made it water-resistant too with an IPX4 rating.

Connectivity comparison

ProductDIZO Wireless PowerOnePlus Bullets wireless Z2
Bluetooth versionBT5.2BT5.0
Bluetooth range10m10m
I/O PortsType-C portType-C port
Dual PairingNoNo

For connectivity, we got two differences that you will never get to notice. DIZO wireless Power has the latest Bluetooth v5.2 and 88ms low latency which is great for casual gamers. Other than this Both the neckbands lacks Dual pairing which is not that much of a need. The OnePlus Bullets wireless Z2 has Bluetooth v5.0 and 94ms low latency which is inferior but you will enjoy the movies for sure.

Battery & Charging comparison

ProductDIZO Wireless PowerOnePlus Bullets wireless Z2
Battery CapacityNot mentioned220mAh
Playback time18 hours30 hours
Charging time2 hours30 min
Fast chargingYes (10 min charge; 2 hours playback)Yes (10 min charge; 20 hours playback)
Charging PortType-CType-C

Here comes the massive comeback from OnePlus Bullets wireless Z2. The neckband runs 30 hours non-stop with Dash charging which makes the neckband ready for 20 hours in just 10 minutes of charging. This is the fastest ever seen charging in neckbands.

While in DIZO wireless Power, we get 18 hours of playback time with Fast charging which is comparatively slower but decent. The neckband gets ready in 10 minutes for 2 hours of playtime. The charging interface is Type-C in both the neckbands.

Sound quality comparison

ProductDIZO Wireless PowerOnePlus Bullets wireless Z2
Drivers size11.2mm12.4mm
Bass QualityGoodBetter

OnePlus Bullets wireless Z2 is on fire in the final comparison too. The neckband features 12.4mm microwoofers which makes them a game-changer in terms of everything. Be it loudness, clarity, bass, or balance. The neckband is sensational in terms of sound. There might not be much difference in any other terms but the sound quality is significant and it is fantastic. Although we have mentioned the figures in the table that does not give any significant understanding as experience comes through trials. But to talk simply, the OnePlus is great in terms of sound quality.

OnePlus Bullets wireless Z2 neckbands also have an AI-powered Noise Cancellation mechanism that cancels out the external noise while calling giving you a better calling experience.

In DIZO wireless Power, the neckband is more focused on jazzy and classical songs. The bass is not that deep and might feel low if you are a bass lover. The Noise Cancellation in DIZO wireless Power works as well as expected. It is Passive-ENC due to the snug fit of earbuds in the ears.

Performance comparison

ProductDIZO Wireless PowerOnePlus Bullets wireless Z2

Price & Price Range comparison

ProductDIZO Wireless PowerOnePlus Bullets wireless Z2
Max PriceRs 1399/-Rs 1999/-
Min PriceRs 999/-Rs 1899/-
Good to buy for/underRs 1300/-Rs 2000/-
Current Price

DIZO wireless Power Price range: The maximum price ever seen for DIZO wireless Power is Rs 1399/- while the minimum price is Rs 999/-. The earbuds are best to buy for under Rs 1300/-.

OnePlus Bullets wireless Z2 Price range: The highest price ever recorded for OnePlus Bullets wireless Z2 is Rs 1999/- while the lowest one is Rs 1899/-. However, it is best to buy under Rs. 2000/-.

Final verdict

Now coming to the point, which neckband is better to buy? Before we answer this question, we would like to say both neckbands have fantastic feature differences and a price difference as well. DIZO wireless Power might be one or two steps behind in terms of every aspect but it is worth remembering it like a champ. OnePlus Bullets wireless Z2 is still unbeatable.

DIZO wireless power vs OnePlus Bullets wireless Z2 comparison which is better
Here is the better one!

However, if your budget allows only up to DIZO Wireless Power. This neckband also will not disappoint you in terms of value. The sound quality is not as great as in DIZO wireless Dash but it is typical for its budget neckbands. Anyways, you will get to redesign your equalizer with the link app.

The only factor which can be considered better in DIZO wireless Power is the Connectivity. Anyways, you will not get to notice that too. OnePlus Bullets wireless Z2 is a brilliant neckband in terms of everything. Be it Build quality, Connectivity, Battery, Charging, Sound Quality, Performance, or whatever. It is always worth trying this one if the budget allows so.

Buy DIZO Wireless Power

Buy OnePlus Bullets wireless Z2


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People Also Ask

What are the main differences in the DIZO wireless Power vs OnePlus Bullets Wireless Z2 comparison?

The main differences are in-
1. Build Quality- Design, controls, weight
2. Connectivity-Latency, Bluetooth version
3. Battery-Playback time & Fast charging
4. Audio-Sound balance and loudness.
5. Price range

Is Dual pairing a necessary feature nowadays?

It totally depends on the user, and how much they prioritize the features.

Is Bluetooth v5.0 too old now?

Considering the newest version 5.2, Bluetooth v5.0 does the job perfectly, so it is not old.

Which neckband is perfect for gaming?

DIZO wireless Power has a low latency mode and balanced clear sound, hence it is better for gaming.

Which neckband is perfect for gym and sports?

Both the neckbands are lightweight and provide a secure fit into the ears, hence it is better for gym and sports.

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