5 Ways to Fix boAt Airdopes One Side not Working: Left or Right Earbud

The boAt is one of the leading audio wearable brands in India. The brand which has more exposure must have some issues too. So we have a common problem which is boAt Airdopes one side not Working.

In this guide, we have written a detailed guide on how you can fix boAt Airdopes one side earbud not working be it the left or right earbud.

The common issue related to one side earbuds not working

You may face such kind of issue once when you use boAt Airdopes and then you keep looking for the solution on the internet. The common issue which you may face has been given below.

  1. boAt Airdopes One Side not charging
  2. boAt Airdopes one side low volume
  3. boAt Airdopes one side not connecting
  4. If earbuds disconnect during the phone call
  5. If there are other exceptions in usage

How to Fix boAt Airdopes One Side not Working?

If your boAt Airdopes left or right earbuds not working then you can perform the given below troubleshooting steps for fixing your boAt earbuds.

How to Fix boAt Airdopes One Side not Working
How to Fix boAt Airdopes One Side not Working

1. Inspect the Charging Components

You can start the troubleshooting process for fixing the one-side earbud not working issue by inspecting the charging components. The charging components include a charging adapter and charging cable which need to be inspected thoroughly whether they are damaged or not.

If any one of the two components is damaged then you need to replace the damaged one with a newer one so that the charging process works well for boAt Airdopes.

2. Charge the boAt Airdopes

Sometimes minor ignorance can do wrong with boAt Airdopes such as when you have not charged the boat earbuds sufficiently. To avoid the issue of one side not working, you should charge the earbuds and then check whether your earbuds working properly or not.

3. Clean the Earbuds Charging Pin

Both charging case and earbuds have charging pins which should be cleaned regularly when you see any extra layer of dust or anything else.

You can clean it by using tissue paper or a soft cloth. After cleaning, you can check whether the one-side earbud not working issue has been resolved or not.

It may help you to fix the issue which you are facing.

4. Pair and Unpair the Earbuds

You should try these Pair and Unpair earbuds troubleshooting steps. First of all, you can turn off Bluetooth and earbuds. Now again turn on the Bluetooth and earbuds to connect with the media devices.

It may work. If it works for you then comment below to tell us that it works for you.

5. Reset the boAt Airdopes

The factory reset gets the earbuds back to the initial configuration as the first time when you bought them. This is the crucial troubleshooting steps that can surely resolve the issue most of the time.

The process for resetting boAt Airdopes may differ from model to model of boat Airdopes which you can check in the user manual guide.

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How to Factory Reset boAt Airdopes 141?

Manual reset

Note: Before resetting, go to settings and forgot your device from your phone/Laptop.

  • Take out the earbuds from the case.
  • Tap the touch sensor 5 times in pairing mode then a solid LED will blink for 2 seconds to indicate a successful reset.
  • Put the earbuds back in the charging case and establish a fresh connection with your phone/Laptop.

Note: The same way of factory reset that you can do for boAt Airdopes 172.

Auto Reset

  • The boAt Airdopes 141 will automatically auto-reset when earbuds are placed in the charging case and the lid gets opened.

How to reset boAt Airdopes 131?

Here are the steps for resetting boAt Airdopes 131

Step 1: First of all, let the buds remain inside the charging case.

Step 2: Open the Charging case lid.

Step 3: Three-time tap the sensor and the red and blue LED flashes alternately when the factory reset is done.

Step 4: Close the charging case lid and reopen it.

Step 5: Take out the earbud from the case and they automatically restart.

Note: The same way of factory reset that you can do for boAt Airdopes 441 Pro, Airdopes 441, and Airdopes 121v2.

You can also check the boAt Airdopes 131 User Manual.

What if the boAt Earbuds is still not working

If you have followed all the above troubleshooting steps and your boAt Airdopes is still not working then the most probable thing that happened with your earbuds is related to a hardware issue. So you need to contact the boAt Service center or go to the support page. And you may get help there.

Wrapping Up

This was the detailed guide on how you can fix the boAt Airdopes not working issue by following proven methods. You can implement all the troubleshooting steps except the reset process for all boAt Airdopes because the factory reset process may differ from model to model of boat earbuds.

If you like this post and help you to fix your boAt Airdopes then do comment below the way which helps you to fix your boat earbuds.

In the end, we have also prepared the best boAt Airdopes in the previous post that you should check.

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