JLab JBuds Air vs Skullcandy Sesh Evo which is better?

Are you looking for wireless earbuds for in budget segment? These two sets of earbuds are most popular among the young generation these days. One is on the balance mode while another is high on bass. You might be curious to know which one is better among these two in terms of value, If you are, Please check our replies on the JLab JBuds air vs Skullcandy Sesh Evo which is better.

Here we see that both of these are beasts in the budget ranged earbuds, If you are looking to buy any of these, this article will be helpful for you. We will discuss the build quality, Sound quality, Connectivity, Battery, and charging features and will conclude which one will be more beneficiary for you.

JLab JBuds Air vs Skullcandy Sesh Evo which is better
JLab JBuds Air vs Skullcandy Sesh Evo which is better

Build & Design: JLab JBuds air vs Skullcandy Sesh Evo

ProductJLab Jbuds airSkullcandy Sesh Evo
Type of Earphonesin-Earin-Ear
DesignBeads shapedBeads shaped
Built withPremium PlasticPremium Plastic
IPX ratingIP55IP55
Battery life IndicatorYesYes
ControlsButton controlsTouch controls
Weighs5.4g earbuds; 54g case63.5g

The JLab Audio JBuds Air are completely wireless earbuds that are all black. The firm logo is engraved on both of their center touch buttons. Additionally, they have an IP55 rating for water and dust resistance. Particularly the plasticky lid, the charging case has a faintly cheaper feel about it. You’ll need to purchase a replacement case if the built-in charging cord breaks. Although they have buttons, these operate so nicely with commands.

While on the other side, the Skullcandy Sesh Evo has a simplistic design, passable comfort, exceptional portability, and a passable tactile control layout. These are well constructed. The buds and case feel very strong despite having an all-plastic build that doesn’t seem particularly high-end and should withstand a few minor drops and bumps. Additionally, the buds have an IP55 rating for water and dust protection.

Here we see Skullcandy Sesh Evo as a bright option in terms of build and design.

Connectivity Comparison

ProductJLab Jbuds airSkullcandy Sesh Evo
Bluetooth versionv5.0v5.0
Bluetooth range30 Feet30 Feet
I/O PortsUSB Type-AUSB Type-C
Wireless ChargingNoNo
Wired ChargingYesYes
Multi-device connectionNoNo
Instant PairingYesYes

Looking at the connectivity features, we got the same performance in both earbuds, we do not see anything better in terms of connectivity. Both the earbuds pairs instantly with the device, when you open the lid and are already connected once before. The Bluetooth version of both may be questioned for being so old even though they work fine. JLab comes with an integrated cable for charging which should not be a problem but not an advantage, as Skullcandy’s cable is detachable.

Battery & Charging Comparison

ProductJLab Jbuds airSkullcandy Sesh Evo
Battery Capacity60mAh for earbuds; 500mAh for caseNot mentioned
Playback time6hrs for earbuds; 18 hours for the case5hrs for earbuds; 19 hours for the case
Charging time2 hrs2hrs
Rapid chargingNoYes (10 min charging = 2 hrs playtime)
Charging PortUSB Type-AUSB Type-C

Skullcandy Sesh Evo comes with a little better battery life and most important and useful Rapid charging, so here Skullcandy wins over JLab. Although the battery life of both the brands mentioned here is quite similar to how long these last, it shall not be an issue. The fast charging of Skullcandy Sesh Evo works flawlessly and charges the earbuds for 2 hours in just 10 minutes of rest inside the case.

Sound & Call Quality Comparison

ProductJLab Jbuds airSkullcandy Sesh Evo
Drivers size8mm6mm
Bass QualityGoodBetter
Noise CancellationPassive-ENCPassive-ENC
Mic QualityGoodBetter

The sound profile of the Skullcandy Sesh Evo is heavily bass-focused. For genres like EDM and hip-hop, they produce a strong thump, rumble, and boom.

Fortunately, they feature three different EQ presets you can use to customize them. They have Bass Accuracy which is Okay. However, some users can discover that their sound muddies and darkens main instruments and vocals. The effectiveness of passive noise isolation is excellent. The microphone is high-quality, sensitive, and clear enough to be marketed.

While talking of JLab Jbuds Air, They have a very bass-heavy sound profile. Hip-hop and EDM fans will be delighted by the resonant bass, while others may find the mixes to be overly boomy and muddy. The treble is a touch uneven as well, and its peaks can make cymbals and other bright, even piercing, sounds. These are unable to convey the clarity of EDM music due to poor bass accuracy. These are appropriate for classical genres because of the good treble precision. According to the design, the passive noise isolation is adequate, and the mic quality is crisp and clear.

Skullcandy wins in terms of Sound quality and Noise isolation.

Price Comparison

ProductJLab Jbuds airSkullcandy Sesh Evo
Max. Price$64.97$140.40
Min. Price$16.97$19.10
Good to buy underUnder $40.00Under $50.00
Current Price

Wrapping Up: Which is better JLab Jbuds air vs Skullcandy Sesh Evo?

The JLab Audio JBuds Air are reasonably reliable and comfy true wireless earphones. Overall, the treble is uneven and they have a lot of basses. Although they lack a companion app to alter their sound profile, they feature three preinstalled EQs. Compared to the time required to charge them, their battery life is also extremely short. However, their case includes 10 more charges in addition to a built-in USB charging cord.

The Skullcandy Sesh Evo True Wireless headphones are reasonably priced. Despite having a straightforward design, they feel sturdy and are capable of blocking out a sizable amount of ambient noise. They have a few built-in EQ presets to help you tune their sound, however, some users may feel that they sound rather muddy. Unfortunately, despite the fact that its case can carry three more charges, it is about 4.7-hour continuous battery life might not be sufficient to get you through the day.

Skullcandy Sesh Evo is better
Skullcandy Sesh Evo is better

If you ask us for a better option, we would recommend Skullcandy Sesh Evo without any further thoughts, The reason is the Design, Sound, Build, And most importantly, the brand value.

JLab JBuds AirSkullcandy Sesh Evo

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FAQs Related to JLab Jbuds air vs Skullcandy Sesh Evo Comparison

Which earbuds are better for sports and the Gym?

Whether you talk of secure it, Sweat resistance, or sound quality, Skullcandy Sesh Evo is better for sports and the gym.

Which earbuds are better in terms of Brand value?

Skullcandy is worldwide known and has better brand value.

Which earbuds have better build quality?

Although both earbuds are similar in terms of build quality and durability, you get a better and more modern design in Skullcandy Sesh Evo.

Is Bluetooth v5.0 too old to buy these days?

As per the current situation, The latest version is BT5.3 so it could be older, but makes no difference in terms of connectivity. It matters if these had some low latency modes.

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