JLab JBuds Air vs JLab Go Air Pop Comparison which is better?

Are you looking for some truly wireless earbuds with exceptional sound and features under budget? You are very likely to come across these two awesome earbuds from JLab. And probably you are here to find out which one is better in terms of use. So here is our review and JLab JBuds Air vs JLab Go Air Pop Comparison to answer your doubts about these two pairs of earbuds.

Wireless earbuds are a kind of vogue and trend these days. In such cases, if you look for earbuds, even under budget categories there are plenty of options available. This makes the decision a little tricky. However, If you want to know about quality in earbuds under $50, these are generally entry-level and are suitable for teenagers. For audiophiles and professionals, higher price ranges are recommended.

JLab JBuds air vs JLab Go Air Pop which is better
JLab JBuds air vs JLab Go Air Pop which is better

Build & Design Comparison

ProductJLab Jbuds airJLab Go air pop
Type of Earphonesin-Earin-Ear
DesignBeads shapedBeads shaped
Built withPremium PlasticPremium Plastic
IPX ratingIP55IPX4
Battery life IndicatorYesNo
ControlsButton controlsTouch controls
Weighs5.4g earbuds; 54g case4g earbuds; 28.5g case

In JLab Jbuds Air, plastic is used throughout, from the charging case to the earbuds themselves. Although this devalues the appearance and feel, it also helps control costs and enables the IP55 durability certification. For those with large ears, the size may be an issue because these do not fit as well. Since each earbud weighs only 6g, little ears won’t be concerned. You will be thankful for battery life indicator LEDs and may not like button controls. Button controls are good but it is an old kind of thing these days.

While in JLab Go air pop, You will get touch controls and an IPX4 rating for waterproofing. The earbuds are light and suitable for big ears too. The material used is the same and this is all that matters in terms of durability. Build-wise, you may consider JLab Go air pop is one step ahead.

Build Design of JLab JBuds Air and JLab Go Air Pop
Build Design of JLab JBuds Air and JLab Go Air Pop

Connectivity Comparison

ProductJLab Jbuds airJLab Go air pop
Bluetooth versionv5.0v5.1
Bluetooth range30 Feet30 Feet
I/O PortsUSB Type-AUSB Type-A
Wireless ChargingNoNo
Wired ChargingYesYes
Multi-device connectionNoYes
Instant PairingYesYes

If you see the connectivity features, here also we get two major differences. First of all the Bluetooth version is newer in JLab Go air pop. Another difference is dual pairing which allows you to connect the earbuds with two devices at the same time and switch to any device instantly. This could be useful while listening to music on a laptop and answering a call on the phone immediately.

While on the other hand, in JLab Jbuds air, as you can check in the table, dual pairing is missing and the Bluetooth version is 5.0 which is acceptable but only at a reasonable price difference.

Battery & Charging Comparison

ProductJLab Jbuds airJLab Go air pop
Battery Capacity60mAh for earbuds; 500mAh for case40mAh for earbuds; 350mAh for case
Playback time6hrs for earbuds; 18 hours for the case8hrs for earbuds; 24 hours for the case
Charging time2 hrs2 hrs
Rapid chargingNoNo
Charging PortUSB Type-AUSB Type-A

For JLab Jbuds air, they mentioned that the earbuds last 6 hours, it depends on the volume settings too. So in our tests, you can expect 5 hours at optimum volumes. The case can refuel the earbuds thrice. Although it is strange that they have a charging cable with a USB Type-A plug. You can connect the case to your PC or a USB adapter to charge the case. And within 2 hours you will get the case charged fully.

The same procedure applies to JLab Go air pop for charging, the only difference between these two earbuds is of the battery life of the earbuds and the storage capacity of the case. The earbuds last more than 7 hours and the case can refuel the earbuds thrice.

Sound & Call Quality Comparison

ProductJLab Jbuds airJLab Go air pop
Drivers size8mm6mm
Bass QualityBetterGood
Noise CancellationPassive-ENCPassive-ENC
Mic QualityBetterGood

The sound profile of JLab Jbuds air features the flattest EQ, resulting in a sound profile that is heavy on the bass. Mixes are better suited to genres like EDM and hip-hop since they have more thump, punch, and boom. The remainder of the answer is rather well-balanced. The earbuds have acceptable noise isolation potencies. They passively isolate you from some bass range. While the mic quality is not too good, and kind of decent.

While on another side, JLab Go air pop keeps you energized, but clarity and intermediate frequency perception suffer. The sound quality is suitable if you only plan to use these on trails or in the gym. However, if you want the JLab JBuds Air to be a jack-of-all-trades device, you should look into some more options.

Price Comparison

ProductJLab Jbuds airJLab Go air pop
Max. Price$64.97$24.99
Min. Price$16.97$8.86
Good to buy under$40.00$25.00
Current Price

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Wrapping Up

The JLab Jbuds air TWS Bluetooth earphones are average in quality. The only thing that distinguishes them from other earbuds is the built-in charging wire in their carrying case. These headphones’ battery life is also inferior to that of their other truly wireless rivals. For Sound quality, these are considered great, However, there are other rivals too.

While for JLab Go air pop, Travel, and commuting are both suitable. They fit reasonably well, are portable thanks to the included little case, and are generally pleasant. Their case stores around three more charges, so you can top them off if the battery runs out while you’re on the go. Its 9-hour battery life is excellent to get you through an extended playlist. Unfortunately, they lack ANC and struggle to cancel out the low grumbles. Even though they scarcely leak any audio, so your music shouldn’t irritate passengers on the bus.

JLab Go Air Pop Buds and Case
JLab Go Air Pop Buds and Case

If you ask us for the better option, we would go with JLab Go air pop for modern-day earphones. These it well according to people’s needs and price value.

JLab Jbuds airJLab Go air pop

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