TOZO T6 vs T10 Comparison Which is better & Newer?

Have you stuck to choosing one between tozo t6 and tozo 10? Are you not able to decide which one to buy for yourself? Do you keep searching the tozo t6 vs t10 comparison for the know better one and which is newer?

We are here for you to present the all area of both tws earbuds in front of you so that you can make the decision on your own. We touch every aspect of both earbuds such as build & design, connectivity, battery & charging performance, sound & call quality, and price. By the way, TOZO T6 is the newer one and we will know further in this post which one is better.

I found that many of you are searching on google for which is better tozo t6 or t10. So we decided to write on this for you after trying and testing with first-hand experience.

Analyzing the TOZO T6 vs T10 Comparison
TOZO T6 vs T10 Comparison

Build & Design Comparison

ProductTOZO T6TOZO T10
Type of Earphonein-Earin-Ear
Design of EarbudsBeads/ Pearl ShapeBeads/ Pearl Shape
Built withPremium Plastic with a matte finishPremium Plastic with a matte finish
IPX ratingIPX8IPX8
Battery life IndicatorFour LED on Case (Outside)Four LED on Case (Inside)
ControlsMFB Touch PanelMFB Touch Panel
Weight4.6g earbuds3.7g earbuds

TOZO T6 has in-Ear Beads shape earbuds with a matte finish suitcase shape charging case. The fingerprints do not visible on the matte finish body so this is the good part. The earbuds have a piano on the top finish which removes the scratches and has 5 pairs of rubber earplugs which are a great thing for those who don’t get fit earbuds so they can try one by one out of five pairs of rubber earplugs and check which one suits them. It has a smooth MFB touch panel on the earbuds and is IPX8 rated for water/ sweat resistance for both earbuds and charging case and which means you can enjoy it in rain or during bath time. The battery indicator LED is outside the case and the earbuds are heavier than the TOZO T10.

If we talk about TOZO T10. It has same earbuds as TOZO T6 but is more lightweight than TOZO T6 and if you see the charging case that is pill style shape. It has a battery LED light Indicator inside the case which can be seen when the charging flap close because the charging case Flap of TOZO T10 has made of transparent thin plastic, Which means you can get an idea of how much is there battery left without the opening the flap of a case. Apart from that, all are the same as TOZO T6 in the build & design parts.

At the end of the build and design part, we found that the main difference is that the shape of the case and the earbuds of TOZO T10 is more lightweight than TOZO T6.

Connectivity Comparison

ProductTOZO T6TOZO T10
Bluetooth versionv5.3v5.3
Bluetooth range30 Feet30 Feet
Charging PortsMicro USB TypeUSB Type-C
Wireless ChargingYesYes
Wired ChargingYesYes
Multiple Connect at a timeYesYes
One Step PairingYesYes

After testing and looking at specifications for both the earbuds be it TOZO T6 or TOZO T10, both are the same but the difference is of charging port. TOZO T6 has a Micro USB Type whereas TOZO T10 has USB Type-C charging port and USB Type C is fast charging support means USB Type is faster in charging than Micro USB.

Showing Micro USB in TOZO T6 vs Type C USB in TOZO T10
Micro USB in TOZO T6 (Left) vs Type C USB in TOZO T10 (Right)

In this connectivity part, you have reached your conclusion that TOZO T10 is a winner here.

Battery & Charging Performance Comparison

ProductTOZO T6TOZO T10
Battery Capacity55mAh for buds, 600mAh for caseNot Mentioned
Playback time6 hrs for buds; 24 hrs for case6 hrs for buds; 24 hrs for case
Charging time2 hrs by wireless and 1 hr with Micro cable for case2 hrs by wireless and 1.5 hrs with USB C cable for case
Charging PortMicro USBType-C

Clearly, you can see the difference in the above table. The battery playback time is the same for both but the charging port is the difference where you get that TOZO T10 is faster than TOZO T6 in charging. Because the TOZO T10 has a USB type C charging port that supports fast charging.

Sound & Call Quality Comparison

ProductTOZO T6TOZO T10
Drivers size6mm8mm
Bass QualityGoodBetter

After listening to music, watching movies & shows, editing video, phone calls, and video calls in both the earbuds one by one.

In TOZO T6, we found no issue related to audio and call quality under $30. The vocal, treble, bass, and balance sound is great under this range of USD 30. During calls, it got impressed with the calling quality too.

For TOZO T10, delivers the best sound and calls with balanced sound, bass-boosted sound, and loudness for under $30 Dollar. And when we compare both earbuds, we found the TOZO T10 is a little bit better than TOZO T6 in sound & call quality.

Price Comparison

ProductTOZO T6TOZO T10
Highest Price$32.99$29.99
Lowest Price$21.23$22.08
Good to buy underUnder $25Under $30
Current Price

Wrapping Up: Which is better TOZO T6 or TOZO T10?

There is cut-throat competition between each other when we compare each other. In the end, we have reached the final conclusion that the TOZO T10 is stronger than TOZO T6 in sound and battery performance areas. So if you want to choose one then we recommend TOZO T10 for under $30.

You can also go with the TOZO T6 earbuds if you get them for under USD 25. Because the TOZO under $25 is great to deal with and worth it for good specifications.



FAQs Related to TOZO T6 vs T10 Comparison

Which is better TOZO T6 or TOZO T10?

TOZO T10 is better.

Which is the newer TOZO T6 or TOZO T10?

TOZO T6 is the newer one.

Does TOZO T10 have noise cancellation?

No, TOZO T10 has no noise cancellation.

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