TOZO NC9 vs NC9 Plus Which is better?

Are you having trouble deciding which of these two excellent earbuds to purchase? When it comes to earphones, especially those made by TOZO, it may be messy at times. Their affordable creatures have eaten up the entire market. Most likely, you’re here to choose between these two. Our article could be helpful in that regard. Here is our TOZO NC9 vs NC9 Plus Comparison, so that you can choose the best one!

We discovered that many people look for earbuds in a variety of price levels. The most popular brand in searches under $50 is TOZO. So, we selected the TOZO earbuds from the list and began evaluating them in terms of their design, connectivity, sound quality, battery life, and charging capabilities. You will learn which of these two is superior by reading this. The quick response is TOZO NC9 Plus.

TOZO NC9 vs NC9 Plus Which is better?

TOZO NC9 vs NC9 Plus which is better
TOZO NC9 vs NC9 Plus which is better

Build & Design Comparison

ProductTOZO NC9TOZO NC9 Plus
Type of Earphonesin-Earin-Ear
DesignBeads shapedBeads shaped
Built withPremium Plastic with a matte finishPremium Plastic with a matte finish
IPX ratingIPX6IPX6
Battery life IndicatorYesYes
ControlsTouch controlsTouch controls
Weighs4.6 ounces11.3 ounces

The TOZO NC9 is mostly comprised of matte plastic with an outside ring of glossy plastic. They are spherical and somewhat hefty in appearance. The TOZO NC9 is constructed well. The majority of them are composed of plastic, with glossy plastic on the inside and matte plastic on the outside. We don’t currently test the buds for water resistance, although they are rated IPX6. They feel rather sturdy overall, however, the earbud tips could be a weak point. The controls function well. To convert between ANC mode and Transparency Mode, tap the left bud once.

TOZO NC9 and TOZO NC9 Plus Build and Design
TOZO NC9 and TOZO NC9 Plus Build and Design

On the other hand, The Plus version is a little more modern and stylish. The digital battery life indicator tells you how much power is still remaining, in the most accurate way possible. The build quality is quite similar to NC9 but the case is way heavier and bigger. If you can have these, the experience is going to be fantastic without any regret. You will forget how much you spent. The differences are mentioned in the table above.

TOZO NC9 Plus Build and Design
TOZO NC9 Plus Build and Design

Connectivity Comparison

ProductTOZO NC9TOZO NC9 Plus
Bluetooth versionv5.0v5.0
Bluetooth range30 Feet30 Feet
I/O PortsUSB Type-CUSB Type-C
Wireless ChargingNoYes
Wired ChargingYesYes
Multi-device connectionYesYes
Instant PairingYesYes

Talking of connectivity features, we get Bluetooth v5.0 in both sets, which can capture the device up to 10 meters or 30 feet. The latency in both of these is quite high for gaming but okay for video streaming and music. Apart from that, You can not connect these with an Aux cable. You get a USB type-C port for Charging purposes. The only difference in terms of connectivity is the USB A slot for reverse charging in TOZO NC9 Plus and wireless charging.

Battery & Charging Comparison

ProductTOZO NC9TOZO NC9 Plus
Battery Capacity70mAh for earbuds, 450mAh for case70mAh for earbuds, 2500mAh for case
Playback time10hrs for buds; 32 hrs for case10hrs for buds; 160 hrs for case
Charging time2 hrs2 hrs
Charging PortType-CType-C

The battery performance of the TOZO NC9 is below average. The company claims an eight-hour continuous battery life when using ANC, they only managed to last slightly longer than six hours. Additionally, one earbud may be used while the other charges, which is convenient.

Other than this, In the Plus version, we can say it is a power bank associated. It works in reverse charging too. As per the tests, the earbuds last more than 8 hours and the case itself can live up to 3 weeks without charging. If not used as a power bank.

Sound & Call Quality Comparison

ProductTOZO NC9TOZO NC9 Plus
Drivers size9.2mm9.2mm
Bass QualityGoodBetter
Noise CancellationANC with Transparency modeANC with Transparency mode
Mic QualityGoodBetter

The sound from the TOZO NC9 is a little bit intriguing. The bass precision is respectable. The entire spectrum is overemphasized along with adequate treble accuracy resulting in deep thump, rumble, and punch in your mixes— perfect for EDM lovers. The headphones perform admirably. There is noticeable noise suppression while using ANC and Transparency mode. The ANC and ”Transparency Mode,” which is promised to let in some background noise while blocking out others, may be switched between. While the recording mic quality is decent.

If we talk of TOZO NC9 Plus, The Equaliser settings are the same. But it just got a little louder and powered bass despite having the same driver’s size. Active Noise cancellation has the same potency as Transparency mode. The mic quality is significantly clear.

Price Comparison

ProductTOZO NC9TOZO NC9 Plus
Max. Price$79.99$79.99
Min. Price$33.99$63.98
Good to buy under$40$70
Current Price

Wrapping Up: Which is better TOZO NC9 vs NC9 Plus?

If we look at both sets of earbuds separately, The TOZO NC9 is suitable for both travel and commuting. They can filter out bass-heavy background noises as well as the sounds of people conversing nearby because of their ANC feature. For sound quality, you will not regret it. Although its continuous battery life isn’t the best for extended aircraft journeys, its in-ear style is incredibly portable, and its portable charging case makes it simple to charge when you’re on the road.

While there is something similar in terms of sound quality in NC9 Plus. Buildwise, You can trust both for their durability. The highlighting factor is the long battery life and the digital battery life indicator. But the question arises, is the Plus version worth spending as twice much as NC9? The answer is a big Yes! Not just because of the long battery and the battery life indicator but it also got the transparency mode better with better potency of ANC along with sound quality. And this is what most people look for nowadays.


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FAQs Related to TOZO NC9 vs NC9 Plus Comparison

Which headphones have better build quality?

Although both of these have similar build quality, the properties may differ according to weight and size. TOZO NC9 Plus is better overall.

Which headphones are better for bass output?

TOZO NC9 Plus has splendid bass and balance output gets observed in EDM tracks. While TOZO NC9 has a little less but optimum bass. So, TOZO NC9 Plus is better.

Which headphones are better for Noise cancellation?

Both the headphones come with Active Noise cancellation with Transparency mode. However NC9 Plus has better Noise cancellation potencies and quick response in transparency mode.

Can we custom Equalizer settings in earbuds?

No, There is no Equalizer app available for TOZO earbuds.

Can we connect these headphones to a PC or laptop?

The headphones can be connected to any Bluetooth-compatible device.

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