How to reset TOZO A1 Earbuds: Step-by-Step Guide

In this guide, you will know how to reset tozo A1 Earbuds here. You can perform a reset in tozo A1 earbuds when the earbuds are not working properly. I will cover this topic here for you.

When I bought this earbud, I faced a problem that one earbud was not working then I try to reset and after performing a reset, the earbuds are working fine now.

How to reset TOZO A1 Earbuds
How to reset TOZO A1 Earbuds

Why do you need to reset the TOZO A1?

The need of resetting the TOZO A1 earbuds happens when you face any issue while operating. To troubleshoot the issue, you have to perform a reset. Below is some common issue that requires resetting to resolve the issue.

  • If only one earbud is working.
  • If the earbud is fail to pair.
  • If MFB touch not working
  • Or any other issue, try to reset.

How to perform a factory reset in TOZO A1 Earbuds?

Here is a step-by-step process given to perform a reset in TOZO A1 earbuds.

Step First: You have to turn off the Bluetooth and forget the TOZO A1 records on your device.

Step Second: Now take out both earbuds from the case and tap the MFB touch area 5 times. When the red lights flash for a second, the reset has been completed successfully.

Step Third: Now you have to put the earbuds into the case and close the case lid. Again reopen the case and reconnect the earbuds with a fresh connection.

Note: If your device displays [connection failed]. Please delete all [TOZO A1] pairing history and pair again.

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Wrapping Up

From now, if you have any issue related to operating the tozo A1 earbuds, you can perform a reset tozo A1 earbuds to troubleshoot. If you are still in any doubt, you can comment below in the comment box or tweet with #GuideFolder.

Source: TOZO A1 True Wireless Stereo User Manual

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