Noise Flair neckband wireless earphones Review: Price, Specifications

Are you fed up with your old neckband controls and want to upgrade your lifestyle? Noise introduces yet another upgrade in its smartest step in the neckband category. It’s been a long time since Bluetooth neckband earphones hit the market that we haven’t seen any upgrades in technology. Thus Noise took the first step and launched the smartest neckband out of all neckbands called Noise Flare. So here we are presenting Noise Flair neckband wireless earphones Review for you guys.

Although Noise took their project to the next level, they are offering their product at a very competitive price. And this raises the question of whether this is really a good neckband earphone to buy or is it just the best on paper?

Here in this article, we will tell you all the cool features of Noise flair Bluetooth earphones which make them the smartest of all neckbands. Along with this, will also clarify the shortcomings which Noise was unable to fill.

Noise Flair neckband wireless earphones Review

Noise Flair neckband wireless earphones Review
Noise Flair neckband wireless earphones Review

About Noise Flair neckband

Unlike usual neckbands, Noise made a jump and introduces Noise flair with some advanced-level features. Launched in May 2021, Noise flair does not feel so new but not so outdated launch either. both earpieces are equipped with magnets that combine together to turn off the earphones. And when you pull both apart, the device turns on and connects rapidly with your paired device. The Noise flair is the first neckband that comes with touch controls in the neckband family. Probably this is the most impressive feature for buyers.

Noise Flair neckband wireless earphone Specifications

ModelFlair Wireless Earphones
Headphone Typein-ear
Introductory Price in India₹1,799
Inline RemoteYes
Driver Size (mm)10mm x 2
Bluetooth Versionv5.0
Bluetooth range10m
Charging time0.66 hrs
Charging InterfaceType-C
Battery Life35hrs

Noise Flair Neckband Pros & Cons


  • Amazing battery life
  • boosted bass
  • Touch control
  • Fast charging
  • Good microphone
  • IPX5


  • The old design of the earpiece
  • Discomfort while long use
  • Average treble note

Noise flair Touch Controls

Noise Flair Controls
Noise Flair Controls

Noise introduces touch controls technology to the Noise flair neckband. It has a touch area right at the noise sign. You can control your device as instructed below :

Pause/Play the MusicTap once on the CTC area
Next TrackTap twice on the CTC area
Previous TrackTap thrice on the CTC area
Answer the callTap once on the CTC area
Deny the callTouch and hold the CTC area
End the callTap twice on the CTC area
Wake the AssistantsTouch and hold the CTC area
Volume controlsNot Available

Noise Flair neckband wireless earphones Price history on Amazon

  • Noise Flair neckband wireless earphone Lowest Price – 1499 Rupees
  • Noise Flair neckband wireless earphone highest price – 1799 Rupees

Noise Flair Review

Noise Flair Review
Noise Flair Neckband Review

Although Noise flair is a good earphone on paper, to clarify its goodness, we will analyze this device point by point about what Noise claims vs what actually delivers.

Sound Quality: Sound quality is balanced mids and vocals are crystal clear and bass is also balanced not low bass best under the price range overall this product is good for calls and music lovers.

Touch controls: The touch controls are impressive and responsive. You will not find any complaint about that, However, Volume controls are missing which is a drawback for sure.

Battery Life: Noise claims 36 Hours of long battery backup earphone, However, it lasts up to 30 Hours at average volume settings.

Value for Money: As Noise is offering plenty of new features, it is value for money, but all the features need to be improved.

Build Quality: Build quality is Smooth However Band quality feels like plastic on the neck and becomes uncomfortable many times.

Earpiece: The earpiece is heavy and causes ear pain while long use, also the quality of the earpiece wire needs improvement.

Final Words

Taking all things into consideration, Noise flair is a quite good package under 1799 Rs. but it lacks somewhere in the implementation. It offers exclusive features but comes with drawbacks that can not be ignored like the discomfort while wearing the earpiece. The earphone is definitely not made for bass lovers but for normal users. So We recommend skipping this device and waiting for Noise to make its improvements. However, if you do not use the earphones for a longer time, you should buy these earphones without any doubt as all the drawbacks come out when used for a long time.

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What is the Swiftcaller feature?

Swiftcaller technology vibrates the earphones during incoming calls rings.

Which charger can be used to charge Noise flair?

Any Smartphone charges (max up to 18 watts) can be used to charge Noise flair.

What is dual pairing?

Dual Pairing technology allows the user to connect the earphone with two devices at the same time. so users can play two tracks from different devices without switching.

How to control volume with Noise Flair?

Volume controls are missing in the Noise flair. However, you can adjust the volume with the device.

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