TOZO T10 vs TOZO T12 Which is better Comparison, Review, Difference

Are you looking for a detailed comparison guide on Tozo T10 vs Tozo T12? What is the difference between Tozo T10 and Tozo 12 Truly Wireless Earbuds? Do you want to know which is better Tozo T10 or T12?

According to our testing and research, we have found a better one for you in this comparison guide. We have analyzed based on build quality, connectivity, battery & charging performances, sound & call quality, and price overview.

Let’s start comparing both earbuds for you to find a better one.

TOZO T10 vs TOZO T12 which is better
TOZO T10 vs TOZO T12 which is better

Build & Design: Tozo T10 vs T12

ProductTOZO T10TOZO T12
Type of Earphonein-Earin-Ear
Design of EarbudsBeads/ Pearl ShapeBeads/ Pearl Shape
Built withPremium Plastic with a matte finishPremium Plastic with a matte & glossy finish
IPX ratingIPX8IPX8
Battery life IndicatorFour LEDs Inside the Charging CaseDigital battery Indicator Inside the case
ControlsMFB Touch PanelMFB Touch Panel
Weight3.7g Single earbud, 67.8g case6.4g single earbud, 54.3g case

Firstly talking about the TOZO T10 Truly wireless earbuds which are available in various colors such as Black, Blue, Grey, White, and Khaki. The design of the charging case is suitcase-type with a matte finish and a strap will be provided to hang the charging case where you want to hang it or easy to hold on your hand. Three pairs of ear tips will also be provided for small, medium, and large ears. The single earbud weight is 3.7g which is easy to wear for a longer time and the overall total weight is 74.2g.

If we talk about TOZO T12 Truly wireless earbuds which are available in various colors like Black, Blue, Champagne, Dark Red, Dark Black, and Rose Gold. It does not have a strap for holding the charging case. But it has 5 pairs of ear tips available in a box package for different sizes of ear sitting. The charging case looks smaller than TOZO T10. The single earbud weight is 6.4g which is a little bit heavy than TOZO T10 and the overall total weight is 67.1g.

The difference between TOZO T10 and TOZO T12 is weight. Tozo T12 is a little bit lighter and has smaller charging than TOZO T10. This means you can wear the TOZO T12 for a long time because of its lightweight. We found a digital battery life indicator inside the TOZO T12 charging case whereas TOZO T10 has four LEDs for battery life indication.

Connectivity Comparison

ProductTOZO T10TOZO T12
Bluetooth versionv5.3v5.0
Bluetooth range30 Feet30 Feet
Charging PortsUSB Type-CUSB Type-C
Wireless ChargingYesYes
Wired ChargingYesYes
One Step PairingYesYes

Coming to the connectivity part of both earbuds, we found everything has similar features except the Bluetooth version. TOZO T10 has v5.3 is a newer version whereas TOZO T12 has v5.0 is an older version.

So this is not the impactful deciding factor to choose one over another earbud.

Battery & Charging Performance Comparison

ProductTOZO T10TOZO T12
Battery CapacityNot Mentioned50mAh for buds, 500mAh for case
Playback time6 hrs for buds; 24 hrs for case6 hrs for buds; Total 28 hrs with case
Charging time2 hrs by wireless and 1.5 hrs with USB C cable for the case1.5 hours for earbuds, 1.5 hours by wired & 2 hours wireless for the case
Charging PortType-CType-C

In the Battery and Charging performances part, we found there is a difference in total playback time. The TOZO 12 has a better playback time than TOZO 10. So the winner is TOZO 12 truly wireless earbuds.

Sound & Call Testing Comparison

ProductTOZO T10TOZO T12
Drivers size8mm10mm
Bass QualityGoodBetter
Call QualityGoodBetter

The major difference between TOZO T10 and TOZO T12 is the Sound and call quality. TOZO T12 is better than TOZO T10 in all areas of sound and call testing.

So the winner is the TOZO T12 here in the sound and calls quality comparison and testing.

Price Overview: TOZO T10 vs TOZO T12

ProductTOZO T10TOZO T12
Highest Price$29.99$37.48
Lowest Price$18.99$27.58
Good to buy underUnder $30Under $40
Current Price

Wrapping Up: TOZO T10 vs T12 which is better & Why

Of course, The TOZO T12 is the better one because it has better sound & call quality, a lightweight build & design, a newer version of Bluetooth, and battery performance. But the TOZO T12 is costlier too than TOZO T10. So if you have a budget of $40, you can go with TOZO T12.

If you have a $30 budget then you can definitely go with the TOZO T10. So this was based on our testing and comparison analysis.


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