Boult Audio Curve ANC vs boAt Rockerz 255 max which is better?

Are you seeking a wireless neckband in the less expensive price range? Boult Audio’s Zcharge and boAt’s Rockerz 255 max neckbands have recently entered the market with great functionality and aesthetics, respectively. Both neckbands are in fierce competition with one another, therefore we’ve compared and presented Boult Audio Curve ANC vs boAt Rockerz 255 max so you can easily decide which is the best option for you.

Earphones are a need. Some individuals prefer earbuds and headphones to neckbands, however, the advantage of neckbands is that they are more readily available on the market, come in a variety of styles, and cost less than any audio equipment.

Boult Audio Curve ANC vs boAt Rockerz 255 max which is better?

Boult Audio Curve ANC vs boAt Rockerz 255 max
Boult Audio Curve ANC vs boAt Rockerz 255 max comparison
ProductBoult Audio Curve ANCboAt Rockerz 255 max
BrandBoult AudioboAt
Model NameAudio CurveRockerz 255 max
Type of Earphonesin-Earin-Ear
Highlight FactorActive Noise CancellationLong battery life
Connects withBluetoothBluetooth
Warranty1 Year1 Year
Launch Date6 March 202325 February 2023
Global ratings4⭐ out of 54⭐ out of 5

Build Quality Comparison

ProductBoult Audio Curve ANCboAt Rockerz 255 max
Built withPlasticPlastic
IPX ratingIPX5IPX5
Magnetic earbudsYesYes
Controls3 buttons controls3 buttons & magnetic earpieces

The Boult Audio Curve ANC‘s silicon body can be seen easily. Because the neckband has a powerful battery inside, you can experience discomfort if you wear it for an extended period of time. It has an IPX5 grade and is water-resistant. The magnetic earphones on the neckband lock together around your neck, preventing you from getting out of bed. The fins on the earpieces hold them in place for a snug, comfortable fit.

While we receive a body printed with a diamond pattern in the new boAt Rockerz 255 max. To add more about build quality. The neckband has a visually appealing and appealing design. It is made of plastic and has an IPX5 rating for water and sweat resistance. Earpieces come with magnets that stick to one another and latch around the neck in addition to serving as a control option. It just weighs about 38g, which is not much weight if you want a long battery life.

Connectivity Comparison

ProductBoult Audio Curve ANCboAt Rockerz 255 max
Bluetooth versionBT5.3BT5.3
Bluetooth range10m10m
I/O PortsType-C portType-C port
Dual PairingYesNo

In terms of connectivity, we see only one difference which is dual pairing. Boult Audio Curve ANC is a fantastic neckband considering its modern features. It features the latest Bluetooth v5.3, a low latency mode for gaming, and Dual pairing. While we get the same in boAt Rockerz 255 max except for Dual pairing support which is a quite useful feature these days.

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Battery & Charging Comparison

ProductBoult Audio Curve ANCboAt Rockerz 255 max
Battery CapacityNot mentioned260mAh
Playback time30 hours60 hours
Charging time45 min1 hour
Fast chargingYes (10 min charge; 10 hours playback)Yes (10 min charge; 10 hours playback)
Charging PortType-CType-C

Here we have a lot of power storage and features in both neckbands but the winner could be one only. boAt Rockerz 255 max stores 260mAh of battery which runs more than 50 hours

While in Boult Audio Curve ANC, We get 30 hours of playtime, and that too with quick charging. It can run up to 10 hours in just 10 minutes of charging. This one is still better.

Sound Quality Comparison

ProductBoult Audio Curve ANCboAt Rockerz 255 max
Custom EQsNoYes
Noise CancellationActive Noise CancellationNo
Ambient modeNoNo
Drivers size12mm10mm
Bass QualityBetterGood
OverallEqually goodEqually good

Here, Boult Audio Curve ANC‘s primary strength is made clear. It has 12mm drivers, which are slightly less loud and slightly more bass-heavy. Despite the lack of an official EQ customizing software, you may always use third-party programs. Both exhibit the same clarity and harmony.

With ANC, we receive 25dB of noise reduction, but the ambient mode is absent. Here, the ANC is acceptable.

The sound quality is where there is the biggest difference, and knowing this is all you need to know to choose wisely. The 10mm dynamic drivers in the boAt Rockerz 255 max provide thrilling bass and soaring vocals. Spatial Bionic sound is missing from some latest boAt neckbands, which isn’t a deal-breaker but is typically present in some recent boAt neckbands.

In order to allow customers to customize the sound EQ, boAt just released its companion app, boAt hearables. The sound quality and clarity are amazing, even for audiophiles. Instead of a noise canceling technique, they use ENC to execute various tasks. However, considering how reasonably priced this neckband is, it is not a deal-breaker.

Performance Comparison

ProductBoult Audio Curve ANCboAt Rockerz 255 max

Price Overview

ProductBoult Audio Curve ANCboAt Rockerz 255 max
Max PriceRs 1599/-Rs 1399/-
Min PriceRs 1299/-Rs 1199/-
Good to buy for/underRs 1500/-Rs 1500/-
Current Price

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Final Verdict

Because the final decision varies according to user to user, we would like to mention here that Boult Audio Curve ANC might have more features but boAt Rockerz 255 max is a perfect neckband if you want some audio adjustments.

Boult Audio Curve ANC
Boult Audio Curve – The most affordable ANC

Although there is no price difference, Boult Audio Curve ANC is launched to attract the eyes of users. Moreover, ANC is quite useful and not just for sake of attention under this price range.

Starting from the build quality to the sound quality, we have everything perfect in both the neckbands so it depends on you which brand and product you prefer. Moreover, both are packed with values.

If you ask our recommendation, is Boult Audio Curve ANC because no one offers ANC at this price range.

Boult Audio Curve ANCboAt Rockerz 255 max

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Let us know your thoughts in the comment below. If you have still any doubts, feel free to comment.

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