Boult Audio vs boAt which is better? Is boAt Better than Boult?

When it comes to Boult Audio vs boAt, most of you consider the boat brand the better because of its popularity in India But Boult Audio is also a good brand.

Is Boat Better than Boult Audio? The boat has a slight edge because it offers more options with various new features in products. But Boat and Boult Audio are good brands.

Let’s discuss the Boult Audio vs Boat which is better from all perspectives be it earphones, earbuds, headphones, or speakers.

Boult Audio vs boAt which is better
Boult Audio vs boAt which is better

Is Boult Audio a good brand?

Boult Audio is a high-end consumer electronic brand in India and They have a wide range of products such as neckband earphones, earbuds, headphones, speakers, and smartwatches.

Is Boult Audio an India Brand? Yes, Boult Audio is an Indian Brand but the products are imported from China and sold as Boult Audio Brand.

Who is Boult Audio owned by? It was founded in June 2017 by Varun Gupta (Co-Founder).

Is Boult Audio a trusted brand? Yes, It is a trusted brand. The Boult Audio Brand comes under the Boult Audio Private Limited and The Headquarters is at Boult Audio, Ground Floor, DLF Tower Plaza, DLF Phase 1, Sector 26A, Gurgaon – 122002.

Who is the brand ambassador of Boult Audio? Currently, the brand ambassadors of Boult Audio are Saif Ali Khan and Surya Kumar Yadav. (Source)

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Is Boult Audio Product worth buying?

Is Boult Audio Product worth Buying
Is Boult Audio Product Worth Buying

As you all know Boult Audio is a good and trusted brand in India. But, can we say Boult Audio Product is worth buying? Yes, most of the products are worth buying and some of them are average. So you have to choose wisely the Boult Audio Product according to your liking.

You should always research the best product by checking reviews on Amazon and Flipkart, watching youtube videos, and reading the reviews guide on websites before buying so that you can choose a better product as always.

We bought the Boult Audio Curve ANC and Boult Audio ZCharge which are very popular and worth buying neckband earphones under Rs 1500 and 1200 respectively.

If you are looking for under 1000 budget category neckband earphones from Boult Audio Brand then you should consider the Boult Audio FXCharge.

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Is boAt a good brand?

Yes, Boat is a good brand. The boAt Brand is one of the most popular brands in India for its audio category products.

If you have seen Shark Tank India Shows, you know Aman Gupta (Co-founder of boAt) and a famous shark. This is another reason why the boat is a popular brand.

Who are the founders of Boat? The founders of Boat brand are Aman Gupta (Co-Founder and CMO) and Sameer Mehta (CEO & MD). As per the Inc42, Boat has announced that Vivek Gambhir is chairman of the Company now.

Is boAt an Indian Brand? Yes, it is an Indian Brand. They import their products from China and sell them as a boAt brand in India.

Is boAt a Trusted Brand? Yes, Boat is a trusted brand in India. The Boat Brand’s company legal name is Imagine Marketing Services Private Limited and the boat’s headquarters is in New Delhi, Delhi, India. Recently they become the first Indian brand to manufacture 1 crore wearables products. (Source)

Is boAt Product worth buying?

Is boAt Product worth buying
Is boat Product worth buying?

Yes, Boat Product is worth buying and value as a money product. Not all products but most of the products are worth buying. There are a number of products under different price ranges.

You have to choose wisely and research on the internet before buying any product. We bought one of the famous earbuds from boAt Brand is boAt Airdopes 141 which has 1 lakh+ review on Amazon and good product under a 1500 budget.

The Boat is the only brand that keeps launching many products every month in comparison to other brands in Indian Market. That is why the consumer has so many options from boat brand that other brand doesn’t have.

Boult Audio vs boAt which is better?

When the topic goes around which is better Boult Audio or Boat, we will reach that conclusion after understanding all about products from both brands.

If you are confused between Boult Audio and Boat Brand and can’t decide which one is better then we have compared here all things for you for a better understanding of choosing one over another and why.

Boult Audio vs Boat Neckband Earphones

Boult Audio vs Boat Neckband Earphones
Boult Audio vs Boat Neckband Earphones

Is Boult Audio Neckband earphones better than boAt? There is no straightforward reply to this. But if we have to choose one. In the case of various options for product choice, Yes, the boat neckband is better than Boult Audio because of the new features, and a wide range of neckband earphones. But both are equally good and you can choose a product accordingly.

The boat has an advantage that they have so many neckband earphone options for the consumer to choose accordingly but Boult Audio has a limited number of neckband earphones.

The Boat offers new features every time when they come up with a new launch of neckband earphones that is the slight edge of difference.

But, Boult Audio also performs better besides they launch lesser than the boat. Boult Audio Curve ANC which is under 1500 budget is competing with boAt Rockerz 330 ANC which is under 2000 budget (Check out Comparison).

Overall, You can choose any one brand from the Boult Audio or Boat. But, you have to select the right neckband earphone according to your liking.

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Boult Audio vs Boat which is the Best Earbuds?

Boult Audio vs Boat Earbuds
Boult Audio vs Boat Earbuds

In Today’s time, most people prefer buying TWS Earbuds over wired earphones Because of their flexibility, pocket friendly, and a lot of features.

For the earbuds, the same case happened here as neckband earphones. Is Boult Audio Earbuds better than Boat Airdopes? Yes, Boat Airdopes is better than Boult Audio Earbuds because Boat has so many options for earbuds with new features whereas Boult Audio has launched a limited number of earbuds.

Having more options for people have both good and bad side. The good part is that you have a lot of options with various features and you can choose according to your liking but when you are stuck in a dilemma about which one to choose.

So, Before buying any brand of earbuds, you should research them in a proper way so that you are able to get the best earbuds in the categories you are looking for.

From a single-product perspective, not a brand perspective, Both are good and you can choose based on performance what you are looking for.

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Boult Audio vs Boat Headphones

We have tried headphones from both brands for testing and experience.

We bought boAt Rockerz 450 and Boult Audio ProBass Thunder, if we compare both of them then we found boAt Rockerz 450 is better than Boult Audio ProBass Thunder. By this, we understand that comparing individual products is a great way of finding better ones. In such a scenario, any brand can win be it Boult Audio or Boat.

But we noticed that Boat has provided more options for headphones in comparison to Boult Audio. That’s why Boat has a little bit ahead of Boult Audio in the Headphones section too.

While buying be it Boult Audio or Boat, you will have to notice which individual product is the better one according to your liking.

In the end, we will say you to choose wisely be it Boult Audio or Boat Brand headphones.

How is the After Sales Service for Boult Audio and Boat?

This part plays an important role in long-lasting the product. Due to this, most people choose a branded product because they all offer good after-sales service.

Let’s talk about the After-Sale Service Experience of Boult Audio and Boat.

How is Boult Audio After Sales Service Experience?

We discussed Boult Audio After-Sale Customer Service in the previous post. Talking about the Boult Audio After-Sale Service experience is good for us. If your product comes under the warranty period then you can claim the warranty easily by going online registration or visiting their service center.

First of all, You will have to find the service center of Boult Audio on their official website.

Go to Boult’s Official website then click on Service Centers Link under the Support & Warranty Menu. Then you have to search for the nearby service center by entering Pincode or State.

If you found a service nearby your location then visit there and get your job done. But, in any case, if there is not a single service nearby your locality then Register Service Request Button Link appears on the screen.

Now you have to fill up the Online Register Request form, Upload the invoice and then send your product to the nearest Boult Audio Service center.

After All, If your Request is approvable then the new replacement product will be sent to your mentioned address within the given time frame.

You can also track the status of your complaint on the Boult Audio Website by clicking here. You have to click on Link Check the status of service request and Enter the ticket number.

So, the After sale service of Boult Audio is a smooth process. There is no hustling process. Overall, Boult Audio After-Sale Service is good.

How is Boat After Sales Service Experience?

On the other hand, We have already discussed boAt After Sales in one of the previous posts.

If your boAt Product comes under the warranty period, you can claim the warranty by reaching out to the boat support team via WhatsApp chat, Email- [email protected], or call 022-6918-1920 between 9 am to 7 pm.

You can register an online Complaint on the boat’s official website or Visit the boat service center and get your job done.

After registration and submitting your defective product, if all thing goes well then you will receive a new replacement.

You can also track the status of the warranty claims by clicking here.

Overall, The Boat After-Sale Service is a good and smooth process, not a hustle.

Wrapping Up

After knowing each and every area of both brands be it a Boult Audio or Boat, we have finally reached a final verdict. Overall, Both Brands are good in the Indian Market Audio segment.

Is Boat Better than Boult Audio? Yes, Boat has slightly ahead of Boult Audio Because of more options for products and features.

After checking and testing Brand credibility, product quality, warranty, and After-sales, we can say both brands are good. You can any one over another but you should do proper research on the internet such as reviews and ratings. Then you can decide your best product in Indian Audio Market according to your liking.

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Are Boat and Boult Audio the same company?

No, Both are different Companies.

Which is better Boult Audio or Boat?

Both are good brands but Boat is slightly ahead of Boult Audio as a brand, not as a specific product because Boat is more popular and has a wide range of products.

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