JLab Bluetooth Headphones won’t connect? Here’s how to fix!

Do you want to know the reason and want to get a solution for fixing JLab Bluetooth Headphones won’t connect? Here we have shared the ways to fix it.

How to fix JLab Bluetooth Headphones won't connect issue
JLab Bluetooth Headphones won’t connect

Pairing JLAB BT Headphones that will work

When the earbuds are out of the case, one of them will blink blue and white to indicate that they are ready to pair with your device. Turn on Bluetooth on your device, select JLab to go, and when you are connected, you will hear a voice prompt saying “Bluetooth connected,” followed by blinking white lights on both earbuds.

The earphones will now turn on and reconnect to your device when you remove them from the case. Make sure Bluetooth is off or removed on the device that was previously linked if you’re connecting to a new device or experiencing connection issues. Once you remove the earbuds from the case, Bluetooth pairing will begin automatically.

Reattach your JLab earphones if the connection breaks or they become separated while in the charging case. Forget the JLab Earbuds and go into your device’s Bluetooth settings. Tap the touch sensor on one earbud fast seven times while keeping the other earbuds in the charging case.

The earbud’s light will cycle through four blue blinks. Repeat with the other earbud Touch sensor after that. seven times on each Remove both earbuds from the case and watch as one turns entirely white while the other blinks blue and white. The Bluetooth device can now be reconnected.

Reasons for dysfunction in connectivity

Some common reasons for headphones not connecting with the device could be:

  1. Already connected to some other device connected device
  2. Not properly disconnected from the previously connected device
  3. Source Bluetooth unable to find the receptor Bluetooth.
  4. Software-related Issues.
  5. Hardware Related Issues

JLab Bluetooth Headphones won’t connect: Fixing the Problems

Problem 1,2,3: Troubleshooting the problems requires knowing the exact problem. For Problems listed as 1,2 & 3, you can place the earbuds again in the case and reopen the lid. The earbuds will automatically go to connection mode and will be discoverable by your source device (Phone, Laptop, etc.). However, it is predicted, It will require a master reset at least, You can check How to reset it in the next section of this article.

Problem 4: If the problem still exists, It could be a Software related issue either in the Phone or in the JLab earbuds. To check, You can always try Forgetting the earbuds from the device and retrying to pair them with the device. If the problem still exists, try pairing the earbuds with a different device. And if The earbuds are found faulty, Try a master reset on the earbuds. This will surely vanish the software-related problem.

Problem 5: However, if the Problem still exists, It could be a hardware-related issue. JLab being a premium brand, provide a 2-year warranty on most of its products. You can claim the warranty by contacting or visiting their Reselling stores.

How to reset it?

Within the JLab “family,” there are a few different brands, and each one has a unique reset process. For each Jlab model that is currently available, we have detailed instructions; simply find the instructions for your device below and follow them.

To make sure that the device reset process goes smoothly, it’s crucial that you “forget” your earbuds from your Source device (phone, tablet, laptop, etc.) a second time before doing so.

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Jlab Go Air Models:

  1. Place one earbud into the case and swiftly tap it seven times. Repeat with the other earbud (your earbuds should flash Blue three times)
  2. Tap the other earbuds seven times quickly while keeping both in the case.
  3. If the reset process was successful, remove both earphones from the case; one should flash solid white and the other should flash white and blue. letting you know that your earbuds are now linked and prepared to pair.

Jbuds Air Models:

  1. In the Bluetooth settings of your device, choose to ignore the ‘Jbuds Air’ earphones listing.
  2. Open the charging case and put your earbuds inside.
  3. Tap the button four times, starting with one of your earbuds. Blue lights should start out blinking four times before becoming solid blue.
  4. Do the same with your other earbud.
  5. Make careful to keep your earbuds at least 2 inches apart as you remove them from the charging case. Soon, the right earbud should be flickering blue and white, and the left should be flashing solid white. demonstrating that your earbuds are paired and connected.

Epic Air Models:

  1. Put your headphones in the case and remove your Epic Air earbuds from the Bluetooth list on your device.
  2. Tap one earbud fast seven times while keeping the other earbud in the case (your earbuds should flash Blue three times)
  3. Tap the other earbuds seven times quickly while keeping both in the case.
  4. Remove the cases from the two earphones. One should flash solid white if the reset is successful, and the other should flash white and blue. letting you know that your earbuds are now linked and prepared to pair.

According to JLabs, the process can require multiple attempts if the first two don’t work.

Your earphones should appear in the host device you are attempting to pair them with once they have been reset and are prepared to pair once more.

Wrapping up

The above-given fix and error work for me. I hope it also works for you until and unless the hardware has no problem. Follow the above steps to fix your “JLab Bluetooth Headphones won’t connect” problem.

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