oppo Enco buds vs Boult Audio AirBass X1 comparison which is better?

Are you looking for wireless earbuds full of class and light on a budget? There are plenty of such earbuds due to high competition in the Indian audio market. Due to numerous options, people are finding it difficult to decide which one is better to go with. Two such sets of earbuds are Oppo Enco buds and Boult Audio AirBass X1. To ease out your perfect decision, we are presenting the oppo Enco buds vs Boult Audio AirBass X1 comparison that will help you to make the right choice.

By reading this article, you will be able to make a more clear approach to your perfect set of earbuds. Even if the price range is the same there lies a difference between good and better. And we will make the better one more clear for you.

oppo Enco buds vs Boult Audio AirBass X1 comparison which is better?

oppo Enco buds vs Boult Audio AirBass X1 comparison
oppo Enco buds vs Boult Audio AirBass X1 comparison
Productoppo Enco budsBoult Audio AirBass X1
BrandoppoBoult Audio
Model NameEnco budsAirBass X1
Type of Earphonesin-Earin-Ear
Highlight FactorOverall PremiumValue for money
Connects withBluetoothBluetooth
Warranty1 Year1 Year
Launch Date13 February 202213 April 2022
Global ratings4⭐ out of 54⭐ out of 5

The main points of comparison include Build Quality, Connectivity, Battery & Charging, Sound Quality, and Price range. Along with these, we will also inform you about the good one and the better one according to different activities.

Build Quality comparison

Productoppo Enco budsBoult Audio AirBass X1
Built withStrong PlasticStrong Plastic
IPX ratingIP54IPX5
Battery life IndicatorNoNo
ControlsTouch controlsTouch controls
Weight4g for earbuds, 37g for case5g for buds, 60g for case

Looking at the build quality of the most premium oppo Enco Buds, the pearl-shaped earbud looks classy. The earbuds look very premium with a plastic body and light color. The design is so elegant. The case is capsule-shaped, sleek, and solid. The earbuds take up only 4g while providing a better in-ear grip. Talking about water-resistant protection, it has an IP54 rating and it works to an extent. The touch controls work very smoothly and effortlessly. If there has a battery life indicator, that could be even more useful.

While in Boult Audio AirBass X1, we get a perfect fit into the ears, which depends on the ears too. The case is a little heavy and made of plastic. The earbuds are also fully built of plastic and have a long sleek, half-in-Ear design. The only thing we will miss in the earbuds is the battery life indicator. The earbuds are protected with IPX5 water-resistant covering. The buds are light enough to be called comfortable.

From a comparison point of view, it is clear that oppo Enco buds are better but it totally depends from user to user which one design they prefer.

Connectivity comparison

Productoppo Enco budsBoult Audio AirBass X1
Bluetooth versionv5.24v5.1
Bluetooth range10m10m
I/O PortsType-C port for chargingType-C port for charging
Dual PairingNoNo
IWP tech.YesNo

Here we can say a significant difference in both. There is a Bluetooth version upgrade, instant pairing, and better latency in oppo Enco buds. The Bluetooth v5.24 is an updated version with some advancements. The instant pairing pairs the earbud with the phone when you open the lid and has low latency, giving better gaming and movie experience.

While Boult Audio AirBass X1 misses all these features and hence it is inferior in connectivity features.

Battery & Charging comparison

Productoppo Enco budsBoult Audio AirBass X1
Battery Capacity40mAh for buds; 400mAh for caseNot mentioned
Playback time6 hrs for buds; 18 hrs for case6 hrs for buds; 18 hrs for case
Charging time2 hrs for buds; 2.5 hrs for case1 hr for buds; 1.5 hrs for case
Fast chargingNoYes; 10 min = 100 min playback
Charging PortType-CType-C

If we look at the battery life of both the earbuds at a glance, the battery life is quite similar but Boult Audio AirBass X1 has additional fast charging which charges the earbuds for 90 minutes in just 10 minutes. And so it gains the superiority in battery in charging. Both the earbuds provide 24 hours long battery life with 6 hours of buds and 18 hours in the case.

Sound quality comparison

Productoppo Enco budsBoult Audio AirBass X1
Drivers size8mm10mm
ImpedanceNot MentionedNot Mentioned
Sensitivity100.6dB @ 1kHzNot Mentioned
Frequency20Hz-20kHzNot mentioned
Bass QualityBetterGood

Talking of the sound quality, The oppo Enco buds come with Dolby Atmos support that makes the music experience far better than boAt. The earbuds come with Intelligent In-call Noise reduction which works pretty fine to deliver a clear call experience. Also, the dedicated gaming mode enhances the equalizer adjustments for different sound settings. The earbuds play music with clarity, bass, and balance which makes the sound more satisfying.

While on the other hand, Boult Audio AirBass X1 has 10mm drivers which provide good enough bass and loudness. The buds are excellent in terms of clarity bass and balance. Although the earbuds lack in-call noise cancellation likewise to oppo Enco buds, still they have Quad mics that cancel out the external noise for clear calling support. Bould Audio AirBass X1 is better in terms of sound quality.

Performance comparison

Productoppo Enco budsBoult Audio AirBass X1

Price & Price range comparison

Productoppo Enco budsBoult Audio AirBass X1
Max. PriceRs 2199/-Rs 1822/-
Min. PriceRs 1599/-Rs 899/-
Good to buy underRs 1900/-Rs 1800/-
Current Price

oppo Enco buds Price range: The maximum price ever seen for Oppo Enco Buds is Rs 2199/- while the minimum price is Rs 1599/-. The earbuds are best to buy for under Rs 1900/-.

Boult Audio AirBass X1 Price range: The highest price ever recorded for Boult Audio AirBass X1 is 1822/- while the lowest one is Rs 899/-. However, it is best to buy under Rs. 1800/-.

Final verdict

Now if you ask us, the final crown goes to oppo Enco buds as it has the better build quality, compatibility, connectivity, sound quality, and overall performance. We tested the earbuds with several activities and found that these are the better ones, perhaps the best ones if you are looking for mid-budget. The value oppo adds here is appreciable.

oppo Enco buds vs Boult Audio AirBass X1 comparison which is better
oppo Enco buds vs Boult Audio AirBass X1 comparison which is better

If we see the build quality, the only noticeable difference is the Water-resistant rating and the lightweight. Which is a very small difference. Coming next, we have connectivity which will be impressive for sure in oppo Enco buds.

The battery life of both sets is the same but the What will help you decide is the fast charging, The sound quality is also a turning point where you will get a little better clarity and balance in oppo Enco buds while bass and loudness in Boult Audio AirBass X1.

So these are the main differences that will help you to decide, but if we talk of value for money, oppo Enco buds are better as it has the brand value and premiums loaded.

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People Also Ask

How to claim a warranty for wireless earbuds?

First, register your device on the brand’s website. Dial the phone number provided on the warranty card/ website, and follow the instructions given by the customer support team.

Can fast charging be achieved with a fast charger?

No, Fast charging is an inbuilt feature of the device.

How to adjust volume with Airdopes/Earbuds?

You can not adjust/control volume through Airdopes or any earbuds, you have to adjust it through your main device.

Which earbuds are better for gaming?

oppo Enco buds have ultra low latency mode and clear balance sound, hence it is better for gaming.

Which earbuds are better for gym and sports?

Both the earbuds are lightweight and provide a secure fit into the ears so both are equally good for gym and sports.

Can we use wireless earbuds with a PC or laptop?

Yes, the earphones can be connected to any Bluetooth-compatible device.

Can we use any earbuds as monopods?

Yes, AirBass X1 can be used as a monopod with a single earbud.

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