Things to Check in Raycon e25 User Manual (The Everyday Earbuds): Pairing, Charging, Button Functions

Do you own Raycon e25 True wireless earbuds (The Everyday Earbuds)? If yes, we will guide all the information that you can check in Raycon e25 User Manual such as pairing, charging, button functions, and more.

So let’s start the guide about what to consider or what to not in The Everyday Earbuds owner’s manual.

Raycon e25 User Manual
Raycon e25 User Manual

What are the important things in Raycon e25 User Manual?

What to consider or what to not in the owner\’s manual, we will discuss here in this guide step by step. What are we going to cover in this guide have given below.

  • Raycon e25 Overview
  • How to Pair the Raycon e25 True wireless earbuds.
  • How to charge the Earbuds and The capsule
  • How to control button functions

Raycon e25 Overview

Here we have discussed the overview of earbuds and capsules.

Raycon e25 Overview for Earbuds and Capsule
Raycon e25 Overview for Earbuds and Capsule
  1. Control Button
  2. Microphone
  3. Earbud Indicator
  4. Silicone Gel Tip
  5. Charging Connectors
  6. Charging Port
  7. Lanyard Hook
  8. Wireless Charging
  9. Charging Capsule Indicator

How to Pair the Raycon e25 True wireless earbuds?

You can pair your Raycon e25 earbuds easily with an Android, iPhone, Windows computer, or MacBook Laptop by the following guide.

  • First of all, Take both earbuds out of the capsule. Both earbuds will connect turn on and connect to each other automatically.
  • Go to Bluetooth Setting in your Bluetooth device and turn on the Bluetooth.
  • Select the Raycon e25 from Bluetooth List.
  • Now enjoy the Raycon e25.

How to charge the Raycon e25 Earbuds and Capsule?

Charging The Earbuds

Place the Earbuds in the Capsule and the earbuds will automatically charge if the capsule has already enough battery backup.

  • While charging, the lights on the earbuds will be red, and the lights on the capsule will be green.
  • Your earbuds are fully charged when the lights on both your earbuds and capsule turn off.

Charging The Capsule

Wired Charging: Connect With Type-C Cable, Insert the Adaptor into Electrical Socket, and Switch it on. It is now charging.

Wireless Charging: Simply place the case on any Qi-compatible charging mat.

The earbuds can be charged 3 times by Capsule after being fully charged.

  • While Charging, the light will be red.
  • When fully charged, the light will turn off.

Battery Backup

  • Earbuds: 8 Hours
  • Capsule + Earbuds: 32 Hours

How to control the Raycon e25 button function?

Raycon e25 has touch-control earbuds which you can use to control the functions by just touching the Raycon Logo on the earbuds’ touch panel.

Volume UpPress Right Earbud once
Volume DownPress Left Earbud once
Play/PauseTap 2 times Left or Right Earbud
Next TrackPress the Right Earbuds thrice
Previous TrackPress the Left Earbuds thrice
SIRIPress the Left or Right Earbud 4 times to Activate Voice Assistant
Sound Profile (Pure, Balanced, and Bass)Hold Left Earbud for 3 seconds to toggle between Sound Profiles
Awareness ModeHold the Right Earbud for 3 seconds to activate Awareness Mode
Answer/ End CallTap Left or Right Earbuds once to Answer/ End the call
Reject CallHold Left or Right Earbuds for 3 seconds to Reject the call
Power OnHold Left or Right Earbuds for 2 seconds to Power On
Power OHold Left or Right Earbuds for 10 seconds to Power O

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Wrapping Up

To use The Everyday Earbuds perfectly without any problem, you will have to check the Raycon e25 User Manual. So follow the above guide for charging, pairing, and controlling the button functions of Raycon e25.

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