How to Reset OnePlus Nord Buds CE?

Recently OnePlus launched OnePlus Nord Buds CE in August 2022. We bought this tws and found no factory reset button on the charging case. So the question that arises here is how to reset OnePlus Nord Buds CE. Let’s see how you can perform a factory reset.

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How to Reset OnePlus Nord Buds CE?

How to Reset OnePlus Nord Buds CE
Reset OnePlus Nord Buds CE

Once you buy the OenPlus Nord Buds CE and face any issues while operating, you can perform a factory reset to troubleshoot. In this way, you can easily use earbuds without facing any difficulties.

Step 1: Forget the pairing from your device.

Step 2: Take out both earbuds from the charging case.

Step 3: Long touch both CTC for 15 seconds until you hear the beep sound.

Step 4: Now you can pair manually again.

Congratulations! Your earbuds are now reset.

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Why do you need to perform a factory reset?

If you face any issues such as those given below –

  • One earbud is not working well.
  • The connection mode is not working well.
  • Facing issues during call.
  • Or any other issue.

Wrapping Up

This post is about how you can reset OnePlus Nord Buds CE. You need to know how to reset because there is no separate button for the reset on the charging case, you have to reset by using CTC. I hope it helps you a lot in performing a reset.

If you have still any queries, you can comment below in the comment section or tweet with #AskGuideFolder through Twitter.

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