boAt Airdopes 393 ANC vs 413 ANC comparison which is better?

Are you looking for ANC earbuds under budget? We are pretty sure boAt is the name that came to your mind eventually when you think of earbuds. And perhaps, boAt has the set of earbuds you want. Two sets of earbuds are pretty competitive in ANC. And if you are looking for one of those to buy, we are presenting boAt Airdopes 393 ANC vs 413 ANC comparisons so you can find the better one for yourself.

Earbuds nowadays are so common, and to maintain this, the brands have now introduced ANC in-budget earbuds too. Although their ANC is effective, it still lacks class. Now that ANC is available easily at affordable prices, one must well check if it is effective or just on the paper mark.

boAt Airdopes 393 ANC vs 413 ANC comparison which is better?

boAt Airdopes 393 ANC vs 413 ANC
boAt Airdopes 393 ANC vs 413 ANC
ProductboAt Airdopes 413ANCboAt Airdopes 393ANC
Model NameAirdopes 413ANCAirdopes 393ANC
Type of Earphonesin-Earin-Ear
Highlight FactorActive Noise CancellationActive Noise Cancellation
Connects withBluetoothBluetooth
Warranty1 Year1 Year
Launch Date19 July 202217 December 2022
Global ratings4⭐ out of 54⭐ out of 5

Build Quality Comparison

ProductboAt Airdopes 413ANCboAt Airdopes 393ANC
Built withStrong PlasticStrong Plastic
IPX ratingIPX4IPX5
Battery life IndicatorNoNo
ControlsTouch ControlsTouch Controls
Weight4g for buds, 40g for case4.2g for buds, 36.1g for case

Looking at the build quality of boAt Airdopes 413ANC, we get a Square case with round corners. It is suitcase shaped and opens from the front. The Earbuds placed inside are kind of simple in design, doesn’t look like they gave some special treatment on looks, The touch controls are sensitive with adequate CTC area. The earbuds are light and come with a secure enough it and IPX4 rating for water and sweat. The body is a matte finish and is not so compact.

Whereas in boAt Airdopes 393ANC, we see a box-shaped design with round corners and a light in the front below the lid, It is majorly matte with a line and a glossy strip. The earbuds stand inside the case and have a simple design, not to be called unique but formal. The earbuds are light and secure fit inside the ears. These are IPX5 for water and sweat with a matte finish,

Buildwise, there are differences but that does not matter that much.

Connectivity comparison

ProductboAt Airdopes 413ANCboAt Airdopes 393ANC
Bluetooth versionv5.2v5.2
Bluetooth range10m10m
I/O PortsType-C port for chargingType-C port for charging
LatencyAs usual65ms
Dual PairingNoYes
IWP tech.YesYes

In connectivity, boAt Airdopes 393ANC remains one step ahead of 413ANC in terms of Dual pairing and low latency, what they call Beast mode, ideal for gaming. Beyond this, Both have Bluetooth v5.2 and IWP technology for fast pairing. The beast mode is quite useful and gets you a better experience if you are a part-time gamer or love watching movies without latency. The difference is worth noting for a decision.

Battery & Charging comparison

ProductboAt Airdopes 413ANCboAt Airdopes 393ANC
Battery Capacity37mAh for buds; 320mAh for case40mAh for buds, 400mAh for case
Playback time6 hrs for buds; 15 hrs for case7 hrs for buds; 23 hrs for case
Charging time1.5 hr for buds; 2 hrs for case45 min for buds; 2 hrs for case
Fast chargingYes; 10 min = 60 min playbackYes; 10 min = 90 min playback
Charging PortType-CType-C

In terms of batter again we see boAt Airdopes 393ANC ahead of 413ANC. They claim these to last around 7 hours without ANC and they actually deliver it. With ANC you can manage 5-6 hours depending on the volumes and outer muffles. The case stores 23 usual hours more in it. These also have fast charging abilities which makes these ready for 90 minutes in just 10 minutes of rest. It takes 2 hours to charge fully.

While on the other hand, we get nearly 6 hours without ANC and 5 hours with

ANC in boAt Airdopes 413ANC. To mention, it is not that bad but to compare, it is inferior. The case carries 15 hours more than again, is inferior. Although the fast charging is an interesting part here. It takes 2 hours to get full of energy.

We can clearly see boAt Airdopes 393ANC is the champ here!

Sound quality comparison

ProductboAt Airdopes 413ANCboAt Airdopes 393ANC
Drivers size10mm10mm
ANCYes; 25dBYes; 32dB
Ambient modeYesYes
Bass QualityGoodGood

Finally, if we talk about the sound quality of both earbuds, You will get adequate loudness and bass in both, But to compare, we say Airdopes 413ANC are better with bass and distortion-free sound at high volumes. The clarity is also a little better in these.

For Airdopes 393ANC, we say these are also not bad. You will merely notice any difference in the sound quality and bass level so if you want something for sound. The principle line is that there is very little difference in terms of sound quality. Even if you want some balanced EQ or custom EQs, you always have the option to switch to third-party apps.

The other factor of the decision could be the mic quality. Both come with ENx technology but call clarity is better in boAt Airdopes 393ANC due to their Quad-mic setup, compared to Dual-mics in Airdopes 413ANC. In 413ANC, you will get more distortion while on the call. So Airdopes 393ANC is better.

For ANC, boAt has mentioned 32dB for boAt Airdopes 393ANC but in practice, it is found that Airdopes 413ANC does better noise cancellation than Airdopes 393ANC. However, there is no difference in the quality of Ambient modes.

Performance comparison

ProductboAt Airdopes 413ANCboAt Airdopes 393ANC

Price comparison

ProductboAt Airdopes 413ANCboAt Airdopes 393ANC
Max. PriceRs 2499/-Rs 2999/-
Min. PriceRs 1799/-Rs 2499/-
Good to buy underRs 2500/-Rs 3000/-
Current Price

Final verdict

As both of these are under the same price segment, you will find boAt Airdopes 393ANC is sometimes a little more expensive than Airdopes 413ANC. That is because of the superior features it has.

Starting from Build quality, it does not have that much significant difference but when it comes to connectivity, They have Dual pairing and Low latency mode which is a very useful and common feature nowadays in earbuds and neckbands.

For Battery life and charging, We see the battery life is better in boAt Airdopes 393ANC and Fast charging is faster. For Sound quality, Call quality, Active Noise cancellation, and Ambient mode, you will never regret having boAt Airdopes 393ANC. The set of earbuds is a clear winner in every aspect from boAt airdopes 413. Although it is always great to pick if you want to save some money.

boAt Airdopes 413ANCboAt Airdopes 393ANC

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People Also Ask

What is Ambient mode/Transparency mode?

Ambient mode allows you to talk freely when the ANC is on. It passes the important voices and cancels the unnecessary muffles.

What is Beast mode?

Beast mode is the gaming mode, It consists of ultra-low latency that gives you a seamless experience in gaming and movies.

Which earbuds are better for sports?

Both earbuds are lightweight and have a secure it, Hence both are equally good for sports.

Which earbuds are better with the bass output?

boAt Airdopes 413ANC has a little better bass output but that can be managed with third-party EQ apps if you like boAt Airdopes 393ANC

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