Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 Pro vs Sony wf1000xm4 Specs which is better?

Are you looking for some premium TWS earbuds? It is very likely that you might have come across these two stylish and classy earbuds. Is it? If you have decided your final thoughts on either of these two earbuds, the decision is pretty good. However, to buy one, You need to know which one of these two would be a better option for you according to your needs. To tackle this question, we are presenting Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 Pro vs Sony wf-1000xm4 Specs which is better so you can get your choice right.

Both sets of earbuds come from premium brands. Samsung is widely in technology and appliances, while SONY is focused on limited products. Still, both have a magnificent fanbase and product quality. Although SONY is more towards audio devices, Samsung has technology.

Samsung Galaxy buds 2 Pro vs SONY WF-1000XM4 Comparison: Overview

Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 Pro vs Sony wf-1000xm4 Specs
Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 Pro vs Sony wf-1000xm4 Specs
Product Samsung Galaxy buds 2 ProSONY WF-1000XM4
Model NameGalaxy buds 2 ProWF-1000XM4
Type of Earphonesin-Earin-Ear
Highlight FactorQuality and classQuality and class
Connects withBluetoothBluetooth
Warranty1 Year1 Year
Launch Date15 August 202215 January 2022
Global ratings4.5⭐ out of 54⭐ out of 5

With all testing and comparing all the specifications, we have come up with the comparison guide between Samsung Galax Buds2 Pro and Sony WF-1000XM4.

Build Quality Comparison

ProductSamsung Galaxy buds 2 ProSONY WF-1000XM4
Built withPremium PlasticStrong Plastic
IPX ratingIPX7IPX4
Magnetic earbudsNoNo
ControlsTouch controlsTouch controls
Weight5.5g for earbuds, 43g for case6g for earbuds, 30g for case

The egg-shaped design of the Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 Pro is similar to that of the Galaxy Buds Pro. Thanks to their lightweight construction, these are cozy and it secure even without fins. Their control surface is tiny and extremely sensitive. Great job on the charging case! It appears strong yet nevertheless feels light. One light is located on the outside of the case to show the charge of the case, and one light is located within the case to show the charge of the buds. Moreover, wireless charging is supported. The majority of these are composed of plastic and have an IPX7 rating.

Samsung Galaxy buds 2 Pro Build and Design
Samsung Galaxy buds 2 Pro Build and Design

The Sony WF-1000XM4, on the other hand, has a more rounded and slimmer appearance. These are lightweight and reasonably comfy. The touchscreen controls are responsive and sensitive. To assist keep the earbuds in place, the case features magnets inside. Most pockets and backpacks should have little trouble accommodating it. They are rated IPX4 for resistance against minor water exposure, such as light rain, and they seem durable and well-made.

SONY WF-1000XM4 Build and Design
SONY WF-1000XM4 Build and Design

Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 Pro looks better here!

Connectivity Comparison

ProductSamsung Galaxy buds 2 ProSONY WF-1000XM4
Bluetooth versionv5.3v5.2
Bluetooth range10m10m
I/O PortsType-C port for chargingType-C port for charging
LatencyAs usualAs usual
Dual PairingNoNo
Auto PairingYesYes

Practically, there is not any difference in these as both Bluetooth versions are not too old to be used. Auto-pairing is fast and latency is as usual in both. These are not suitable for gaming for sure. The movies will be great!

Battery & Charging Comparison

ProductSamsung Galaxy buds 2 ProSONY WF-1000XM4
Battery Capacity60mAh for buds; 515mAh for caseNot mentioned
Playback time5 hrs for buds; 18 hrs for case8 hrs for buds; 16 hrs for case
Charging time1 hr for buds; 1.5 hrs for case1.5 hours for buds; 1.5 hours for the case
Fast chargingNoNo
Charging PortType-CType-C

Samsung claims their Galaxy Buds 2 Pro to last for 5 hours and they deliver not exactly but very close approx 4.5 hours at optimum volumes. The case can charge the earbuds 4 times more. Fast charging was expected but they gave wireless charging instead. Wired charging is through Type-C USB.

While on the other side, the case is pretty close to SONY WF-1000XM4. The earbuds are claimed to last for 8 hours, but due to their small drivers, the optimum volume output is at 80%. And thus the playback time of earbuds drags down to 7 hours. The case stores 2-3 additional charges.

From the user’s aspect, Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 Pro looks better here.

Sound Quality Comparison

ProductSamsung Galaxy buds 2 ProSONY WF-1000XM4
Drivers size10mm6mm
Bass QualityBetterGood
Ambient modeYesYes
Voice asst.BixbyAlexa

Coming to the sound quality, we found that the Samsung Galaxy buds 2 Pro is better in the bass, loudness, and clarity. The EQ balance although not bad, is a little behind in-depth as in SONY. You can customize your Equaliser in the application. These earbuds have exceptional bass accuracy, resulting in adequate thump, boom, and warmth in your mixes. Want to command your phone? call Bixby!

In addition, these o er ANC with Ambient mode, which mu es background noise while letting in crucial speech. even little noises like the breeze. Voice Detect makes it simple to transition to face-to-face discussions. The spatial experience is provided by 360 Audio algorithms with Direct multichannel (5.1ch/7.1ch/Dolby Atmos) and Enhanced Dolby Head 360 Audio, which can even determine the direction of the sound as you move your head.

While on the other hand, The Sony WF-1000XM4 has a smooth and warm sound profile. While they lack a thumpy low bass, their mid-range is fairly well-balanced, so vocals and lead instruments are present and clear. The earbuds support Sony’s 360 Reality Audio feature for virtual surround sound, and an in-app graphic EQ and preset for sound customization.

They have an active noise canceling (ANC) system, and it o ers improved performance. They can block out office chatters and let in the voices when you are in conversation, thanks to Ambient mode. Also, these have Alexa prebuilt, so don’t forget to command them.

Usage Ratings

ProductSamsung Galaxy buds 2 ProSONY WF-1000XM4

Price Comparison

ProductSamsung Galaxy buds 2 ProSONY WF-1000XM4
Max PriceRs 19999/-Rs 58999/-
Min PriceRs 14399/-Rs 16980/-
Good to buy for/underRs 18000/-Rs 20000/-
Current Price 

Wrapping up

From the above comparison, it is clear that the Samsung Galaxy buds 2 Pro is a better choice if you want something fresh and premium with the latest features and quality. Perhaps these are better if you want something more toward features.

These sturdy earbuds are lightweight and portable, and they are also cozy enough to wear on extended journeys. They have an ANC system installed to assist muffle the low rumble of bus and airplane engines. Although their continuous battery life of fewer than 4 hours would not be enough to get you through transatlantic flights, thankfully, their carrying case comes with an extra 3-4 charges in case you need them.

The SONY WF-1000XM4 can easily fit into most pockets or bags and is moderately pleasant and light in the ears. Additionally, they have a continuous playback time of more than 7 hours, and if necessary, there are two spare batteries in their carrying case. Despite having an ANC system, they perform a poor job of blocking out the rumbles of bus and airplane engines.

Samsung Galaxy buds 2 ProSONY WF-1000XM4

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