Fitbit Warranty Module: Read before you register

A sudden malfunction of your Fitbit device is annoying. It may be worse, though, if after contacting the business you find out that your Fitbit warranty is null and void or that it has expired due to technicalities. You must conduct a study to find the answer to the questions “How long is a Fitbit warranty” and “What does it cover” in order to safeguard your gadget.

A guarantee is provided by Fitbit to the purchaser of the product. If you received the gadget as a gift, the purchaser is responsible for any warranties. The Fitbit warranty does not provide protection or coverage; rather, it primarily addresses manufacturing flaws and materials.

All about Fitbit Warranty Module
All about Fitbit Warranty Module

Is my FitBit under warranty?

The buyer is given a warranty by Fitbit, although it only covers flaws in the product’s construction and materials. The purchaser may file a warranty claim if the product has faults covered by the warranty, in which case Fitbit will replace or repair the product at no cost using reconditioned replacement parts.

The gadget is covered by the warranty if it malfunctions under regular use within a year of purchase, and you are entitled to a replacement or repair. In the event of unintentional damage, Fitbit will not honour the warranty agreement, though. Software and other components for which the maker bears liability in the event of damage are covered by the guarantee.

Fitbit won’t provide free assistance with repairs or replacements after the initial year of the product’s warranty. Remove the Bluetooth connection from the mobile device and rejoin to connect and sync Fitbit with it.

Steps to Signing Up for a Fitbit Warranty

You don’t need to register the Fitbit device for the warranty period to begin in order for your warranty claim to be accepted. It is necessary to set up the device instead. After turning on the Fitbit for the first time, you’ll be prompted to finish this step because it’s a standard component of the initial setup.

Your device’s warranty is initiated automatically, so you don’t need to do any other actions after configuring it. This simplified procedure makes it simple and guarantees that users won’t forget to activate the warranty unintentionally and lose months of protection.

Continually check to see if your Fitbit warranty is still in effect. The warranty period starts when you acquire the gadget because you are the initial buyer. To be authorised for the claim, you must provide evidence of purchase. When you connect it to a Fitbit app, which marks the start of use, the warranty becomes active.

After configuring the Fitbit, it’s important to educate yourself on the various warranty requirements that you must not violate. Fitbit will not honour the warranty claim if you do not operate your device in accordance with the predetermined guidelines. The Fitbit warranty does not cover all types of defects.

How long is the warranty on a Fitbit?

What factors affect how long your Fitbit warranty will last? These consist of the location and the state of the product. The warranty duration is set at one year if you purchased the gadget there. Fitbit provides a two-year guarantee for products purchased in Europe.

Refurbished gadgets, however, come with a 90-day guarantee; in this instance, the location is not relevant. However, as the gadget had to be refurbished by a licenced individual, the guarantee does not apply to any refurbished devices. Additionally, the reconditioned item had to be purchased from a Fitbit store or an authorised seller.

Fitbit has the option to provide you with a reconditioned product when you file a warranty claim. This device’s warranty normally lasts for 30 days, or it covers the remaining time under the original warranty. Fitbit will select the longer of the two possibilities.

When purchasing a Fitbit device, there are good reasons to study the warranty details. The main benefit is that you may get a replacement or repair if the wristband’s strap breaks. Additionally, you are entitled to a free replacement or repair if the battery or screen malfunctions without an external trigger because this was a manufacturer error.

What Does the Fitbit Warranty Cover?

It’s important to understand what is covered by your Fitbit device’s warranty before filing a claim. The Fitbit warranty typically only covers manufacturing and material flaws.

This limits the warranty to flaws that the manufacturer made. You can file a claim, for instance, if the battery doesn’t work properly, the screen malfunctions, or the bracelet sustains damage from routine use.

It’s important to be aware of the list of things that the Fitbit warranty does not cover before purchasing the product, so keep that in mind. For instance, cosmetic damage like dents and scratches is not covered by the warranty.

Therefore, take good care of the equipment because you cannot get a replacement for damage that is your fault. Accidental device drops are not covered by the policy.

In addition, you must adhere to particular usage guidelines to keep the warranty in effect. For instance, if you damage the item by utilizing the incorrect voltage, your warranty may be voided. Therefore, when charging, make sure to adhere to the voltage requirements for your device.

Additionally, there is no coverage for natural calamities like fires, earthquakes, or floods. Check to see if the person is authorized before bringing your gadget in for repairs. If an unauthorized person performs the adjustments, Fitbit does not offer coverage for the devices.

Can Fitbit be Insured After the Warranty Expires?

In addition to Fitbit’s warranty, you can locate insurance plans that will continue to cover your gadget after the warranty has expired. You should make this crucial choice regarding your electronics.

If you conduct an online search, you will find users of devices who have owned them for more than a year, indicating that Fitbit no longer offers warranty coverage because the warranty period has passed.

The device may occasionally just stop functioning for no apparent reason. If the gadget is harmed or requires costly repairs, an insurance program will cover the loss.

Electronic device insurance programmes are offered by some insurance firms. You may cover up to 25 gadgets in your home for a reasonable price with a decent insurance policy.

The advantage of insurance is that it can protect against more things than only Fitbit, such as theft, unintentional damage, and submersion. You can continue to exercise regularly even if you lose your Fitbit device because the claim is honoured when the information is confirmed.


The first thing you have to do after buying a Fitbit device is set it up. Additionally, the warranty will be set up throughout this process.

Unless you purchased a refurbished device, the Fitbit warranty lasts for up to three months. If a warranty is insufficient to protect your Fitbit device, you may purchase insurance and continue to receive protection after the warranty has expired.

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