Why Amazfit Smartwatch Not Charging? How to fix it?

I’ve owned an Amazfit GTR for a while, and I purchased this smartwatch because I adore the circular dial and the high caliber of the Amazfit GTR model’s construction.

It has excellent battery backup and has a more than 25-day operating range on a single charge. High-quality AMOLED display on a 47mm circular dial. So altogether, I really like the build quality, and it’s a terrific cheaper alternative to the Apple Watch.

How to Fix Amazfit Smartwatch Not Charging
Fix Amazfit Smartwatch Not Charging

Troubleshooting Amazfit Smartwatch charging issues

Although the build quality is excellent, I had a charging problem last week. I conducted a Google search to find out how many other people had similar charging problems.

I was somewhat aback to learn that numerous users of the Amazfit Bip Lite, Amazfit GTS, Amazfit GTR 2, and its Pro variant were having the same problems. Then I continued my investigation into this and tried to resolve the Amazfit GTR’s charging problems.

The end result was successful, and I was able to resolve the Amazfit smartwatch’s charging problem. I’ll outline the procedures I used in this article to resolve my Amazfit charging problem at home.

5 ways to fix Amazfit Smartwatch charging issues

There is no need to panic if your Amazfit GTR, GTS, Bip Lite, or other smartwatch model isn’t charging. Usually, it happens due to simple problems that can be carried out.

All you need to do is just follow the below-mentioned steps in the article and let us know if your smartwatch gets well again.

1. Change Your Power Source

Any smartwatch, including the Amazfit GTR, includes a USB charging dock. A power adaptor is not included in the box.

If your Amazfit is not charging after being plugged into your power adapter, try a different power outlet.

The Amazfit smartwatch may also be charged via a laptop or a MacBook.

2. Remove and Replace on Charging Dock

The smartwatch will occasionally not line up with the charging sensors when we place it on the charging port.

Take your Amazfit off of the charging dock and put it back on it as soon as possible.

3. Clean Charging Sensors

Many features are offered by the Amazfit GTR. Your heart rate and other health information are continuously monitored. The smartwatch’s charging sensors on the back develop a layer of dust due to frequent use.

The reason is that when our bodies produce sebum, the greasy sebum attracts airborne dust particles and forms an insulating coating. It is advised to routinely clean your Amazfit Smartwatch with rubbing alcohol and a soft cloth for this reason.

Additionally, to get rid of the dust layer, lightly scratch the charging pins (sensors) with a sharp tool. Amazfit GTR charging problems were also a problem for me due to dust buildup on the watch sensors and charging pins.

I used a knife and rubbing alcohol to clean the pins on my smartwatch and charger. And that actually worked for me.

4. Use a Certified Adapter

As far as we are aware, Amazfit doesn’t include a power adaptor with its products. We, therefore, charge the watch using the phone adaptor.

Make sure you’re charging your Amazfit smartwatch using an approved adaptor.

Because smartwatches have a different power rating than watches, avoid using fast chargers to recharge your watch.

5. Update Firmware

Connectivity and charging problems might also be brought on by outdated firmware. Update your Amazfit firmware right away if you haven’t done so in a while.

It is so easy to reset the smartwatch which takes only a few seconds. Just follow a few steps which are given below –

6. Reset your Amazfit Smartwatch

To reset your Amazfit smartwatch, follow the easy steps to make it happen.

  • Firstly, Tap on the Side button to open the App List
  • Click on the Setting option from the List
  • Scroll Down Setting and Select “System
  • Now you can see the “Factory Reset” and you just click here to reset it.
  • Tap the Right tick sign if you are sure to continue.
  • Next, the Smartwatch will Turn Off.
  • After turn on, you will have to set it up again and pair it with your smartphone.

If you have a Fitbit smartwatch then you can read this: How to Factory Reset Fitbit Charge 2.

What can I do if my Amazfit Smartwatch is still Not Charging?

Have you tried all the above ways to fix your Amazfit Smartwatch not charging? If yes and not a single way works for you then it may happen wrong with the hardware system.

You can visit the service center and contact to official support of Amazfit through their online website portal.


In my situation, the problem was brought on by soiled charging sensors. I carefully scratched the charging dock and the watch’s metal contacts with a sharp knife. After that, everything was cleaned with a soft cloth and rubbing alcohol.

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You can fix the Amazfit not charging problem at home by following all the instructions. If nothing works, ask the manufacturer to replace it.

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