Do you want to know how to Factory Reset boAt Airdopes 183?

The boat has launched another Airdopes in the market and has been named boAt Airdopes 183. Sometimes we face issues while operating the earbuds, so we need to perform a factory reset. Here we have boAt Airdopes 183. So we have to reset boAt Airdopes 183 to fix the issue.

How we can reset will be taught here step by step here. So let’s dive deep into the detailed guide.

how to do Factory Reset boAt Airdopes 183
how to Factory Reset boAt Airdopes 183

How to reset boAt Airdopes 183 to fix the issue?

Note: You should clear the “boAt Airdopes 183” from the pairing device before resetting.

Step 1: First, Place both earbuds in the charging case in the correct position and let the case lid be remained open.

Step 2: Now you can see the reset button at the case at bottom of the case, you have to Long press the reset button for 10 seconds to perform the reset. After resetting successfully, the white LED flashed on the charging case.

Step 3: Now close the lid of the case, and establish a fresh between the media device and earbuds for pairing.

Congratulation! You boAt Airdopes 183 has been reset.

When do you need of resetting?

Potential ProblemSolution
If one earbud is not workingPerform the factory reset
If earbuds are not in connection/scan modePerform the factory reset
If earbuds disconnect during a phone callCharge the earbuds and perform the factory reset
If there is another issue while usingPlace the earbuds back into the case and try to use or perform the reset.

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Wrapping Up

This is the first and easy way to fix any earbuds when you are facing issues while operating the earbuds. Try to reset the boAt Airdopes 183 to get back to running condition, if it doesn’t work then you need to visit the service center. I hope it helps you in resolving your query.

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Source: boAt Airdopes 183 User Manual Guide

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