Wireless TWS Earbuds vs Neckband Earphones which is better?

Have you ever been confused about selecting which one is better for you? If you want to know which one is better for you according to your need and requirement, then read this whole post about TWS Earbuds vs Neckband Earphones for a better understanding.

We will cover all aspects and points to make you understand completely so that you can make the best decision in buying a neckband or TWS. Let’s start this.

Detailed Guide about TWS Earbuds vs Neckband Earphones
TWS Earbuds on Left side and Neckband Earphones on Right Side

What should you know about the TWS Earbuds?

TWS (Truly Wireless Stereo) Earbuds are commonly known as “truly wireless earbuds”. You found that the two earbuds are free from wire and it is also a small-size and pocket-friendly with a charging case.

In-Ear vs Half-In-Ear Buds

There are two types of earbuds as per the fitting: in-ear design and half-in-ear design. In-ear design earbuds have rubber ear tips with earbuds and fit properly for most of the person while on the other hand half in-ear design earbuds have no rubber ear tips and the design of half in-ear earbuds is like Apple AirPods 2nd Generation.

in ear design buds on the right side vs half in ear design buds on the left side
in-ear design buds on the right side vs half-in-ear design buds on the left side

Stem Shape Earbuds vs Beads/ Pearl Shape Earbuds

There are two types of earbuds as per proper design: stem shape earbuds and beads/pearl shape earbuds. As you can guess with the help of the name of the design. And for a better understanding of both types of earbuds according to design has given below in the pictures.

Stem Shape Earbuds on the left side vs Beads Earbuds on Right Side
Stem Shape Earbuds on the left side vs Beads Earbuds on the Right Side

There is a separate battery in the earbuds and charging case. The earbuds’ battery capacity has up to 40mAh mostly whereas the charging case has a huge battery capacity and it depends from product to product. And you do not need to charge frequently because when you keep the earbuds inside the charging case when not using the TWS and at this time the tws is in charging through the charging case. And you only need to charge the charging case through a home or office electricity board directly.

The tws earbuds have automatically turned on when you open the charging case lid or there is also an option to manually power on.

The earbuds have CTC (capacitative touch control) area on both earbuds and you can control the functions through touching CTC such as track changes/ volume control/ answer call/ reject call/ ANC mode on & off/ smart voice assistant and more.


What about the wireless neckband earphones?

The neckband earphones include wire from the left and right neck body but it is wireless because it is connected through Bluetooth. Basically, the neckband earphone is always placed on your neck, and place the buds into your ears.

The button control has been placed on the right and left neckband area and the battery is also placed in this same area.

The neckband earphones are not pocket-friendly means you cannot put the neckband earphones in your pocket but you can always place them on your neck because the way it is designed is mainly for the neck area.

Usually, you can find the best neckband earphones under 1500 and under 2000 INR budget. But if you want to go with a premium features neckband, you can increase your budget and go up to 5000 INR budget with JBL, Sennheiser, Boss, and Sony brands.

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Build & Design: Earbuds vs Neckbands

The TWS earbuds are small in size and pocket friendly with buds & charging case and totally free from wire whereas the neckband earphones include wire but that will not be a big issue as we face in wired earphones.

The tws earbuds are placed into your ears and that’s it whereas the neckband earphones have a neckband part that is always placed on your neck and buds are placed into your ears.

Mostly we found tws is more lightweight, easy to control, and comfortable than the neckband earphones.

The charging port and button control has placed on the neckband’s right and left rear whereas the tws have touch control on the buds’ CTC area and the charging port on the charging case.

In a survey that we conducted offline, we found that most sports people prefer tws earbuds to neckband earphones. Because the tws earbuds are easy to hand and have no wire included.


We found smoother connectivity in tws earbuds in comparison to neckband earphones. The tws earbud has an IWP tech feature for fast pairing whereas the neckband has an auto-pairing feature in the latest version.

We can control the function through touch control (CTC) in tws earbuds whereas the neckband has buttons to control the basic function.

In a survey with gamers, we found the tws earbuds are smoother for gaming than neckband earphones.


For tws earbuds, we will charge the charging through the USB from the electricity board, and after we can charge the buds by inserting the buds into the charging case.

At the same time, you can listen to a song through earbuds and charge the charging case while on the other hand, you can listen and charge at the same in neckband earphones but it will not comfortable because you have to sit nearby the charging point.

For neckband earphones, we will charge the neckband earphones through a USB cable only now that’s it.

Neckband Earphones Charging Port on the left side vs TWS Earbuds Charging Port on the right side
Neckband Earphones Charging Port on the left side vs TWS Earbuds Charging Port on the right side

Price: tws vs neckband earphones

In TWS earbuds, you can find the best of the best tws earbuds with the starting price from 1k to 10k according to features and all.

For neckband earphones, it starts with a 1k to 5k budget. At the maximum price of 5000 Rs, you will find the best neckband earphones whereas the tws earbuds price goes up to 10000 INR, and with 10k price you can find the best and premium earbuds.

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Wrapping Up

This was the article about TWS Earbuds vs Neckband Earphones. It will help you to understand which one is better for you. For respective purposes, you can select one of them. So it all depends on you for what purpose you want to buy. If you have still any queries, you can tag us on Twitter with #GuideFolder.

TWS Earbuds vs Neckbands FAQs

Are earbuds better than neckbands?

In some cases, earbuds are better and in some, the neckbands are better. It depends on the purpose of the user who wants to buy for which purpose.

Are the TWS earbuds better than the neckband for sports activities?

Yes, TWS earbuds are better than neckband earphones for sports activities.

Which is more lightweight in between tws earbuds and neckband earphones?

The TWS earbuds are more lightweight in comparison to neckband earphones.

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