How to use Neckband Bluetooth Earphones?

If you own wireless neckband earphones then this is the guide that helps you to know how to use neckband Bluetooth earphones in the best way so that neckband earphones don’t get damaged. There are many functions that you don’t know how to use properly so we will cover this too here in this guide.

By the way, all neckband has different feature and specification so there are a little few changes to operating neckband earphones that you can see in every neckband earphone. But the 90% operating way is similar in every neckband. Now let’s deep dive into this guide.

The complete guide on How to use Neckband Bluetooth Earphones
How to use Neckband Bluetooth Earphones

What do the Neckband Earphones look like? An Overview

The name Neckband Earphones give the idea that what it looks like. It is a curve and round shape with wire and other flexible/ non-flexible neckband that we wear on our neck.

And neckband earphones are trending now because of their affordability, ease to carry on the neck as you wear the Mala (Beads) neck, and wireless.

The neckband earphones have buttons to control the functions placed on the right or left side of the earphones and some neckbands on both sides. The charging port is also placed on either side.

All neckband earphones have three control buttons but if you have an ANC neckband earphone then you can see there is an ANC button too for the on and off ANC feature.

Good neckband earphones start from 800 to 3000 Rupees depending upon the feature and quality the price varies. If you have a 1000 budget, you can go with the mivi, boat, or pTron brands which provide good products under this range. If you want to consider neckband earphones that have ANC features you can go with the boat brand which launched 330 ANC and 333 ANC under the 2000 price range.

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How to Pair or connect Neckband Bluetooth Earphones with Mobile or other media devices?

The very first thing for neckband earphones is to connect the neckband earphones with a mobile phone or computer or whatever you want to pair with. The step-by-step guide for pairing the neckband earphones have given below.

Step First: Turn on the Neckband Earphones

To turn on the neckband Bluetooth earphones, you have to press and hold the MFB Button until the beep sound comes from the earbuds of the neckband.

Step Second: Turn on the Bluetooth of the Media Device (Smartphone or Computer)

To turn on the Bluetooth of the media device, you have to go to setting for Bluetooth setting and tap to click on Bluetooth.

Step Third: Search for the earphones and connect them.

Now search the neckband earphones’ name in your media device and tap connect now. It has now connected successfully.

How to use the button function in neckband earphones?

After pairing or connecting successfully with your media devices, you should know how the buttons work and how to operate them for various basic functions.

There are various buttons like the Plus button (+) for the next track and volume increase, the Minus button (-) for the previous track and volume decrease, and the last one (mid button) is the Multi-Function Button (Button) for power on or off. Those neckband earphones with ANC (Active Noise Cancellation) feature has an ANC button too.

Here we have boAt Rockerz 330 ANC here for showing here to your for better understanding of how button controls work in neckband earphones.

Turn onPress and hold the MFB for 3 seconds
Turn OffPress and hold the MFB for 5 seconds
For PlayShort press the Multi-Function Button
For PauseShort press the Multi-Function Button
Volume UpPress the “+” button once to volume up
Volume DownPress the “-” button once to volume down
Next TrackPress and hold the “+” button for 1 second to go to the next track
Previous TrackPress and hold the “-” button for 1 second to go to the previous track
Answer CallPress the Multi-Function Button (MFB)
End CallPress the Multi-Function Button (MFB)
Reject CallDouble press the MFB during an incoming call
Activate Smart Voice AssistantPress thrice the Multi-Function Button (MFB)
Activate ANC ModePress once the ANC button.
Activate Ambient ModeAfter activating ANC Mode, press the once again ANC Button to activate Ambient Mode.
ANC OFFAfter activating Ambient Mode, press the once again ANC Button to turn off the ANC (Active Noise Cancellation) Mode.
Activate Crystal Bionic Sound ModeDouble Press the Multi-Function Button (MFB) to switch on Crystal Bionic Sound.
Deactivate Crystal Bionic Sound ModeDouble Press the Multi-Function Button (MFB) to switch off Crystal Bionic Sound.
Activate Battery Saver ModeDouble press the MFB to activate battery saver mode (turning off crystal bionic sound + ANC)
Deactivate Battery Saver ModeDouble press the MFB to deactivate battery saver mode. (turning on crystal bionic sound).

According to the neckband earphones and their features, it varies how the function works. If we take another example of boAt Rockerz 330 Pro, you can see that boAt Rockerz 330 Pro has no ANC Mode, Saver mode, and Crystal Bionic Sound Mode. So there is no button related to this. See the boAt Rockerz 330 Pro button function.

Power onWhen switched off, press and hold the MFB for 3 seconds. A beep prompt will confirm the same. Blue LED blinks to indicate the same.
Power offIn any mode, press and hold MFB for 4 seconds. A beep prompt will confirm the same. At the same time, the red LED blinks to indicate the same.
Play/PauseSingle press the MFB to play/pause music.
Volume upPress the volume “+” button step by step to increase the volume. A beep prompt will indicate maximum volume.
Volume downPress the volume “-“button step by step to decrease the volume. A beep will indicate minimum volume.
Answer/End callPress the MFB once when answering or ending a call to complete the action.
Reject callPress and hold the MFB for 2 seconds during an incoming call to reject the call.
Previous TrackTo go to the previous track, press and hold the button for 2 seconds.
Next TrackTo skip to the next track, press and hold the “+” button for 2 seconds.
Reset Device (Clear Paired List)When in pairing mode (Blue and Red LEDs Flash), Press and hold the “+” and “-“buttons simultaneously for 5 seconds to clear the previous list of connected devices. The blue LEDs will stay on for 2 seconds to indicate the same.
Dual PairingTo connect Rockerz 330 Pro to two devices simultaneously, firstly connect the earphone to one of the devices. Then, switch both the earphone and the device off. Thereafter, connect the earphone to the second device, and again switch the first device on. The earphone will get connected to both devices. If not, connect the first device manually once again to activate dual pairing.
Voice AssistantLong press the MFB for 1.5 seconds and release it to wake up the smart voice assistant.
RedialDouble press the MFB for redialing the last contracted number.

Can I wear the Neckband Bluetooth Earphones all the time?

Yes, you can wear the neckband Bluetooth earphones for a long time but when you realize there is no use in wearing a neckband at a specific time then you can put it out. You have to be careful to use them all time because we should do everything within a limit. Read this article on health shots and side effects of earphones on manipal hospital.

If the neckband earphones have built with soft silicon material at the neckband area then you can use them for a longer time period because it doesn’t irritate you but always take care of use within a limit.

In the case of hard material used in the neck area of the neckband earphones, you are not able to use it all the time or longer time because it irritates your neck due to its hard build quality in the neck area of neckband earphones.

By the way, you should use any audio device for a limited time. Otherwise, it will affect your ears.

Wrapping Up

I hope this helps you with How to use Neckband Bluetooth Earphones in the proper right way. If you have still any doubts you can comment below in the comment section.

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