Srhythm NC25 vs NC35 which is better?

Are you looking for wireless headphones with ANC? Srhythm has taken the responsibility to deliver it to lower-budget segments. In such cases people love to buy these affordable headphones, It is quite possible that you want to decide between these two headphones. To tackle this, we brought you Srhythm NC25 vs NC35 which is better, so you can decide on the better one among these two awesome headphones.

Active Noise Cancellation is a pretty advanced feature and it is available in the market with high price tags. Brands have now introduced ANC in-budget headphones too. Although their ANC is effective, it still lacks class. Now that ANC is available easily at affordable prices, one must well check if it is effective or just on the paper mark.

Srhythm NC25 vs NC35 which is better
Srhythm NC25 vs NC35 which is better

Build Quality Comparison

ProductSrhythm NC25Srhythm NC35
Type of HeadphonesWirelessWireless
Built withStrong PlasticStrong Plastic
IPX ratingIPX4IPX4

In terms of Build quality, there is literally no difference. From top to bottom, the headphones are exact clones of each other. The ear cups rotate 115° and each one is heavily padded with memory foam and PU leather. The right earcup has button controls with 4 buttons namely <, >, MFB, and ANC buttons. The over-ear design adds comfort to enclosing the ears.

Connectivity Comparison

ProductSrhythm NC25Srhythm NC35
BT versionv5.0v5.0
Wireless range10m10m
I/O PortsAux, USB-CAux, USB-C
Multi-device connectionYesYes
Instant PairingYesYes

In terms of connectivity also, no difference. The Bluetooth version, input and output ports, and Features all are the same. These come with multi-device pairing and gaming modes that are usually not available in even high-budget headsets. These are revolutionary headphones in terms of connectivity as well.

The gaming mode in these headphones is awesome. The 50ms ultra-low latency takes you to a higher level. However, it depends on the sound clarity of how good these are for pro-level gaming that presents you with the background noises of the other players or the game characters hiding somewhere to shoot you.

Battery & Charging Comparison

ProductSrhythm NC25Srhythm NC35
Battery Capacity1000mAh1000mAh
Playback time50 hrs50 hrs
Quick ChargingYes; 10 mins = 3 hrsYes; 10 mins = 3 hrs
Charging time2 hrs2 hrs
Charging PortUSB-CUSB-C

Here is another surprise! The battery life, capacity, charging time, type, ports, and all other features are the same. And this is not only on paper but in practical usage also. The headphones get ready for 3 hours in just 10 minutes of charging. These run more than a week if you use these normally. As the battery life is so long in these we did not count continuously playing the music, but you can forget to charge for a week at least.

Sound Quality Comparison

ProductSrhythm NC25Srhythm NC35
Drivers size40mm40mm
Bass QualityGoodBetter
Noise CancellationYesYes
Ambient modeNoNo
Mic QualityGoodBetter

The only differences lie here in the sound quality and Active Noise Cancellation. They have put more bass and clarity in the sound quality of Srhythm NC35. The loudness is equal and perfect in both of these. Even though the frequency response is the same in both the bass and treble accuracy of the headphones differs.

Srhythm NC35 provides you with better accuracy and sounds more melodious. But not as worth the price difference. Both headphones can be considered if you want something for daily and normal usage. Of course, none of these are fit for audiophiles.

Noise Cancellations in these are decent and that too for lower frequency blockage. Higher-frequency noises can still bother you. However, something is better than nothing. No brand brings you this quality of ANC below $100. These can be considered for ANC in the budget, and if you want to get some idea of ANC.

Price Comparison

ProductSrhythm NC25Srhythm NC35
Max. Price$69.97$75.99
Min. Price$35.09$48.99
Good to buy under$60$70
Current Price

Wrapping up

If you are looking for a headphone for sound quality and ANC within budget between these two. We would kindly suggest going with Srhythm NC25, as the sound quality and ANC are not worth mentioning any differences. At least you can save some money. Everything is the same except for the bass accuracy. However, if you are a bass lover, you can buy Srhythm NC35, but again there are better options also. According to this budget, these two are perfect headphones.

From value for money point of view, Srhythm NC25 shall be your next headphone! Kindly remember that both of these are water resistant with an IPX4 rating, at least they mentioned this. This is an important and quite exclusive feature in budget or mid-range headphones too.

Srhythm NC25Srhythm NC35

If this helps you, let us know your thought in the comment section below.

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