Are Headphones Better Than Earbuds for Gaming?

Are Headphones Better Than Earbuds for Gaming

Do you want to play the game like a pro? What would you prefer between headphones and earbuds for gaming? It all depends on your priority: comfort, sound quality, portability, and price. Then, Are Headphones Better Than Earbuds for Gaming? Headphones and earbuds are good as they fit according to a person’s priority. Depending on … Read more

Are Bluetooth Speakers Worth it? Buying Guide

Are Bluetooth Speakers Worth it

Do you prefer Bluetooth speakers over wired speakers? What to look for in a Bluetooth Speaker before buying? Is a Bluetooth speaker as good as a wired one? Why get a Bluetooth Speaker? There are some advantages and disadvantages of Bluetooth speakers so you can get a better idea before buying any Bluetooth speakers. Which … Read more

How to Reset OnePlus Nord Buds CE?

How to Reset OnePlus Nord Buds CE

Recently OnePlus launched OnePlus Nord Buds CE in August 2022. We bought this tws and found no factory reset button on the charging case. So the question that arises here is how to reset OnePlus Nord Buds CE. Let’s see how you can perform a factory reset. How to Reset OnePlus Nord Buds CE? Once … Read more

Is MIVI a good brand for earbuds and earphones?

Is MIVI a good brand

There are many audio brands in the Indian market. Mivi is one of them but while purchasing, the question comes to our mind “is Mivi a good brand for earbuds, earphones, and speakers“. Many people keep searching for cheap and affordable earphones, earbuds, and speakers and then they found mivi products. But they don’t know … Read more

Is Noise a Good Brand? Is it Worth Buying?

Is Noise a Good Brand

When searching for good earphones in the Indian Market, we found one called Noise. But we didn’t hear about the brand before this. Then we kept searching the query “Is noise a Good Brand“. After a lot of research from various trusted sources, we found it as a good brand and trusted brand in the … Read more